Censorship in Anime

DVD/Uncensored Version of Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka

DVD/Uncensored Version of Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka

TV/Censored Version of Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka

TV/Censored Version of Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka

This is indeed going to be a hard topic to write on… Even though I have strong (vehement) objections and feelings against censorship I may have trouble turning my thoughts into words.

Throughout this article/post, I hope to inform you about the current situation, different forms of censorship, the absurdity of it all and various conspiracies that have been brought up. I hope that you will be able to read this article in its entirety as it took a lot of effort to put together. Visual aids galore! (Obviously NSFW) :)

Some or most of the pictures are from the wonderful Sankaku Complex. They are indeed doing a fantastic service to the Anime community, informing others about blatant censoring. There are so many examples of censorship as each Anime contains various amounts of it, I’ll pick what I think is best.

Before actually getting into the topic, I ought to lay down the cards for those of you who don’t fully understand the situation.

Japan is awesome. Anime is super-awesome. Pantsu and fan service is the epitome of awesomeness. Now, there are tons of Anime that have humor and/or plot revolving around the fan service. Some examples include the famous Kodomo no Jikan, Kanokon, Sekirei and even To Love Ru. Some Animes just include fan service as a side note to tickle fans’ imagination one of which that may qualify is Strike Witches.

Recently, there has been a huge uproar about censoring even the mildest ecchi scenes in Anime. There are various kinds of censoring techniques that censors use to butcher the animation. They have indeed progressed from the good old days of the mosaic. These include:


Blinding Flashes of Light

Horribly distracting and obvious censorship.

Horribly distracting and obvious censorship.

One of the most obvious if done poorly. They can come in beams, flashes, glares and other creative forms. The above screencaps of Sekirei, Strike Witches and Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka (title picture) are fantastic examples.


Mostly used in shower scenes. Ample amount of steam is used to cover up oppai and other areas. Pictures are from Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, Sekirei and Strike Witches. Even super-ero Anime Kanokon is not safe. Steam censorship is also seen in the third episode of Code Geass:

DVD vs. TV


There are two kinds of shadow censoring techniques.

1. If anything is happening in the dark, there is a sudden application of dark patches here and there.

2. For up-skirt pantsu shots, light suddenly disappears and the skirt becomes a black hole.


A combination of both Shadows and Zooming.

A combination of both Shadows and Zooming.

If the good bits are at the edge of the screen, expect them to enlarge the picture…

Sometimes, the view can also be shifted slightly instead.

Blatant Censoring

Censorship cannot get more obvious than this. Most recently, this has been prevalent in Rosario no Vampire and Kodomo no Jikan.

Inconspicuous Redrawing

As if censorship can’t reach a new high (or is it low?). Again, there are various types of censorship that fall into this section.


– (Random) Foreground Objects

Two objects for the price of a fantastic scene? SOLD!

Two objects for the price of a fantastic scene? SOLD!

As the title states, a foreground object is drawn over the animation. Sometimes, this is hard to recognise as they blend in so well. Other times, the object can be completely random and out of place.


– Repositioning

Movement of objects and/or limbs to obscure good bits. Amazing. How they do this is beyond me.


– (Drastic) Outfit Change

Spot the Difference.

Spot the Difference.

Redoing the animation to make characters wear more conservative clothes and redoing entire scenes.


– Tits Be Gone



This is the laziest form of censorship. It’s like they are saying, “Hey, we are forced to censor our Anime, and we can’t be bothered to do a proper job.’ Bah, humbug.


– Growing Hair


I suppose that this counts as a Foreground Object, but that point had too many examples aready. :)

Drawing of hair strands over oppai (especially used when the character has long hair).

The Cut

There aren’t many examples of scenes that were cut due to censorship issues (That’s GOOD!). Instead, most cut scenes are the result of a time limit of 23 – 24 minutes. These scenes usually make it to the DVD version, which is discussed later. The above scene can be considered as a censor/cut. A couple of frames of animation were removed in episode 19 of Code Geass which showed Kallen’s b(.Y.)s bouncing up when she is pushed to the ground and of course, turned up in the DVD.



Out of all the different forms of censoring, I find ‘Inconspicuous Redrawing’ the most irritating. It is so hard to spot, and you are unaware most of the time.

More examples at the end of the article and over at Sankaku Complex.

