New Banner!

Original Banner

Got tired of the old banner that was really cobbled together without any thought, and was supposed to be temporary until I could work something out.

…cut to a year plus later…

I finally took some time off to cobble together a new banner that’s more professional looking with Photoshop/MSPaint. (^.^)

Non-Blog Ver.

Blog Ver.

Stuck with the ‘classic’ fonts, Forte and Monotype for the main title and Magneto for the other text. Again, classic Actar’s Reviews colors with the Red and Yellow. Instead of a boring monochrome gray background, decided to make the background the iconic Ryou High School shot from Lucky Star. I do believe it turned out pretty well as the words stand out nicely without the background making things too complicated.

Hope to continue to use this for the foreseeable future, until I get my own site. (^.^) What do you think of it?

9 Responses to New Banner!

  1. Alexeon says:

    Looking good!

  2. azure2526 says:

    lol, nice use of lucky star bg

  3. Leonia says:

    Nice banner ^^ I prefer this new one ^^ Good works !

  4. konakonaotaku says:

    kewl! i wish i knew hwo 2 use photoshop. idek wat it IS! ^.^’

  5. Zanber says:

    Big improvement over last one, especially with text visibility (color).
    However, I feel the background image and Konata’s eyes(?) look bit washed out.

  6. Chocopup says:

    @actar awesome! i really like your banner and did you happen to be able to preorder a ritsu figma?

  7. KaneTheMessias says:

    Your new banner looks pretty good!
    I really like the font and the background.
    good job!

  8. 45shiro45 says:

    Agreed, very nice!

  9. Lord Il says:

    Looks bright, clean, cheerful, and to-the-point.
    110% improvement.

    Good stuff, Actar! ^^

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