Review: Nogizaka Haruka Mousepad – Dengeki G’s Festival Vol. 2 Exclusive

Haruka = Moe

Haruka = Moe

I know that I must be the eleventy billionth person to blog/talk about this, but this is just too awesome to not talk about.

The above picture is of the shrink wrapped Dengeki G’s Festival Volume 2. Dengeki G’s is one of the myriad of Anime magazines that are produced in Japan. Like other magazines, this one comes with exclusives. The main reason for people to buy magazines, like anything else in life, is for the exclusives.

This one is no exception.

Since I can’t read Japanese, except for the Kanji Chinese characters, buying a magazine would be pretty pointless. I could easily source for more pics on the Interwebs. But! This one comes with an Oppai mousepad of everyone’s favourite Nogizaka Haruka. By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Oppai = (.Y.)

This is the back of the package with an advertisement for the Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu DVD which costs a whopping 5985 yen for god knows how many episodes… Don’t get me started on DVDs, seriously. There has been a recent uproar with censorship of the TV broadcast. Many suspect that it is a move made to sell more DVDs which usually contain the uncensored panchira shots, changed animation and tons of extras. It’s sad that it is not really practical to get those DVDs due to the lack of subs and the steep prices. Sad. I cries…


Back on topic.

So the package splits into two sections. The magazine itself and a separate package with all the wonderful extras. When I got the actual parcel in the mail, I thought that the extras were not included. That’s because I had the impression that the magazine was pretty thick. In the end, it’s only half a centimeter thick.

This is a freaking awesome cover.

This is a freaking awesome cover.

On the front, is a extremely loliyurisukumizulishious picture of Haruka and her younger sister, Mika-chan. Inside the magazine is chock full of information about the new fall season Animes including Tora Dora, Kemeko Deluxe!, To Aru Majutsu no Index and many more. Of course, the main content is about Haruka. Tons of pictures, a cover collection, many character sketches usually seen in Art books, interviews and much more. Last but not least, there is a little feature on the various female characters from recent Animes.

Included are also 4 dual-sided fold out posters. I have a habit of leaving fold out posters in the magazine, because I dislike the idea of ripping them out.

(I must apologise for the lack of pictures. Will upload soon. Hopefully.)

Now, the extras.

Once the slip case is removed, we are presented with a cardboard piece protecting the contents.

The most noticeable thing is the slip of paper that details something in Japanese.

What catches your eye most? I know! The stickers!

What catches your eye most? I know! The stickers!

Before looking at the mosepad, let’s take a look at the other stuff.

We have:

Raised stickers

and two buttons featuring Taiga and Index. Just a side note, Misaka is my fav character from Index. :)

These are fantastic and all, but now, we come to the main event!

The Haruka MousePad as packaged in the box. Below is the process required to extract it.



Basically, this is a normal mousepad (with Haruka in an exceedingly attractive bikini.). However, it is made of a very interesting cloth like material that feels really, really smooth.

I believe that the back is made of an adhesive substance, with a film of plastic protecting it. You supposedly paste the pad on the table for use. Sticking it on a table would be a waste and I’ll never remove the plastic.


Anime logo.


Close up on her face. (The above pictures make the texture stand out. It is really unnoticable in person.)


The unique feature of this mousepad is of course her boobs. As seen above, they are raised.

They are just thicker than the smaller end of a Wii mote.

The (.Y.)s are made of gel or some sort of pad. They don’t look heavy, but the main bulk of the mousepad is in the (.Y.)s and their intended use is as follows:

Haruka’s (.Y.)s support your wrist as you use a mouse and reduce stress to the joint.

However, most sane men would probably do this:

Again, the (.Y.)s are soft and squishy. You could,

grab them…

…or even pinch them! (Sincere apologies to all my female readers for the content.)

Surprisingly, it is very flexible.

So, is this worth the money? Yes, yes and a hundred times yes. Currently this is a very coveted Otaku item and you need to have this. There are other (.Y.)pai mousepads out there including one that features Yoko from Gurren Lagann. In my opinion, this is much better as Haruka is so much more Moe!

You can decide if you would like to use it or keep it as a collector’s item. Personally, I keep it as a collector’s item as I don’t use a mouse, but a 3M wireless presenter and my Laptop’s trackpad.

12 Responses to Review: Nogizaka Haruka Mousepad – Dengeki G’s Festival Vol. 2 Exclusive

  1. Oni-kun says:

    hey Actar, how did you get this and for how much? i missed out finding this in Akiba >_<

    PS, Actar, did i remember wrongly or did you mention on that you’re going to Tokyo soon? pls revert to me via e-mail if you choose to reply:

  2. Quen says:

    Couldve sworn I made a comment here a few hours ago, weird!

    I too love the loli-yuri love cover on magazine, yummy :)

    Imported mine @ since I’ve been out of Japan for a long while now ;(

  3. acesan says:

    The bottom of the pad isn’t really adhesive. It just has a rubbery texture so that it is less likely to slip.

    I use mine, I don’t care if it wears out :P

  4. aidsisreborn says:

    i saw a moka/mizore one of that mousepad from rosario+vampire

  5. I want 1 ….. if only i watched the anime (how do u find out about these

    i swear ive seen others like Dannychoos

  6. meimi132 says:

    Where did you get yours? I want it so much…. because its Haruka lol.

  7. actar says:

    Got mine off Ebay as I was extremely late tracking it down… All the online shops were sold out. However you may try benippon.

  8. J says:

    Wahh I love the stickers! Not into the mousepad since I’m a girl butt she is cute afterall!

  9. Ken says:

    I got this last year and I absolutely love it. Haruka!!

  10. Lah Brutie says:

    I’m thinking of buying a mousepad like this one, but are they really confortable?

  11. If you keep publishing content similar to this then I am going to keep heading back to your website. Magnificent material.

  12. Sommer says:

    Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out more details.|

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