Frankly speaking, there are too many techniques censors use to properly list them all. However, I hope that after seeing the various examples above, you will be able to spot the areas where censors massacre Anime. This is more prevalent than you think.

It is really surprising that there are numerous versions of the same animation. They actually put in effort to redraw certain scenes completely just to hide certain objects. I don’t know which is worse, knowing that they are censoring, or not.

The Concept of Regional Physics

Regional Physics is something that has been occurring in Japan for some time. From what I understand, different TV stations in Japan air different versions of the Anime. TV Tokyo usually showing the less censored versions.

When Sekirei Episode 9 was aired on Tokyo TV, there was again much controversy created as the episode was completely uncensored.

These days, they seem to be forced to show the censored versions of Rosario no Vampire Capu 2.

For more information head here.

Erratic Censoring

This ties in with the above points of Regional Physics and multiple versions of the same animation. We’ll be using Rosario no Vampire Capu 2 as an example again. I love the first season of that Anime. For the most part, the first season was aired uncensored. Despite the fact that there were numerous pantsu shots in the Anime (82 <3), there were no bare chests.

When the first episode of the second season started airing, Tokyo TV aired the uncensored version. Then, it slowly began adding bats. In some scenes, pantsu was censored and others weren’t.

Can anyone make sense of that??? Might as well let us have everything. The entire purpose of censorship is to prevent such things from being seen. Why the inconsistency?

Moka and Tsukune are shocked as well.

Moka and Tsukune are shocked as well.

~Nose Bleed~

~Nose Bleed~

These two scenes were in the exact same episode.

Changes Over Time

Long before, I highly doubt that there was this much censorship. There were quite a number of scenes in certain Animes like Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Zero no Tsukaima and others where there were pantsu galore. Even in Kanokon, despite the boob censoring with steam, there were no other instances of pantsu censoring. Something so mild cannot possibly cause any harm no matter which way you look at it. How did we get from this:



to this:

Note that they are all wearing something. That bat has no excuse for being there.

Note that they are all wearing something. That bat has no excuse to be there.

What’s with the change? What reason could they possibly have to deny us the pantsu? I know! The next point.

DVDs – The Beginning of a Controversy

Of course, I have yet to talk about DVDs. Those who are trying to make sense of everything have come up with a theory that companies are censoring just to sell DVDs.

This a stupid move. People say that it is a way for the companies to make money. They basically expect fans to purchase the DVDs to view the uncensored versions. However, there are numerous ways in which this can and probably will backfire. Viewership of the TV versions will most likely drop like a lead balloon.

Also, for most fans who already spurge hundreds of dollars on official merchandise such as figures, DVDs are just not worth it (especially for international fans like me). They cost around 60 US Dollars (not including shipping and tax) on average for 2 – 3 episodes, do not have subtitles and have to be imported. Waiting for the US release is just out of the question as it takes ages for a series to get licensed and released on a Region 1 DVD. Thus, for people like us, we will most likely never get to see the full version and be stuck with the butchered TV version. How (un)fair is that? We are FANS of YOUR WORK! Don’t treat us like this.

Regardless, how do you feel about rewatching an entire series to spot the differences? Not many people like or have the time to rewatch series. After watching the broadcast versions, I’m sure fans are compelled to watch the DVD versions. Now, I’m at a loss. Deciding if I should proceed to watch the broadcast version and then rewatch the entire series when I acquire the DVD-rips or just watch the DVD versions is killing me… I don’t know what to do…

We aslo suffer as we don’t get the other things that are included in the DVDs… Improved animation, DVD extras, etc… but I’ll talk about that another time. However, I’ll list some examples below.

The DVD version of Suzumiya Hauhi no Yuutsu had numerous snippets that were not included in the TV broadcast. Most of these scenes had absolutely nothing ecchi/perverted about them. One could conclude that they were either taken out due to time constraints or made post production. Some of them are:

Kyon looking over the rules for forming a club.

Kyon looking over the rules for forming a club.


Mikuru tripping and falling, face flat on the Othello board.

Mikuru tripping and falling, face flat on the Othello board.

There are so many other minor changes to animation that it would be impossible to list them all, though there are a couple of videos on YouTube that give a good comparison.

In the 6th installment of the Bamboo Blade DVD set, there was a special ending. It featured the same ending song, Star Rise, with completely new animation. As this scene was of the girls in a bath house, it was probably taken out as it did not fit the overall theme. Either that, it was an extra purely made for the DVD.

