Figma Christmas Accessories GET!

Kawaii SUGIRU!!!

Kawaii SUGIRU!!!

WHEE! Christmas comes early for Actar as I refer to myself in Third Person Perspective. I was delighted when I looked outside my house today to discover a package…

This package contained: My Figma order from Hobby Search!

All your presents are belong to us.

All your presents are belong to us.

For those of you who don’t know, Good Smile Company (GSC) has a special promotion from the 10th to the 25th of Japan where if you buy a Figma from selected stores in Japan, you’ll receive a set of Christmas Accessories!

We in the rest of the world were in despair! ZETSUBO! Then, Hobby Search, one of my 2 favourite online stores, announced that they would be having a special campaign where online buyers of Figma items will be treated to the same promotion as those in Japan!

But then…

Dum, dum, DAM!!!!

Dum, dum, DAM!!!!

Wow! That campaign sure was short… Luckily, being the kaisu (afraid to lose) Otaku I am, I ordered mine on the tenth.


Once again, I was lucky to have waited before buying Yuki and Ryoko. This was indeed a perfect opportunity to get them.  I am so happy that Hobby Search included the sticker ‘Merry Christmas with Figma’ on the box. Real attention to detail. GOoJOB!


So, story aside, let’s get down to the review. The accessories come in a neat bag in a neat bag. No, that’s not a typo.


What is included is a Figma Santa Cap, a Figma Santa Cloak and a Figma Santa Bag. The Hat and Cloak are made of that special soft PVC so as not to restrict the joints. You got to love that stuff! The Figma Santa Bag is made of a velvety material and is extremely smooth and yet furry to the touch. Amazing.

Haruhi forced Lulu to cosplay...

Haruhi forced Lulu to cosplay...

...she should have known better. (-.-)

...she should have known better. (-.-)

The Hats come in two sizes, small (mainly for male figures and Konata) as seen above and large:


One of my favorite pics of the set! SO AWESOME! (If I do say so myself...)

Since the selection was random, I was lucky enough to get one of each. YAY! (again).



Since the figma hats are figure-sized, they can fit on just about anything and up it’s Christmas Spirit by 10 points.



I also suppose that they based the design on the above pics.

Here’s a preview of my tree!

Perfect tree decoration?

Perfect tree decoration?


…and I also have a mini tree in my room!



Come stare into the magic ball! Thou shall be mystified!

Come stare into the magic ball! One can only wonder what's behind...

To round things up, this is a great accessory. Considering you get this FREE with every purchase, it is indeed worth it. Because it is FREE. FREE stuff is FREE. Seriously, in time of economic crisis and in daily competitive society, it is not often that compinies give stuff out. Great move by GSC to bring out the Christmas spirit in Otakus!

So, let me leave you with the official Actar’s Reviews Logo for Chirstmas!

So glad I could recreate the pose!

So glad I could recreate the pose!

And I know I’ll be talking about Christmas next week, but I just want to say it:

Merry Christmas!

13 Responses to Figma Christmas Accessories GET!

  1. gordon says:

    lovely. i asked a friend in japan to buy one for me. hope he manages to get it. >.<

  2. nintendokid says:

    Wahh i dint order mine on the thenth so i spent ages lookin 4 1 (i was gettin nanoha to be safe)finally found mine nanoha went out of stock from ami ami (they still have some so go get em quick 4 u who already havent

    althoguht i really wnted nanoha ( epesecially cause it was 1800 yen !) i got kyon and itski so yayyy hoping for both sizes of hats!

    im puting mine on harhui and konata : )
    Wonder wt is behind the magic ball……..oh look a XXXXXX (wt u didnt think i was gonna say it did u )

    Ur tree looks gr8 wt a great idea for all of this and the channel it looks aswome!Great poses and ideas ( and of course it wasnt hard to pse them cause there the amazinh FIGMAS! obviously my spelling is terrible but it sucks more cause i paper cut my finger and i cant type with left hand ; (


  3. Ubiquitial says:

    Awsome ‘All your base are belong to us’

  4. Shin says:

    These sort of things seem to happen after I make a purchase; Just like the time I ordered Revoltech’s Gurren Lagann only to find out about the full drill version later on.

  5. Maria saw What Haruhi did to to Lulu.I hate you haruhi.Lolz Maria goes with the drama

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Death says:

    Wah lucky!!

    I hope I can ask someone in Japan to do it for me.

    I doubt it though

  8. Q says:

    Merry belated Christmas! Wow you’ve managed to get the Santa set! My figma Miku’s preordered so it didn’t come with one -_- Did see some being sold here in Hong Kong, but I need to see whether they’re worth the price (23HKD cheapest from what I’ve seen so far).

  9. Otaku_Girl says:

    i found some on ebay n wanted 2 buy them 4 my figma kagamiku…but putting on her shawl will b impossible… :'(

  10. Otaku_Girl says:

    auggh HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID 2 BUY A BOOTLEG!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaahhh

  11. konakonaotaku says:

    i did wut 2 sed, actar: i ordered mine on the 1st day (u could tell them that the ppl who missed it have n opprotunity 2 get the accesories this year from hlj–but i dont wnna sound impertinent, start n uproar, b offensive, ect…its 1 of those things u make sure of when ur a christian (another no offence)

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  13. step wine bucket…

    […]Figma Christmas Accessories GET! « Actar’s Reviews – The Blog[…]…

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