Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 08 Photo Report and Loot

It was hard deciding on the title pic. Cute girls won over figures. (^o^);

It was hard deciding on the title pic. Cute girls won over figures. (^o^);

Alrighty, instead of commenting and uploading tons of pictures, for the Great Singapore Anime Festival known as AFA08, I’ll be uploading all the pictures on Photobucket (cause you need to pay for Flickr), and commenting on stuff I find interesting.

Once again, all these people make events possible.

Once again, all these people make events possible.

Overall, AFA08 was a complete blast. There’s just no other way to put it. My first Convention was the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention which was held on a weekend of June. But this convention was ten thousand times better. Most likely because they had their main focus on Anime. That would most likely change though, with news that AFA08 and STCC will merge come next year.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in to this first ever photo report on Actar’s Reviews of AFA08!

Click the titles to see most (uploading all would take an eon) of the pics I took of the various aspects of Anime Festival Asia.

Masugu GO!



There were a couple of figure exclusives sold there. I only got the Gundam Crystal Exia. More on that in my AFA Loot post. There was also a figure display by ToysnToys that consisted of figures from various companies. However, no ‘to be released’ figures. Only stuff that are already out in the market.


Gundam wise, I have absolutely no idea. Currently, I’m not yet a Gundam fan, so I can’t really comment on them. Models that were made by pros were displayed, along with the winners of Gundam Making Contests. Great stuff. My skill level is 1000 times lower…


Stuff > My Money

Stuff > My Money

Akiba Town was mostly made up of stores and booths put up by local Anime stores like KKnM, Latendo and Rapid Culture. These stores were selling mainly their old stock of figures and other merchandise for low, low prices.


At the end of the event, Latendo even had a little auction that attracted an enormous crowd.



What’s an event of cosplayers? Besides the Cosplaying teams that participated in the Cosplay Mania Competition, there were numerous Cosplayers dotting the convention hall. You’ll see the competition and the general cosplayers in the album.


I was so glad that 2 teams that won prizes were from Code GEES (Not a spelling error. No one knows how to pronounce Geass).



One of the most impressive costumes was a cardboard Vincent. He deserved the Ichiro Mizuki autograph for his outstanding work.


Other cosplayers that impressed me were the ones from Macross Frontier (Title Pic), Code Geass and the Vocaloid team.


All of the cosplayers were kawaii, but the girl that was cosplaying as Nodoka in the pic above is extra kawaii. (Need more Negima! Cosplayers)




Both Aniki’s and May’n’s performance were outstanding. They put in so much passion and effort into their performances that I was truly moved. Though I haven’t watched any of the classic series like Mazinger Z or Combattler V, I now really want to after Aniki’s concert.


Macross Frontier is an awesome Anime and so are their songs. I managed to finish watching the series before May’n’s concert, so I could fully appreciate the songs. Sadly, she did not sing Triangle, my favourite song from the series.




The above picture is from our local Doujin Artist group: Collateral Damage Studios. I bought their Nanoha A’s set along with a mini Strike Witches poster.


They had other stuff for sale, like buttons and bookmarks. A doujin came along with the poster set. The doujin is my first real-life doujin. Story was great as they combined both Nanoha A’s and Haruhi. Two of my all-time favourite Animes. There were so many other references hidden in the comic! Full Metal Panic! Chidori’s Harisan, Macross Frontier Ranka’s Kira and even Konata’s impression of Kagami in the page above. I suppose that there are more references that I have yet to discover. Needs more Yuri – Hentai scenes!!! (I know that that’s impossible. This is Singapore…(TT.TT))


Lots more art there. From fan works to official art and sketches from movies by Studio 4C.


Well, that’s that for AFA08. Once again, I had a ball of a time there. Being together with people that share your interests is indeed something. Managed to meet various bloggers, whose sites will by now be on my blogroll. Thanks for saying hi guys!

Something for my fans on YouTube:

Omedeto Gozaimas!

