February Acquisitions The First

– Figma Asuka
– Figma Haruhi Middle School Ver.
– Figma Mikuru Adult Ver.
– To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP Game (Limited Edition Ver. + Misaka Mikoto Figma)
– MISAKA Sisters’ Goggles Eyemask
– Kamen Rider OOO DX OOO Driver
– OOO Medal Set 1

Plenty of Figmas in this one batch.


1. Figma Asuka’s review is going to be delayed… Apologies to those who were anxious to see her review… School and projects and stuff are pretty time consuming and I’m giving review priority to the figures that I personally like more, Railgun, Nanoha, etc…

2. Ooh, 2 Figmas from the Haruhi line! I wasn’t planning on getting these two, but the movie changed my mind. (^.^)

3. Game producers are getting smarter… What better way to fight piracy and force us Otaku to buy physical copies of games than to bundle limited edition figures with them? Got the set mainly for the Mikoto Figma, but the game is honestly tons of fun as well.

4. Misaka Sisters’ Goggles Eyemask… Yeah, just something I had to buy. (^.^;)

5. Last but not least, YOU COUNT THE MEDALS ONE, TWO AND THREE. Again, wasn’t really planning on getting it, but… 10% off at AmiAmi with 2 left in stock? I’m sold. Now I’ll have to get the rest of the Core Medals as well. Personally not interested in the Candroids, Medajalibur or Cell Medals, so I’m good. After playing with it for awhile, I can definitively say that I’m finding it much more fun than the Double Driver (which I have since sold).

Anyways, for better or worse, this is once again only the tip of the iceberg… February is shaping up to be a particularly expensive month… There are 2 more foreseeable parcels arriving, with a possible third… Luckily, I have had quite a bit of luck with sales and stuff so I am still financially and mentally sound. (^.^;)

4 Responses to February Acquisitions The First

  1. Matt says:

    「とある魔術のインデクス」for PSP became famous for the fact, that when you have the right camera angle, you can look under Misaka’s and Kuroko’s skirt (just try it ^^)

  2. villainhana says:


    I thought Mikoto would be popular enough to warrent a non-limited edition figma so mere mortals such as myself can buy one.

    That kinda sucks that she’s exlusive to a game release on a handheld I don’t have. She’s one Figma I REALLY would have loved to have.

    Oh well, on the bright side at least I’ll have Figma’s Senjogahara and Araragi, who are from one of my favorite Anime of all time to help me look past a lack of Mikoto in my life…

  3. Boo says:

    Wow,i thought the ooo core medal set 1 was sold out right after it’s released or some sort.i tried looking everywhere and now they’re really pricey.ended up getting the set 2 only.

  4. kamen rider ecchi jowy says:

    Wow..a DX OOO driver set w/ core medals ^Y^

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