Brand New Desktop Setup!

After nearly 7 years of using my old laptop, an Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop, as my main machine, I decided that it was time for an upgrade. Presenting my brand new desktop set up. (^.^) Hopefully, I’ll be able to use this one for a good long time to come.

Most of my figures have been moved off the shelf, being replaced by Fate, the CPU itself and my external HDs. Do excuse the horrendous mess as I’m right in the middle of arranging everything to accommodate my new computer.

Also this month, I have also managed to get a tiny bit of loot that I haven’t really had the time to arrange to take a picture of. This loot includes my very first 1/60 Scale VF-1S TV Version by Yamato which you can see in the first picture as well. Exceedingly impressed by the intricacy and ingenuity of the transformation, especially the swing bar and internal heat shield.

4 Responses to Brand New Desktop Setup!

  1. Alexeon says:

    Very nice. What are the PC’s specs?

  2. Actar says:

    @ Alexeon: Not too certain as I left it completely up to my friend to build for me, but it has a i5 processor with 280 GHz, 3.46 GB of RAM.

  3. Alexeon says:

    280 GHz? Super computer!

    J/K, 2.80, right? Cool stuff! Congrats on the new PC.

  4. Actar says:

    @ Alexeon: Yup, surprisingly the ‘.’ didn’t get copied. (^.^)

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