Proposal for the Screening of Anime Movies in Singapore

Photo mock up courtesy of PhotoFunia. Let's make it happen!!!

I’ve written a letter to Cathay (a major Movie Theater Corporation in Singapore) to request the screening of Anime movies.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Sir/Madam

On behalf of the large following of Anime fans, I would like to suggest the showing of Anime movies in your cinemas.

With your previous screening of the ‘Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance’ movie, many fans, including myself, were overjoyed that we were able to experience a movie from one of our favorite franchises screened in theatres. It was simply a treat.

This year, there are a multitude of Anime movies that many Anime fans in Singapore would have no hope of watching if your esteemed organisation decide not to bring in the movies. If so, as diehard fans of Japanese Animation, we would be understandably be disheartened.

Nevertheless, we are still hopeful that your organisation would favaourably consider the suggestion.

The outstanding movies are:

– Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE FIRST

– The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

– Macross Frontier Movie: The False Diva

– Fate/Stay Night Movie: Unlimited Blade Works

These movies are exceedingly popular in Japan and have achieved outstanding box office performances and are from the extremely popular Anime series. Since there are a significant number of Anime fans in Singapore as evidenced by the overwhelming attendance at last year’s Anime Festival Asia convention, I anticipate that the response towards these movies will be great as well.

It is a very common misconception that Anime is for children. Anime is an art form that can convey a myriad of stories and I believe that these movies can be targeted towards a much wider audience as there are many adults who are fascinated by them.
In view of above, I look forward to Anime movies gaining more presence in Singapore with the support of your organisation.

Yours faithfully

If you are an Anime fan from Singapore, I do hope that you can show and lend your support in getting more Anime Movies screened over here. (^.^) We can all do our part by bringing the wonder of Anime movies to the companies’ attention – politely and respectfully of course.

It would also be great if you anyone knows how to set up an online petition as I myself am not familiar with this field.


16 Responses to Proposal for the Screening of Anime Movies in Singapore

  1. Tanaris says:

    @Actar: Good luck with your petition! Sorry to hijack this post but, I’ve watched some of your figure reviews on Youtube and think you really know your stuff, so that is why I come to you with a question.

    I really want to start collecting Anime PVC figures but am a bit lost as to where and how to start since there are soooooo many awesome looking figures. Should I go for one character, one anime show, one scale?

    I am not an avid anime watcher, but I do love Japanese culture in general and consider these PVC figures works of art (plus they are usually pretty sexy ;-). Since I have a family to support I am looking at these figures more of as an investment rather than something to play with, but that doesn’t mean that I would only consider buying rare figures.

    Anyways, any advice you, or any of your blog readers for that matter, can give me I would really appreciate.


  2. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: can USA citizens help 2?

  3. @Actar: It’s great to see a fan take such a proactive stance to promote the thing they love. It’s certainly more than I’ve ever done. Nice job!

    @Tanaris: Don’t confine yourself to one scale/character/show just to fit some image of collector’s decorum you might have. Believe me, I worried about that when I started out too. If you want to collect figures, do it because you want to! Get the characters you love most, regardless of how many or how few other collectors you may see buying the same figure. If you find yourself limited by budget or whatnot (as we all inevitably do), choose the ones you yourself want the most; I don’t mean to speak on his behalf, but I would think that Actar would agree in that his, or anyone’s, reviews are there to help you, not decide for you.

    As for the “where,” you can directly import the figures from sites like HLJ, amiami, or hobby search. There might import companies as well who sell figures domestically, but those would be specific to whatever country you live in.

    Yikes, that was pretty long-winded, wasn’t it? I know you weren’t really asking me, but I hope I was helpful ^^

  4. Tanaris says:

    @Archangel: Thank you very much for your advise. I am somewhat relived by it actually. I totally just want to get the figures I love at first sight, but for some reason I am always thinking, “is this a popular collectors figure?” “Will it increase in value at some point?” Anyways, I really appreciate your comment.


  5. I am not in Singapore but i definetely support you cause i love animes. Hope you succeed. I am a fan of Avatar The Last Airbender and awaiting for the movie version…

  6. konakonaotaku says:

    ugh m night shaymalans gnna ruin it…he always ruins his movies…

  7. azure2526 says:

    Good going! And awesome letter, would have won me over for sure.
    Singapore cinemas aren’t aware how many avid anime fans are out here in this little red dot.

    But I’m still under 16 and I bet their gonna rate most or even all of them NC 16 anyway… (;_;)

  8. KaneTheMessias says:

    Wow the letter sounds great.
    Only a few Anime movies were played in cinemas here in Germany [yes I’m german (^_~)]
    Most of them are Studio Ghibli and Pokémon movies.
    Most Anime movies come as DVD here if they got licenced.
    Ah I really would like to see the Nanoha and Suzumiya movie (>_<)

  9. Actar says:

    @ Archangel Shear:
    @ Tanaris:

    Thanks so much for the props!

    With regards to the question about collecting. I agree with Archangel completely. When I collect figures, I do so because I love the character. While many people collect figures based on sculpt, detail, pose, etc… I only buy figures that are based on my favorite characters. Figure collecting for me, is an extension of my passion for Anime. If I like the character that the figure represents, then the figure will mean more to me.


  10. Actar says:

    @ Luke Ironwhite: Indeed, I’m excited for the Avatar The Last Airbender/The Legend of Aang (which both abbreviate to TLA (^.^;) ) movie. I love the series and think that it’s one of the best American Cartoons that was produced in recent times. Starting with a brilliant concept, it follows up with amazing characters, gorgeous action sequences and overall, a very captivating story.

    I’m actually optimistic for the live action movie from what I’ve seen from the Teaser. Whatever the case, it’s an American movie based on an American cartoon, so it’s A-OK. I’m flat out against American Live Action Movie adaptations of Japanese franchises.

  11. cloudyboy95 says:

    You’re the best Actar! I’m dying to watch Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE FIRST in Singapore! and all the others anime movies!

    My Channel:

  12. Hafreak says:

    Lets us all singaporean otakus pray dat cathay will accept this proposal.
    So far the only anime related movie showing at cathay is summer wars. I didnt like dat movie as much.

  13. Elazul says:

    No TTGL Lagann-Hen Love? :(

  14. Actar says:

    @ Elazul:

    1. I only listed movies that not require the viewer to watch or know anything prior.

    2. That movie is already released on DVD and available via Fansub…

  15. Otaku_Girl says:

    waah i wish i could c TDOHS T^T THE WORLD IS SO UNFAIR 4 YOUNG OTAKUS LIKE ME!!!!! waah *again*

  16. supersilverotaku says:

    hello, hello, hello.
    As you can tell by the user name, i am a large fan of anime and Sonic the Hedgehogs character, Silver the Hedgehog. I hope you get to reading this, because i have quite a few questions (like an interview, i suppose)anyway, please reply to the comment so i may ask the questions


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