The Pumpkin Patch: A Lucky Star Halloween


Konata and Yutaka picking out the perfect pumpkin!

There isn’t really any form of celebration in Singapore on Halloween. However, that doesn’t stop me from celebrating my own way! (^o^)


So, here are the pumpkins I used. If you are wondering what they are…


…they are actually colored white chocolate with a praline center. I suppose you can call them Praline Pumpkins… (^.^;)


Candy Heaven!


Kagami: Are you sure cosplay is fine?

Konata: Cosplay is still a costume~

Kagami: But aren’t we supposed to dress as something scary?


Konata: You’re scary enough~

Kagami: Oi.

17 Responses to The Pumpkin Patch: A Lucky Star Halloween

  1. the pumpkin sure looks plastic-ky… are u sure they’re edible? =P

  2. azure2526 says:

    Mmm… the pumpkins looks tasty, but kinda plastic-ky…
    makes you wonder whether its real, lol.

  3. Actar says:

    @ azure and Astray: Well, the plastic look was mainly due to the lighting, but rest assured, they are edible.

    Got them from a gourmet chocolate maker. Love the ingenuity of it. Coloring white chocolate and all.

  4. Q says:

    It’s difficult to imagine these pumpkins being white cholcolate, but they sure are fitting to figmas due to their size!

  5. moemoekyun says:

    yummy2 ^_^

  6. njoy4able says:

    how did you get the embaressed face

  7. Otaku_Girl says:

    lol yutaka’s halloween loot X3

    i h8 2 ask (n i h8 being critical) but y didnt u use ur WF konata cosplay 4 this occasion? “exclusives are still figures,” as u sed

  8. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: Well, it was in my display cabinet, and I didn’t feel like taking her out just for a couple of shots. (^.^:)

  9. Otaku_Girl says:

    @actar ah ok.

    btw how was comiket??? i would luv 2 go 1 of these days

  10. Otaku_Girl says:

    man those pumpkins look good

  11. brokenguren says:

    yes they do ^.^

  12. Otaku_Girl says:

    but wut the heck is praline????

  13. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: A hazelnut creme. (^.^)

  14. Otaku_Girl says:

    @Actar: mmm…tempting, but unfortunately, i m trying 2 lay off the nuts

  15. konakonaotaku says:

    mm they do look yummie… :p…

  16. konakonaotaku says:

    TRIPLE POSTING!!! (gosh, i suck. u must h8 me)

    but @actar: how do u feel about mods? i kno this is a silly q, but…

  17. MYMiC says:

    that’s so cute :D

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