Let’s Talk About Anime YouTubers


Look, I enjoy thoughtful analysis. The problem that no one seems to address is the value judgment that seems inextricably linked to it. I’d love for channels to do a critical reading of anime, breaking down the themes, using different theories to pick apart the structure of the narratives and writing. I’d love to hear people discuss Narrative/Database Consumption, the Media Mix and Phallic Girls. But the arrogance that comes with it just annoys me to no end. The elitism, the pontification, the proselytizing, it’s so grating.

Why would any serious anime academic listen to these YouTubers when they could just read the works and theories straight from the source? I’ve had a much less stressful time reading Marc Steinberg, Ian Condry, Azuma Hiroki, Otsuka Eiji, Susan Napier, Anne Allison, Sharon Kinsella, Koichi Iwabuchi, Thomas Lamarre, Saito Tamaki, etc… They don’t spend half the book criticizing their readers (most of them, anyways) and I think anime YouTubers could stand to learn a thing or two from them. Cut the bullshit, rein back the pride and pretension and maybe people will be more interested. If you want to teach people something, the last thing you want to do is to make them feel stupid.

6 Responses to Let’s Talk About Anime YouTubers

  1. alexeon says:

    I don’t really like anime YouTubers either. If I want to watch something, I go watch it. If I’m not sure, I give it the 3 episode rule. I don’t think these YouTubers really bring anything to the table.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you here. I think more people should be aware of this, and there probably should be more improvements on how YouTubers review things.

    Also, thanks for giving all the names of those authors. Looks like I’ve got some new books to read now. ^^

  3. Martin Jones says:

    Coming from an anime reviewer on Youtube I completely agree. Now I haven’t been reviewing for a long time but I’ve watched a few others and there aren’t many I enjoy except for a few. My enjoyment comes less from their opinion and more of the entertainment aspect of the video ( editing, visual jokes, etc. ).

    I like hearing the opinions of others and seeing how are experiences differ even though we’ve viewed the same thing. The same could be said for literature as not everyone interrupts the text the same way. If I go for analytic review to give me some more insight a good anime reviewer on youtube anyways in my opinion is the channel Glass reflection. But, there are other good channels as well that do offer something.

    Sure they can be arrogant but all critics can be a bit arrogant at times.

  4. Yourwıfeısacunt says:

    If you are so much butthurt about the youtubers you can stop being a bitch about it and stop watching them you retarded cunt

  5. Actar says:

    @Yourwifeisacunt: If you are so much butthurt about THIS ARTICLE you can stop being a bitch about it and stop READING IT you retarded cunt

    …I love it when people don’t realize how much of a hypocrite they are. (^.^)

  6. alexeon says:

    @Actar, you made me lol

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