☆ Actar’s Sales! ☆

In a bid to streamline my collection and to lessen the burden on my wallet for the upcoming figure releases, I am doing the unthinkable and putting a number of Anime figures and merchandise up for sale. To start off, we have a whole range of items from Figmas to Kamen Rider to event exclusives to one-of-a-kind items!

Do note that none of the prices of these items are final and I am willing to negotiate. If you are interested in anything, want to give these items a good home and want to help a fellow collector out at the same time, do drop me a mail at actarsreviews@live.com. Don’t be afraid to send me a counter offer! Unfortunately, at this time, I will only be able to accept payments via Paypal.

Opened items refer to figures and merchandise that I have opened. However, most of the time, these items are only used for display and are all 100% near mint with little to no signs of wear. These opened items are all repackaged in their original packaging to look as good as new. Any other specifics regarding the individual items will be specified.

Shipping cost is flat-rate international and the shipping price that I have listed for each individual item is the average shipping price for an item of that weight. The final cost might be a little cheaper or more expensive depending how far away you are from me. Of course, combining purchases to save on shipping is possible. After payment, I will ship out your item ASAP and it will arrive at its destination within 8-11 days. A tracking number will also be provided.

This page will constantly be updated when new items come up for sale, so check back regularly! Items that have been sold will be removed from the page after payment confirmation. Thank you very much for your interest and support! (^o^)


Item: Kallen Kouzuki Completed PVC Figure
Manufacturer: Bandai
Series: Code Geass R2
Scale: 1/8
Condition: Opened (like new)
Price: 50 USD
Shipping: 15 USD

Item: Isayama Yomi Completed PVC Figure
Manufacturer: Chara-Ani
Series: Ga-Rei Zero
Scale: 1/8
Condition: Opened (like new)
Price: 80 USD
Shipipng: 25 USD

Item: Winter Wonderfest 2010 Exclusive Mio School Festival Live Outfit Set
Manufacturer: Azone
Series: K-On!
Scale: 1/6
Condition: New
Price: 50 USD
Shipping: Free
Note: Does not come with Mio doll.

Item: Mameshiki – Touhou Project: Reimu Hakurei
Manufacturer: Mameshiki
Series: Touhou
Scale: Non
Condition: Opened (like new)
Price: 60 USD
Shipipng: 15 USD

Item: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone Set
Manufacturer: Bandai
Series: Kamen Rider W
Scale: Non
Condition: Opened (like new)
Price: 40 USD
Shipping: 15 USD

Item: Customize Figure Set – Nagato Yuki
Manufacturer: Volks
Series: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Scale: Non
Condition: New
Price: 30 USD
Shipping: 15 USD
Note: Some assembly/painting required.

98 Responses to ☆ Actar’s Sales! ☆

  1. Chew Junhao says:

    Do you live in Singapore?Because you sound sound like you do,if so I will personally pick it up myself.I plan to buy your burninggreymon

  2. I sent you a Email about a purchase

  3. D-Gold says:

    *stalks just in case you put some vocaloid related items here*(^-^)

  4. I SOOOO WANT that double driver….

  5. Campos Rodrigo says:

    Anyone form any part of the world can make you an offer? (no problems with shipping?)

  6. Actar says:

    @ Campos Rodrigo: Yup. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. As long as post can reach you, there should be no problems.

  7. victor says:

    I wanted to know if u had any digimon divieses d3 dy any chance amd ebay selles thwm for ap to $100 + shiping and handelling

  8. nicola says:

    Can I buy the kotobuki tsumugi figma? I’ve sent you an e-mail ^^

  9. Oscar Aleksandrowicz says:

    this would be my first time buying an anime figure, I really like the ZERO figure, but i don’t know if it is a nice one to have sitting alone. would you mind putting some feedback since it was owned by you at some point? :)

  10. is the zero figure the original with the circular stand or the re release with the hexagons?

  11. i was actually just about to buy that zero figure on amazon. id rather help you out then buy it from amazon if you can match their price ill buy it from you

  12. all i want and can afford is Louise Bustier Version

  13. How much, in SGD please, is the double driver?

  14. Chew, I already bought that Double Driver sorry

  15. Actar says:

    @ victor: Sorry… At this time, I’m not selling any of my Digivices. I sold quite a number of them a few years back and the ones that I have left I intend to keep.

