“How” Do You Love Anime?


Yes. Not why, but how.

I want to pose this simple yet rather profound question: How do you gain enjoyment from anime?
For instance, do you look at the characters as nothing more as tools for the author to further the plot or do you look at them as genuine people whom you can establish an emotional bond with? Are your favorite characters your favorite characters because they are layered and underwent the most growth throughout the course of the story? Or are they your favorite because of how they look? How they smile? How they try hard to overcome adversity? How they react when teased? So on and so forth.
I ask this, because I feel that there’s no one right way to appreciate anime, nor are any of them mutually exclusive, despite many people telling you otherwise. I’m not trying to be anti-intellectual. Far from it. On the contrary, I think that by only focusing on the role of the character, we are doing them an injustice by reducing them to a mere cog in a machine. In our attempt to better understand these characters by clinically and methodically analyzing them and breaking them down, we are ironically overlooking the simple things that make them human. If jokes are like frogs, then what would explaining a character do to them? (^.^;)
Of course, nothing exists in a vacuum and I am generalizing. However, are we getting too cynical and jaded? Instead of dismissing and mocking the otaku, can we learn something from their love for fictional characters? Just something to think about. (^o^)

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