Review: Isayama Yomi by Chara-Ani


Here’s my photoshoot of Chara-Ani’s take on the tragic heroine, Isayama Yomi from the series Ga-Rei Zero.


Let me preface this review with the fact that I am a HUGE fan of Ga-Rei Zero.


While the series isn’t that well known, let me say that for a 12 episode series, it succeeds in telling a very satisfying and compelling story thatis filled with great character development, poignant scenes and amazing action sequences.


Even the opening theme, ‘Paradise Lost’ by Minori Chihara, the current Actar’s Reviews opening theme, is auditory gold. Do watch the series if you haven’t. (^.^)

Alrighty, on to the review!








Definitely a good representation of Yomi-Oneesan, but I do have some criticisms. The figure looks wierd at certain angles and Yomi, being a very dynamic character, really deserves a more dynamic pose. Also, the figure is affixed to the base…


Other than that, pretty good figure on the whole that looks much vetter in person.


Yomi’s sacred sword, Outo-Shishiou is removable. If you are wondering what that item is in the background…


…let me show you one of my prized pieces in my replica collection – A scale custom made cosplay prop of Outo-Shishiou.


Made of both PVC and Wood, I absolutely love the details that was put into it.


My fave picture of the bunch. Here’s hoping for more Ga-Rei (Zero) figures!

Ah, do note there’s a online exclusive version of this figure that comes with a Chibi Ranguren. (Yomi’s Sacred Beast)

10 Responses to Review: Isayama Yomi by Chara-Ani

  1. Guy says:

    This figure is not detailed enough. There are not enough creases and lines in her hair, amd the pmes om her skirt and shirt are both too rigid and not flowing enough, and look slightly.. off.

    Her hair looks too… solid.

  2. NanoZero says:

    Yomi deserves a more dynamic pose. I liked the Megahouse version, but it was exclusive and it still wasn’t dynamic.

  3. Actar says:

    @ NanoZero: There was a Yomi figure made by Megahouse? Was it the one that was paired with Kagura?

  4. NRGCLICK says:

    I was looking at getting this figure only thing that put’s me off are the eye’s.

    Do you beleive the eye’s are way to far apart I alway’s get that feeling when looking at this figure..

  5. KO STARlock says:

    Honestly I just don’t think there are any Great Yomi figures on the market which is a shame. This one along with the Megahouse version are both a bit off, esp in the face and expression. I really hope another company steps up and give us a Great Yomi figure. Until then I guess will just have to settle with the Chara-Ani and Megahouse offerings.

  6. KO STARlock says:

    BTW where did you get the Shishiou made???

  7. Actar says:

    @ KO STARlock: Indeed. Yomi, being a sword-wielding character, has such great potential for some real dynamic poses. I do indeed hope for a Yomi/Ga-Rei Zero figure to be made by Alter, GSC or Kotobukiya but at this point, it’s highly unlikely. It’s a real shame though. The Anime was exceedingly awesome in terms of characters, plot and even music, for such a short series.

    I got the Outo-Shishiou made via someone who was auctioning their services on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. (^.^)

  8. […] If you don’t know anything about this series or why I’m so obsessed with it, take a look at my previous review of Chara-Ani’s Yomi. […]

  9. Actar says:

    Holy S***. Ga-Rei Zero figmas announced.

  10. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: i guess ull b getting the figma of her, rite?

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