    @ nicola: Sorry for the late reply! Your e-mail was sent to my spam folder. (^.^;)

    @ Oscar Aleksandrowicz: I do believe it is a brilliant figure, as it is made by Megahouse, an extremely reputable figure manufacturer. Details and sculpting are great and it does come with quite a number of option parts that will allow you to change his pose and appearance. However, I personally have not opened the figure that I am selling, and am basing my opinions on the photo reviews from other bloggers. (^.^)

    @ Mark Suffelette II: Thanks! Do feel free to e-mail me a counter offer. We can easily strike a deal from there. (^.^) Also, my Zero figure is the re-release.

    @ Jennifer Booke: Any purchase you make will be greatly appreciated. (^.^) If you are interested, don’t be afraid to send me an e-mail.

    @ Chew Guo Dong: That would be 154 SGD inclusive of shipping and handling charges. (^.^)

  16. nicola says:

    @Actar, I’ve sent you a counter offer C:

  17. radkennster says:

    I emailed you about a purchase.

  18. radkennster says:

    nevermind lol
    I got your email and I just replied back xD

  19. ofelio says:

    Are u gonna sell anymore digimon items besides those two

  20. Actar says:

    @ ofelio: At this point in time, the only other Digimon item that I am thinking of selling is my loose Spirit Evolving Agunimon and BurningGreymon. I have all of the armor pieces and the base bodies for the spirit forms, but I am missing the base bodies for the human/beast forms, meaning to say that you can have them in their spirit forms or the combined AncientGreymon form. If you are interested in that, I could let it go for around 50 USD.

    @ Chew Guo Dong: I have one W driver, if you are still interested. (^.^)

  21. accelfire says:

    Did you manage to get the Deca and W Driver off AmiAmi or HS because those items are by far the hardest Bandai related items to preorder along side with Renewal Version of the DX Chogokin Valkyries?

  22. makayla says:

    WOW i would love to buy suit precure!!!!

  23. Isaiah says:

    Do you have any plans to sell some of your vocaloid and lucky star stuff? And will you be selling DVDs aswell?

  24. mojo-jojo says:

    are u gonna do any more code geass figures

  25. Brad says:

    Hey Actar! Will you be selling anything that has to do with digimon?! That’d be awesome if you did! If you decide to put some up for sale please do email me at baseballbrad101@gmail.com

  26. ArjAngel says:

    By any chance do you have Robot Damashii Zangetsu or D-Arts Omegamon?

  27. Thank you Actar, my double driver arrived the other day, its perfect thank you again

  28. Actar says:

    @ Dylan Patric William Burke: I should be the one thanking you for your support! (^.^)

    @ ArjAngel: I might consider selling the RD Zangetsu that I have, how much will you be willing to offer me for it?

  29. HomuHomu-Chan says:

    Would you sell the nanoha figma seperately?

  30. oran says:

    actar if you can find the spirit digivolving beetlemon figure

  31. oran says:

    actar if you can find the spirit digivolving beetlemon and review it

  32. ArjAngel says:

    is 50 usd ok?

  33. Vehemence says:

    planning to sell any Eva figs/kits?

  34. Actar says:

    @ ArjAngel: The average price on auction sites is around 150USD… How about 100USD?

  35. Janie219 says:

    Please sell imperialdramon paladin mode? My birthday is coming up and I want him really bad. :(

  36. Janie219 says:

    Please it is my most favorite digimon since season 3 came out

  37. jiayuan978 says:

    got delta driver to sell?

  38. Dadako says:

    Do you know where can I get Cardcaptor Sakura’s set of Clow Card as well as Sakura Card, whicj includes the ‘Hope’ and the ‘Nameless’ card as well?

    Also, any idea if there are actual ‘Nothing’ card from Clow Card series being released for sales? Thanks for answering. =)

  39. seamove says:

    are you gonna sell anymore figmas

  40. john bryan s cuapingco says:

    can yo ship the figma mugi in the philippine

  41. Joshua says:

    Actar I’m wiling to buy both spirit. Digivolving magnagarurumon and emperorgreymon here’s my email layonjoshua@yahoo.com.sg I live in Agat,Guam my phone number is 671-565-8585

  42. kimmy says:

    Hey Actar! I was wondering,if if I bought the Cure Module from you,do I have to pay shipping fees? I live in Singapore.