Omedeto Gozaimas!

dgreymanime, the winner of my Anniversary Contest, met up with me at AFA08. There, I passed him his prize of the In Action!! Offshoot Lancelot. He seems like a great guy. Hope you enjoy that figure!



Here’s what I got:

Figma Kyon
Figma Tsuruya
Figma Miyuki
Atelier-Sai Mikuru
Atelier-Sai Yuki
Konami MMS Echijo Eika
Konami MMS Sakurano Otoha
Exclusive Clear Gundam Exia
Gundam 00
Prop Plus Lelouch
Prop Plus Suzaku
Bandai’s Aqua Drop
Fuko Clannad Clock
Nagisa Clannad Clock
3 X Negima!? Figumate
Nanoha Artwork Set
Kallen Poster

Not a bad haul at all. I was sad that Koizumi was sold out, he’s the last Figma I’m missing for my Haruhi group. Also, that Mikuru figure is very special as it made a cameo somewhere. Can someone guess where? Cookies if you guess correctly.

Another thing that saddened me was that they did not have the MMS Karen. Fans of Sky Girls know that she completes the trio of girls. Need to track her down online…

Now for some site updates. As you can see, I’ve decided on my watermark design. Please do tell me if you like it or not. I’m also thinking of recreating my banner.

All that’s left is to wait for next year’s con. I really hope to see you there and stay tuned for my AFA08 loot post!

18 Responses to Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 08 Photo Report and Loot

  1. dgraymanime says:

    LOL! ME!

  2. dgraymanime says:

    Hey actar once again,thank you for the gift!

  3. gits_sac says:

    correction, there is no figure selling at KKnM. Please dun summarise everything together…….

  4. actar says:

    I never said that they sold figures. I placed them under ‘booths’.

  5. Stjh says:

    hi actar, i’m actually the Hatsune Miku cosplayer in the vocaloid team. thanks for taking a photo of us! i actually recognized you when i first saw you because i read about your article on the press conference and preview the day before, but didnt dare to go say hi. XD;

  6. actar says:

    Thank you for taking a picture with me.

    I actually admire all the cosplayers as they put in a lot of effort to portray the characters well. All of you were awesome! So Kawaii! :)

    Also, thanks for reading my blog.

  7. Anonymous says:

    u did get both!!!! but is that exia 1/60 scale

  8. actar says:

    Yes, the Exia is 1/60 scale. Only got the Exia. :)

  9. WOW look at all that amazing goodies i loved alll the amazing cosplayers
    u guys were aswome seen so many but they were the best !

    And YAYY its Maid MIkuru from episode 00 in TMOSH

    MIKURU BEAM!her figmas out soon i cant w8

  10. Persocom says:

    awesome pictures and omg i want that doujin XD it looks really cool. I hope to one day attend something as awesome looking as this event, looks like a lot of fun. btw idk if you knew but you’ve been on my blogroll for a while so if you’d like to add me I’d appreciate it ^^

  11. aidsisreborn says:

    are you planning on getting figma itsuki and ryoka?

  12. rain says:

    nice, i got the cds’s nanoha a’s set as well.

  13. thehangerbay says:

    I ran out of monies for the Nanoha doujin. Actually, I was half-afraid that that it as in Japanese, which was why I didn’t snap it up immediately. T_T

  14. Ubiquitial says:


  15. AK says:

    Amazingly huge haul you got there. I just wish I had the money… All I got was Figma Tsuruya. I’m getting Ryouko first thing next month.

  16. As an Australia-based Mariners fan, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other Mariners posts.
    I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  17. Allaboutmemememememe says:

    ummmm actar? how much are the figures and where do u buy them?

  18. […] to be pretty well received! Zyl called it, ‘a hilarious Burning Arisa doujin’ while Actar commented that the story was ‘great’. Such an awesome bit of CDS history and it is not longer available in print. But digitally, it […]

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