Dreams DO Come True! (…and My Final Sept. Figure Haul)

The box itself radiates awesomeness.

The box itself radiates awesomeness.

As part of my September figure haul, I FINALLY, yes, FINALLY managed to get an original DNA Digivolving Figure from Bandai Japan. This figure is part of my entire September loot, pictured and discussed below.

One month back, thanks to the advice of one of the kind members of www.dannychoo.com, I tried my hand at using a Proxy Service, namely Goody Japan. I have heard numerous good things about Goody Japan and, after dealing with them, I have to agree. I shall elaborate more when I talk about my September Figure Haul below, as everything was bought via Goody Japan.

So anyways, back on topic. I have been wanting this figure ever since I saw it on the card of another Digimon figure. Sadly, I never saw this figure in Singapore although it may have been sold at Takashimaya at one point.

Definitely expect  a video review soon. :)

More pics of the box:

So there you have it. You can also see my September Figure Haul at the back of the Omnimon figure in the above pictures. My entire haul is pictured below:

When I first purchased the Omnimon figure via Yahoo! Japan Auctions, I also bidded and won 3 other items.

My last and latest September Figure Haul features:

– Konami Yoko from Gurren Lagann
– WF Exclusive Figma Suzaku from Code Geass
– Custom Modified Gundam RAHDX figure to look like possibly the best Kallen Statfeld figure yet from Code Geass (I know you want to see that)
– DNA Digivolving Omnimon Figure (Bandai Japan Ver.) from Digimon

(Reviews will be coming soon. I promise!)

For those of you who don’t know what Proxy Services are, they are a company/business that acts as a ‘middleman’. You can buy things from Japan-Only sites like Yahoo! Japan Auctions or even Japan-Only store exclusives. The items will be shipped to them, who will in turn ship the items to you. Goody Japan did not disappoint in the slightest. All my items arrived in perfect condition and only took 2 days to arrive. Their commission charges are also one of the lowest I believe…

I shall definitely be ordering from them again in time to come. I’ll also elaborate more in another post. The Kallen figure is also special and deserves to be talked about in another post as well.

In the end, these loots made me 26,070yen poorer .

Good god, I still have yet to pay for my pre-ordered Alter Vita and Organic Tamaki. Not to mention that next month will be the arrival of Figma Yuki – Witch Ver, Figma Tsuruya, Figma Ryoko, Figma Miyuki, Revoltechs Yoko and TT Gurren Lagann AND the In Action!! OffShoot Burais… HOW CAN I SURVIVE?

I may actually wait until I visit Japan to pick some of the above up. :)

4 Responses to Dreams DO Come True! (…and My Final Sept. Figure Haul)

  1. SOME GAY says:

    the Omnimon look like the bootleg you reviewd

  2. ubiquitial says:


  3. acesan says:

    Video review plz!

  4. ME3000 says:

    Age 2015:He Dosent do the review

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