Dreams Do Come True (If You Make Them)

Once again, I have gone more than a year without blogging. Are blogs even a thing anymore in this day and age of social media? Regardless, in my absence, I managed to make one of my dreams come true.

Indeed, ladies & gentlemen. 10 long years after starting my Japanese language education… I’ve finally done it… I’VE PASSED JLPT N1! (TToTT) It’s also been 6 years since I passed N2, which I posted about on this very blog here. For posterity’s sake (and not because I want to brag or anything), here are my scores:

Honestly, I am still in shock. I can’t believe I did it. And I certainly did not expect to do so well. To think that I set out on this journey all because of my love of anime. And don’t worry, unlike many others who turn their back on anime after making it this far, I haven’t forgotten my otaku roots. (^.^’) In fact, together with the N1 cert in this picture is my decade-old 1/4 scale Mikuru figure I bought when I still had 0 Japanese knowledge. Her hair has faded quite noticeably, but just like every single figure in my collection, my love for her hasn’t wavered an inch since the day I got her.

In addition to being an impetus, anime has played a rather significant role in my language education. From being a constant source of new vocabulary to allowing me to practice my listening, anime has also enabled me to maintain my determination and motivation. But of course, I would not be where I am today without the phenomenal guidance of my teachers and the unfaltering support of my friends who stuck with me through thick and thin. My heart goes out to all of them.

Moral of the story: No matter how long it takes, as long as you keep at it and don’t give up on your dream, it’ll eventually come true. (^o^)

…guess this means I’m qualified to use “baka” and “kawaii” in daily conversation without it being cringe? (^.^’)

4 Responses to Dreams Do Come True (If You Make Them)

  1. GCNess says:

    Omg that’s so amazing! Congratulations!

  2. alexeon says:

    Congratulations, man. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve earned the right to call anyone ‘baka’ with minimal cringiness.

  3. Greg B says:

    I’ve been stuck at studying for N2 for 5 years and have made little progress. Congrats.

  4. ruby says:

    found this blog from an old forum, glad to see its some-what active. N1 is an amazing achievement. Mikuru is so cute

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