EDIT: Found the video for you guys on YouTube! Aren’t I great!?

My Opinions on Censorship

I personally feel that censorship is ridiculous. There are so many arguments for censorship. They range from protecting the young to a bid to sell DVDs. When I view something that is censored, I feel cheated. I hate knowing that that there is something more behind that flash or object. It feels that the censors do not treat the viewers with respect and don’t give them enough credit.

As for protecting the young. I know many children. They range from my cousins to other people’s children. Most normal children are not interested in these things. Girls think that boys are ‘gross’ and boys think that girls are ‘icky’. I highly doubt that they will be influenced even if they watch uncensored Anime. Even if they do get influenced, there are so many other ways in which they can get their fill of Sex, Violence and whatnot. Such vices are omnipresent on the internet and in movies. There is NO way to completely stem out the influence.

Censoring is one thing, but the recent Rosario no Vampire Capu 2 episodes were utterly unwatchable. Those bats were so distracting that they ruin the picture. Censoring such shows that base their humor around fan service is practically taking away the whole purpose of the show. The DVD version of Kodomo no Jikan is a whole world of a difference as compared to the TV version. Things make sense.

I don’t know how revenue is earned, but I know that TV Stations already pay the producers to air their programmes. I would also like to quickly bring up a point on fansubs. These fansubs serve to increase the amount of fans and creates awareness about the show. In doing so, these fans are sure to buy officially licensed products like figures. I’m sure they also make money that way.

Final Words

In all honesty, I love pantsu and oppai. I really do. Hold on, which normal man doesn’t? This article is just a way to air my views and opinions about the things that have been going on recently. I know that it kinda turned into a rant at the end as I get really passionate when something terrible happens to something I love. It makes one wonder how the future of Anime and media as a whole will turn out.

Being fair, I say that everyone has their own opinions. You are entitled to your own and don’t have to agree with me. However, I’m pretty sure that many fans feel the same way I do, based on the myriad of comments on various forums.

I would also love to know the guidelines or who the people behind this are. How much of this is due to the Goverment? If you recall, episode 9 of Sekirei was aired uncensored, though late at night, and TV Tokyo has stated that it was intentional. This makes me believe that there is something bigger going on behind the scenes.

So, all that remains is how the fans will react. Will they boycott the DVDs in a bid to make a stand? Or will they perhaps submit to the censors and allow their favourite Animes to continue being butchered? Only time will tell.

…and remember:

Here are more random examples of censorship and DVD/TV differences:

From top to bottom, we have: Zooming, Repositioning, Foreground Object, Steam, Shifting, Foreground Object, Light + Zooming. All this in one episode. Joy.

Anime referenced in this article:

Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka
Bamboo Blade
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Kodomo no Jikan
Rosario no Vampire Capu 2
Strike Witches
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
To Love Ru!
Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo

Picture Sources:

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My other sources include various articles from Blogs and Forums, Anime News Network and Wikipedia. This article took 6 solid hours to write, including compiling and creating pictures. Wow.

Thanks for reading! :)

58 Responses to Censorship in Anime

  1. nintendokid says:

    WOW thats alot of writing ,I didnt know you could put moving images
    (this is my cover story ,it wasnt all i was looking at)

    But thats a good point we have alot of censorship in our animes (pokemon and naruto damm why do i live in a anime hating country)
    all the volient sences are taken out you dont even see a bit of action all it is,is seeing them use a attack or a punch then they fall down it sucks

    But then censorship is in place for a resson but i think if your dumb enough (or smart) engogh to watch it and its not cencored IT DOSENT MATTER
    I think just getting rid of it and including it on the info of show

    But it must of taken along time to write such a good and long article with all the visual aids (ever conciderd becoming a journalist like dannychoo people/

    (and again im the only one to make such a large comment somone else be anyoing for a change)

  2. varutieru says:

    well, i dun really love those anime u mention
    wait, i do love them, but fan service or not is fine for me, as long the show goes smoothly

    1st, if i want porn, i go look for doujinshi or porn manga

    2nd, i hate those unnatural light “glitches”, but they were there for how long? 10 second?
    1-5 second of nudity is just not arousing enough

    3rd, got to admit HUGE censoring object is EXTREMELY IRRITATING (rosario season 2)

    4th, did u watch them for nudity?

  3. varutieru says:

    o btw, KnJ series is 1 of the most biggest DVD advertising show
    i hate those voice censoring & total visual censor

  4. GnuoyKun says:

    Indeed an interesting post, never knew how many ways of censoring exists.

