New Shelves!

If you run out of space, build more shelves.

If you run out of space, build more shelves.


Today, my Mom’s friend came down to install these two gorgeous shelves you see here. The shelves are made of glass and are fitted in a wooden frame that compliments the color scheme in my room. Each of the  4 sections also have a glass door to prevent the collection of dust. 

Currently, I have absolutely no idea what to display in them. If I move some of my figures from my main display over there, both shelves would look partially empty.

Here’s another picture of the shelves from a different angle:

7 Responses to New Shelves!

  1. Panther says:

    Lol no idea what to display inside means you just go out and buy more stuff to display them. These must have cost a bomb. Not to mention, prevention of dust is next to impossible. The glass doors only serve to slow down the collection of dust by a significant percentage is all.

  2. ubiquitial says:

    New Shelves!

  3. optic says:

    Well, at least u don’t have a space problem unlike me. T_T

  4. Poofiemus says:

    Those are gorgeous! And yes, put your figures in there, especially your really prized, showy ones. And hey, your collection’s always growing, so I”m guessing they won’t look empty for very long. XD

  5. Akari says:

    Ahhh Those are some nice shelves…>w<”

  6. zenical says:

    nice shelves…. my figurines are confined to my room.. LOL

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