Good Service!

February 17, 2009

An example of BAD service

In this modern society, good service is hard to find. Thankfully, there are still companies like HLJ that care for their customers.

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Otaku no Valentine

February 14, 2009
Let the fires of my heart burn bright

Let the fires of my heart burn bright

Now, one of the saddest (or happiest?) days in the Otaku calendar. Your feelings depending on whether you are content with your 2D Girls or if you want a real one.

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The Importance of Fansubbers

February 7, 2009


Recently, there have been many instances of companies suing, issuing letters of desist to fansubbers and downloaders. These companies do not care about the fans at all. I shall convey my opinions as to why fansubbers are important to the foreign Anime industry.

During the course of this article, you’ll notice that there are some screencaps of funny fansub moments. Be advised, there is bit of crude humor.

I know this article is slightly lengthy, but this is what I strongly feel about fansubbers.

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