  5. ETERNAL says:

    Thanks for compiling all of this info, it’s important to know how to spot all of these things. Personally, the thing that bothers me the most about censorship is the fact that I would never bother rewatching an entire show just for some extra fanservice; and yet, if it were there to begin with, I wouldn’t complain. It’s a tricky situation for the fans who follow shows while they’re airing, and I can only hope that it doesn’t get worse.

  6. ubiquitial says:

    Censorship is truly ridiculous. If people were so worried about inappropriate mater, they can refuse to watch it. No need to ruin everyone else’s experience.

  7. notaname says:

    You appear to be frequently confusing censorship, distribution touch-ups & redrawing, and DVD pandering.

    Animation touch-ups for non-broadcast releases have been around as long as recordable media has. EVERY NON-OVA DVD YOU BUY WILL HAVE SOME RE-DONE ANIMATION. This is not new, unusual, or in any way reprehensible.

    Censorship is when content cannot be aired on TV due to distribution laws. This is when parts of a scene (or shots in a scene) are already done, but have to be cut or covered up for broadcast. This isn’t a common occurrence, as scenes are vetted prior to animation to make sure time isn’t being wasted. There have been several horror stoires from various production houses where a scene has been vetted, animated, only to have the TV studio complain at the last minute requiring last-minute cutting or censoring.

    DVD pandering is when the censorship is not added at the behest of the TV studio, but simply added as a method to boost sales. This can either be by ‘censoring’ what needn’t be censored, or by deliberately inserting content that it is known beforehand would have to be censored and is not plot-centric.

  8. acesan says:

    I just think of the DVD version as the special version ^_^. As long as they don’t remove anything that could interfere with the actual story, I don’t mind too much.

  9. acesan says:

    Hey Actar, unrelated to your censorhip post, but the FREEing Haruhi bunny is again in stock at hobby search if you’re interested still :P http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10058506

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  11. actar says:

    Ah, thanks acesan for that… Didn’t see you post until now… She’s sold out…

  12. Anonymous says:

    “DVDs are just not worth it How (un)fair is that? We are FANS of YOUR WORK! Don’t treat us like this.”

    oh man, that’s rich

  13. aprilius20 says:

    Didn’t have time to read the whole thing properly, but did go through every form of censorship you mentioned. And I am so going to get episode 19 of Geass in DVD format^^

  14. kenjiharima says:

    Great job man! I like the samples of good censorship from overdone censorship.

  15. chun says:

    hahahaha omg what an article :P this is the first time I am seeing so many uncensored nips ^^;;;; I may have a book or 2 of poorly censored manga ^^; I should try to dig em out :P

  16. Marshmallow says:

    Typically, I’m not a fan of fanservice-y shows, although, ugh, the censoring in Kojikan was ridiculous. I think that it’s the worse because you really know somethings behind there, and most of the time, was it really worth censoring? Censoring pantsu is ridiculous, when I watched the TV version with the censors, I thought that they must not be wearing anything, see the DVD version and they’re wearing buruma.

  17. jlaroco525 says:

    The Bamboo Blade video link that actar posted got taken down so here’s another link ro the video on youtube of the bath house ending in case anyone is interested.

  18. Actar says:

    Thanks jlaroco!

  19. jlaroco525 says:

    no problem. glad it’s back up there now!

    good post btw.

  20. lolipedofin says:

    Whoa! Never thought that there’s some added scene in Haruhi DVD… this might be a good reason to buy the dvd… Are those added scene included in Singapore release of the DVD???

    And yeah, agreed! Censorship sucks!

  21. Manji88 says:

    What’s really bizarre is that prime-time regular broadcast anime shows 25 years ago had pantsu and even some boobage (see the first episode of Urusei Yatsura–in 1981! Not to mention Cutey Honey). The sudden shyness of Japanese TV to show even pantsu (I still can’t believe it) even on satellite stations is alarming and fits in disturbingly with the Japanese government’s recent lack of spine in the face of any peep from foreign feminist groups.
    I fear the worst is yet to some.

