Review: Custom Kallen Figure

Could this be the nicest Kallen figure yet?

I got this figure together with my other stuff this September. As a die hard Kallen/Guren Nishiki fan, I knew I needed to get this figure. Warning! NSFW.

…and here’s the actual figure itself in all its glory.

As you can see, this figure is Kallen in a relatively casual pose, brushing her hair and just walking by. She is wearing a nice black top and bottom. Her top is indeed painted to look like she just went for a jog and forgot to wear something.

This figure was modeled to represent the outfit she was wearing in Episode 5 of Code Geass as seen below.

One of her better outfits in my opinion...

One of her better outfits in my opinion...

Anyway, the figure is a custom figure that is based off the RAHDX Gundam figures. I am not into Gundam as of yet, so I have no idea who the girl in white is.

The more observant among you would have also realised that the head was taken from another Kallen figure made by Bandai awhile back. However, I do have to admit that the facial expression suits the custom figure more than the Bandai one. The Bandai figure, a great figure in itself, has the head looking down in a very weird angle. The above picture was taken from way below the figure. Just for reference, the Guren is looking forward.

But I digress. Here are more pictures of the awesome custom:

And because I know you want it:

Lastly, the base of the figure has been modified by the maker as well.

As the base does have a Gundam logo on it, a thin layer of cork was placed on it. To me it kinda looks like pavement, so it’s all cool.

Something else I must mention is that this figure is a little lighter than normal PVC figures, so this could be a resin kit. Whatever the material, this figure is pretty well done for a custom and the paintjob is awesome. Very realistic.

This is my first custom figure and cost me 6000 yen. I must say that this purchase has made me more confident in buying custom figures.

10 Responses to Review: Custom Kallen Figure

  1. Dancing Queen says:

    for a custom figure she looks pretty good, but i’ve seen some terrible custom figures so i wouldn’t stay as optimistic about it just yet. but otherwise she looks amazing and i like the idea of grabbing other figures and modding them to make other characters.

  2. acesan says:

    I was wondering which figure they modded to make her :P If you’re interested, the girl in the white top is Flay (or sometimes “Frey”), quite simply one of the most interesting characters to exist in anime. You’re missing out by not watching Gundam Seed, it’s a classic (imagine not watching Code Geass? That’s like missing Seed!) the series that got me hooked on Gundam :P

  3. Persocom says:

    That is a great looking custom figure of Kallen, probably the best Kallen figure I’ve seen so far. I haven’t been too impressed with the figures that have been released of her so far. Btw, I never knew you had a blog until now, will add you to my blogroll as I always watch your reviews on youtube.

  4. Quen says:

    Nice find Actar, I’d like to have that myself, very naughtily attractive ^_^;

    One thing, I’m not familiar at all with the figure line, but being part of a series almost guarantees it is PVC, resin figures are such a small tiny niche that they just don’t get packaging or a series like that.

  5. jaydead says:

    nice oppai! ^^;

  6. nintendokid says:

    for some reson i find my self to carry on coming back to this post……..XD
    btw wts a custom figure

  7. zenical says:

    Flay Allstar! I hate her. I like Lacus Clyne. A lot of people have negative comments about Gundam Seed. Some like Gundam 00, some thought Seed was more fail, but we can’t forget it was seed that brought the gundams back. Lol. Wing isn’t so famous as compared to Seed =3.

    And yes, nice eyes.

  8. […] a doubt, the most gorgeous figure of Kallen to date. (Not counting the one of a kind Custom that I own). Beautifully sculpted in such a dynamic pose wearing her bunny outfit. But wait… […]

  9. DebRa says:

    Heyy.. dropped by… Nice figures.. was just wondering where d’you customize them?? I am loooking for something like that.. :)

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