  43. Paul Ryan says:

    hey Actar, how much do your glasgow cost ? or your Guren? just wanna know (^u^)

  44. Harra says:

    Hey Actar! Are you planning on selling your SOC SPEC EVAs?

  45. Marcos says:

    Where I can get the set of sakura in Montevideo Uruguay Bandai please answer me

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I want the book clow cards, the key and the crosier in usa please tell me what I want to buy

  47. Squiggsquasher says:

    Is Shinji to scale with Figma Rei, Asuka and Mari? I was thinking of getting the NGE Figmas, and I’m rather disappointed that they still haven’t made a Shinji Figma, as he is one of my favourite anime characters, and also an Asuka Figma is worthless with no Shinji to torment, tease, punch, throw chairs at, etc…Poor Shinji…


  48. Joshua says:

    Actar can you sell me a digimon Digivolving toy a.k.a Magnagarurumon and Kaisergreymon

  49. Luke says:

    Hello, yet another one of you’re fans, I’m interested in buying stuff of the “Digimon” series. But i cant seem to find anything on your website, i’m not sure if i’m using it wrong. If you could send me a link or something that shows what you’re merchandise is of “Digimon” I would and WILL gladly appreciate it.

    I know this is late but… Happy Near years.

  50. Zero says:

    Are the guren flight parts compatible with the 1/35 bandai mechanic collection guren?

  51. Jr says:

    When will you start selling digimon

  52. Joshua says:

    Any digivolving toys up for sale that’s important? Any digimon digivolving toys?

  53. Eduardo says:

    Will you be selling any digimon figures??

  54. DMO fan says:

    Do you sell any digimon figures. And can you plzz make more digimon videos. I like your reviews and i like digimon. make at least once a week would be good. I never get tied with any of the digimon reviews. Its really good. Keep up good work actar.

  55. do you still have the azone mio outfit

  56. Actar says:

    @ Cecilie Mølgaard Meyer: Yup I still do! If you’re interested, drop a mail to actarsreviews@live.com.

  57. Squiggsquasher says:

    Ah! Just the man.

    I was wondering, is the Shinji figure to scale with the Eva Figmas/Revoltechs?

  58. Actar says:

    @ Squiggsquasher: I’m not too sure, actually. Though, from what I understand, once put together, he’ll be 24 cm, taller than a regular figma by quite a bit.

  59. Squiggsquasher says:

    @Actar: Oh dear. My search for a decent (manageable scale) Shinji fig continues…

  60. puppylips says:

    is the shinji figure still available? I’m very intreested.

  61. Vina says:

    Do you sell or know where to buy card captor sakura claw cards? I REALLY want them but I can’t but from ebey because I don’t have a credit card yet… Anyone is free to answer this as well. Oh, and I can’t pay too much because I am still studying so I don’t have a lot of money….. Thank you!

    Ps. I hope that someone will reply ASAP…..

  62. Vina says:

    Oh and I am in singapore…. and I assume you are form singapore because of your status in http://www.figure.fm/ That was how I found this site. Hope you don’t think I am a stalker…. I just REALLY want those cards….

  63. KrytenKoro says:

    Would you happen to retain any of the boxes for your Digimon figures? If so, would you be willing to part with them or at least provide photos of their sides?

  64. John says:

    hello, you may remember me as “Shaorin” from MACROSSWORLD. is this still available? Mameshiki – Touhou Project: Reimu Hakurei

  65. Chris Ranumas says:

    I was wondering if u are selling emperor greymon and magna garurumon from digimon frontier

  66. Jimmy says:

    Yeah, I would be dying to buy Kaisergreymon and Magnagarurumon.

  67. Zane says:

    Looking to buy digivolving figures

  68. matan lurie says:

    I want them more than jimmy!

  69. matan lurie says:

    i’ll pay twice as much!

  70. Matan Lurie says:

    Please answer soon! i really want these figures

  71. timeflame says:

    Are you selling any of your Negima merch, very intrested in your pactio cards

  72. Matan Lurie says:

    yeah. I’ll still get these digivolving figures using any means necessary. whenever necessary! I’m actually writing this watching their reviews.

  73. Tihonvof says:

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  78. Robertreest says:

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