  22. gulab says:

    seriously, I always read that Japanese people were fine with seeing breasts at any time of the day. I mean, not everyone sees them as sexual, most people probably just see it as part of the human body and that’s all. Human udders perhaps. In fact I even saw an American WW2 film that partly took place in Japan called A Bridge to the Sun or something like that (and that was from the 50s or so, when the only thing remotely sexual in movies were vague spoken innuendos), where an old Japanese man casualy walks into a bath for a chat while another Japanese man and his american wife are bathing and she freaks out and turns away, then her husband laughs and tells her the female breast bares no vulgarity in Japan but that the back of her neck does.

    effing hell, Japan even has mixed public bathing!

    So what’s with all the hyper-christian morality all of a sudden in Japan? Why are foreign groups targeting the media if they truly believe in their cause? Shouldnt they ban the public baths first? I mean, these Japanese “barbarians” must be taught a lesson in decency and shame, right? Those American Indians didnt have a chance in front of their righteous Christian saviors, why should the Japanese be allowed to go on like this, right? lol

    And I’m talking about breasts here, while even underwear is being censored now!

    I wonder what Go Nagai thinks of all this… I wonder how his anime would be shown on Japanese TV today.

    As for hiding kids from seeing some few seconds of breasts, LOL… kids are curious critters, they like to pull curtains open more than anyone. By shielding them from the boobs it’ll only heighten their chances of finding some other way to see it. I was 10 when a younger family friend of mine swiped a VHS of titanic to see the tit scenes because his parents had covered his eyes at the theaters… my parents had done the same to me, but I didn’t like defying my parents… not until puberty, lonliness, and sexual depravity got the better of me 2 or 3 years later, lol…

  23. Juancito says:

    Talking about tv’s censorship…
    Here, in Argentina, you have news broadcasts in which at 6 or 7 o’clock you can see lot’s of car accidents in cities and roads, with their respective destroyed vehicles, blood on roads and I had even seen their severely injured victims.

    But, you see all the censored Anime late at night

  24. trittetix says:

    He gripped Tykirs hip, lest they both topple from the strength of his thrusts. He stood still, letting them look their fill as they slowly filed into the room. She shook her head. Eyrhaen sipped her wine and decided that, tonight, she would be in a good mood. She felt the soothing fingers of a sleep spell seep into her mind. Hyle sat forward with a similar expression, Gala hovering at his side. Her truemate startled, his wide red eyes blinking as he slowly came to her meaning. She looked to Eyrhaen as Hyle sat up, guarded hope in her eyes. Nialdlye stood to one side, directing. The entire time youve lived among us, Ive been jealous of you. What do you think, Tyk? She probably deserved their scorn, but really, enough was enough. Shed convinced herself it was over. What shed done before had only amplified it. When hed had his fill and shed somewhat subsided, he rose to his knees. Does it help if I tell you I love you? He shook his head. It doesnt exist, just as a truematch shouldnt exist —a little bitterness there— for elvenborn women. I only want to be with you, Nialdlye. Chuckling, he nipped at her shoulder before pushing up to his knees.

  25. Rengenx says:

    “Сделано на совесть, значит на века” – респект. А эт слова центра)))

  26. Wonderful tips within that write-up, anime consumes a lot of of my own spare time.

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  28. ............. says:

    its the same as the one up above

  29. Neil says:

    As much as I hate censorship, I cannot agree with this “hate” mentality a lot of people harbor when it comes to censorship. When something is aired on TV, it’s the broadcasting station that does the censorship because you’re dealing with “standards and practices” (ethics and standards). There are just some things that you can’t show on television. It’s not that Japan is uptight or too conservative or any of that; broadcast systems don’t want to risk a controversial moment on TV because anime is NOT the only thing that they show on these channels. And if the parents see there’s a lot of nudity, then they lash out and bar their kids from watching the show. Less people watching because of a controversial moment, less ratings. Less ratings, cut off the anime responsible. Fortunately for us, if we buy the DVD, we can watch the uncensored version.

    Again, these censors are for marketing reasons, not for artistic reasons. Same goes for the US. All these voice over companies like FUNImation voice over the raw unedited stuff. Broadcasting stations like Cartoon Network or Disney do the censorship.

  30. Sean says:

    um guys idont think your -cencorships as bad as the U.S.A.’s imean on disney xd for shippuden the tokout so much stur that some episodes are 15minuts (or Less) in lenght (no blood,cursing(even damn and its not a curse)and no sexy jutsu.Also the Magna ARE NOT CENCORED.However 4Kids tv is the worst offender. OnePeice which isnt event remotely peverted was cencored. they replaiced the guns with water pistoles

  31. iTunes Codes says:

    I really hate how they censor all the good stuff. I guess they do it mainly as a way so they could give customers a reason to buy the dvd.

