Actar’s Mid-December Loot and Happenings

La, la, la...

La, la, la...

Ah, December is here… That’s both a good and bad thing… Why? Well, it’s good because Christmas nears and bad because school is going to reopen soon. Considering that next year would be my second year in Junior College and my ‘A’ Level year, I am not looking forward to it in the slightest… As usual, Anime and figures will be there to counter my depression, saving me from collapsing under the stress…

But enough about that.

Here’s an update of what I got in this past 2 weeks. Here we go!


Part 1:

– Movic’s 1/8 Nanoha Takamachi from StirkerS
– Movic’s 1/8 Fate Testarossa Harlawon form StrikerS
– Revoltech T. T. Gurren Lagann
– Fraulien Revoltech Yoko
Code Geass Exclusive: Lancelot USB Launch Key Replica

This lot arrived 2 weeks back. If you are interested in the Movic Fate, sold her off as I needed some cash… also, the Nanoha is for sale. Do contact me at if you’re interested. Reviewed the Lancelot USB Key and planning to review the revoltechs.


Part 2:

– Bandai’s 1/72 VF-25S Plamo
– Alter’s Haruhi Suzumiya
– Kotobukiya’s Mode Lock Fu-Jin Model
– Kotobukiya’s Mode Lock M9 Model
– Kotobukiya’s Furukawa Nagisa Figure
– Figma Itsuki Koizumi
– Cospa’s Macross Frontier SMS Namecard Holder
– Cospa’s Kyo and Ryou Clannad Cup
– Sekirei Emblem T-Shirt
– Megami 100th Issue
– Lucky Star Desk Mat

Model Supplies, including:

– Gundam Cutter
– Gundam Marker Set + Silver Marker
– Panel Liner Marker
– Pen Knife
– Cutting Board
– ? Grade Sandpaper
– Top Coat Spray

Alrighty, where to start? Finally managed to get the last Figma I was looking for! Now, I have all of them except the Kagamine twins and Kanu Uncho. Ryouko and Yuki Witch Ver. will be arriving soon. I bought a ton of merchandise and modeling tools when I was at Sunshine Plaza. The Namecard Case, Mug, Desk Mat, Magazine and T-Shirt was purchased at KKnM. While the modeling tools were bought at the Gundam Store next door.

As for online purchases, the Mode Lock models are really worthit. For around 800 yen each, they are pretty good. Together with that, I got the Haruhi figure from Alter. Darn, she’s awesome. Love the pose. She was indeed what’s considered an ‘impulse buy’.

My three favourite Clannad girls in one pic!

My three favourite Clannad girls in one pic!

Nagisa (middle) was bought on eBay. She’s a figure I wanted to buy for almost 9 months now. YAY! She’s my favourite Clannad girl, aside from Fuko (extreme right). For some reason, I don’t like the tsunderes of the series Kyo and Tomoyo as much as I would have liked too… Gonna get a Kotomi (extreme left) figure next!

Random Pic 2! Once again, this is such a great pic, featuring my 2 favourite VFs!

Random Pic 2! Once again, this is such a great pic, featuring my 2 favourite VFs!

Lastly, we come to the VF-25S. Since I’m getting the VF-25F figure (left one in above pic), I got this model for a couple of reasons. One of them is the models are more accurate to the actual figure. Reason number 2 is that the DX Chogokins are $$$$$$$$$$$$, one $ for every 1000 yen. Way too expensive to get 2. Currently working on it. Just started working on it today. Gonna blog on it soon. With all the care I’m putting into the building, it is going pretty slow. Here’s today’s progress!:

Not bad for 6 hours of work.

Not bad for 6 hours of work.


Random Pic! Mikoto is the most awesome character in Index!

Random Pic! Mikoto is the most awesome character in Index!

This has been a pretty busy week. I wasn’t able to attend the EOY event at Singapore Expo. For those of you who don’t know, EOYstands for End of Year and it is a cosplay event. Had a number of appointments that day… Really wanted to meet up with other Singatakus.

I wanna be like Lulu. Master of persuasion!

I wanna be like Lulu. Master of persuasion!

Also, this past week, I took my Licentiate diploma exam in Public Speaking. The exam is conducted by the LCMM (London College of Music and Media). This is indeed one of the highest levels and really is a culmination of 7 years of work. This course has been a great help as I have given motivational speeches to companies and coorperations before.

Sushi = Happy!

Sushi = Happy!

Well, that’s that. There’s not much else that happened this week. Those of you who are regulars on my Youtube Channel would have known that I sprained my shoulder last week. It hurt like crazy for a couple of days but healed surprisingly quick.

Lastly, got a set of about 150 mini sushis from one of my favourite Japanese Restaurants a few days back. It happened to consist entirely of 3 of my favourites: Crab, Egg and Cucumber. Was in a bad mood that day and felt much better after finishing every last one.


Ronely Christmas? Just wanted Fate to be in this post. (-.-)

As mentioned above, Christmas will be coming! Will soon be posting pics and writing about my Christmas traditions. Can’t wait for that!

As Always,

6 Responses to Actar’s Mid-December Loot and Happenings

  1. nintendokid says:

    Merry christmas but dont u fink 150 sushis are a bit overboard ad i still wounder how u pay 4 all of this while still in collage : )

  2. actar says:

    Now, that would be a problem… Get 5 jobs? (^v^);

  3. oOgA says:

    7 years of work…thats an achivement. ;)

    and…what 150 sushi?! and u are able to finish it all at 1 go? :o

  4. zenical says:

    wow 150 sushi. I eat less than 20 and I’m dying T_T

  5. Lightoss says:

    What a kawaii nagisa figure! That nagisa figure comes with neco mimi?

  6. actar says:

    @ Lightoss: Yes she does! :) She also comes with a bookmark/ribbon as well.

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