  32. thedeathofyou says:

    i dont really like censorship, its ok on tv, but i hate it on hentai. i find it unnecessary to censor it. (especialy resort boin, just sayin)but other than that i just think the little stuff shouldn’t be censored. and i gotta ask, are you really that upset that you can’t view animated teenager’s underwear and tits for a few seconds on public tv? if so, thats the dvds are for, bra.

  33. ak says:

    nice work….But i was download Sora No Otoshimono forte uncensored version but…it look like censored…can you explain me..why??
    It has ( steam way and growing hair )

  34. Click here says:

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    I’m trying to to find issues to enhance my site!I assume its adequate to make use of some of your ideas!!

  35. El Busho says:

    I’d say the biggest argument against the two big points of censorship(Protecting the youth and selling DVDs) should be obvious to the companies. If they can watch anime, they PROBABLY have a computer, and they can look up porn anyways, whether they’re 13 or 30. They’re not protecting anyone, just annoying their viewers.

    In addition, something I didn’t see you mention is that when they do release uncensored DVDs, when they cost so much $, it pisses a lot of people off to the point where someone will just upload it to the internet and 500 more people will illegally download it. It’s not uncommon, and it wouldn’t happen if the censorship thing didn’t happen.

    I swear, people who run big businesses hire the people who have the least common sense. “Let’s censor the scenes in anime and make people pay 60 bucks for 2-4 episodes several months later! It’s not like that will lead to mass piracy of our DVD!”

  36. Patrick says:

    This was a great article and outlined all the points that I infuriate me when I am trying to watch or select good ecchi or fan service anime. I see no point in censorship for shows that are meant and created solely for the purpose of being sexually suggestive as well as humorous. I know that a lot of people are saying on here, if you want to see tons of nudity then go watch hentai or read doujinshi, but that is not the case and point we are making here. We like a hybrid of a good plot line with hurmor and tasteful nudity which you can have with out watching down right graphic sexual intercourse which is what hentai always contains. So to say just watch hentai and don’t compliance about this doesn’t hold water. The same arugment could be made for watching an R rated movie with tasteful nudity in it but the having it censored, would you then say “well if you want to see nudity in a movie watch a porn? I think we are entitled to both a hybrid of tasteful nudity with in a hurmous anime based on a larger plot line rather than just sex.

  37. Squiggsquasher says:

    I must admit, I cannot stand excessive fanservice, which is the reason I will NOT be watching Strike Witches (and will probably be doing a Figma comic called Strike Witches: Quest for the Trousers) but at the same time I really can’t stand censorship. For example, the nudity in Neon Genesis Evangelion is definitely not fanservice. Most of the times you saw a character naked, it was a shocking or creepy (in the right way, not pedobear creepy) and added to the show. Censoring it would completely ruin the more disturbing and deep themes in the series.

    It isn’t helped by the fact that a long long time ago, pantsu shots were entirely humourous and non-sexual, closer to “LOL, undies” than “Mmm, delicious panties”. Sadly, those days are gone, but not forgotten (remember Porco Rosso with a rare BLOOMERS shot?).

    In a similar vein, in Japan, boobs are just…well, boobs. You wouldn’t expose them in public, but there is much less of a “TEH BOOBZ ARE TEH EVULZ!!!111ONE!!” approach than in the West.

    What really annoys me is when shows that are meant for mature audiences end up being censored. It’s NOT FOR CHILDREN, why does it need censoring?

    Of course, there are times when some censorship needs fto be put in place. For example, the 12-year-old Italian girl (whatever her name is) from Strike Witches gets quite a few…detailed pantsu shots. If said character were 18, or even 17 then it would be OK…but 12? Just…no. Likewise, the utterly dreadful IkkiTousen and the even more dreadful Eiken had some…disturbingly sexualized shots of little girls, an 8 year old in Eiken, for example, had breasts that were bigger than her HEAD. Not funny.

    Still, censoring harmless and funny things (like the fake boobs scene from Pokemon) or censoring things in shows that aren’t aimed at kids is really annoying.

    But seriously. IkkiTousen is TERRIBLE.

  38. Squiggsquasher says:

    Oh, and then there’s Kodomo no Jikan, which is…well, it’s lolicon basically. Urgh.

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