CLOSED: Exclusive Code Geass In Action!! Offshoot Figures


Auction has ended, thanks everyone for participating!

So, as can be seen from the title, yup. This is the first ever Actar’s Auctions on my blog. Today, it is the Exclusive In Action!! Offshoot figures.

I’m actually trying to sell off a number of the Code Geass Mecha In Action!! Offshoot figures I bought. I was really hoping to keep them all, but desperate times call for desperate measures…


These two figures are Tamashii store exclusives and have very, very special features for IA!!O figures.


ITEM 1: In Action!! Offshoot Glasgow Kallen Type X 2


– The ability to convert between the:


GLASGOW model and the


RENEGADE model seen in Stage 9 of the series

– Extendable Slash Harkens


ITEM 2: In Action!! Offshoot Sutherland Cecile Type X 1


– Special Core Luminous Shield Accessory that is compatible with the original Lancelot.



Note that the ones you will be getting are brand new with the original cardboard box.

This is a very hard position to be… A seller… Why?

Well, here’s an interesting topic that I shall insert within a Classified post. When selling off items, a seller’s goal is to get as high a price as possible. While a buyer wants to get the lowest price as possible.

In this internet selling thingy, it is hard to ascertain the demand of your item… So, I have no idea what’s a good price to sell something…

But anyway, I do prefer looking for buyers here as Ebay is so hard to handle now… Not to mention the list price, so on and so forth. Hopefully, you guys will help me out with my next purchase.

But I digress…

I really hope to sell them above 50 USD because of the killer shipping and commision incurred via proxy. However, the guy on Ebay is scalping the same figures for over a hundred USD…

To make an offer, do send an email to, Paypal would be the most convenient and shipping is a low, low 15USD internationally that includes a tracking number.

15 Responses to CLOSED: Exclusive Code Geass In Action!! Offshoot Figures

  1. Q says:

    Speaking of buying and selling, did you not received the email I’ve sent on 6th March about the black hair figma Shana? I got no response from you and it was eventually sold to someone on the Classified section of Danny Choo’s site. Although it’s too late now, I would like to know whether you received my email or not.

    As for what I’ll do, don’t worry about it; I’ve just bought it on Yahoo Auctions for HK$288. I just hope that things will go well over there as someone’s gonna help me to pay and get it while I’m not in Hong Kong.

  2. Actar says:

    @ Q: Ooh! Sorry! I highly apologize, but I don’t think I received your email… Perhaps there was some error with the mail… I do apologise and if I ever come across another one, I will notify you first. No hard feelings k? (^.^;)

    Thanks so much for supporting and reading my blog. :)

  3. Q says:

    No problems mate. I just wanna check whether you got the email or not. It sounds odd how the email didn’t get through because it was not undeliverable. Maybe I just got unlucky?

    Mine will hopefully be at my home in Hong Kong tomorrow, but I won’t be back until the end of this month ._.

  4. Rai says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could give me links of online shops where I could buy good Code Geass Knightmare Figures. I would appreciate it very much since it’s pretty much impossible to find Geass Knightmare Frames in my country. (Philippines) Nice collection by the way. @_@ Wow.

  5. LUKA says:

    prefer the burai zero type
    you get zero figure inside
    do you get cecile or kallen figure inside ??????

  6. meimi132 says:

    Answering your question about the Fate mousepad here.

    I think she’s in Loli form… This is mine, cos there were two to choose from… but I went for the straight on version as opposed to this one.

    Does the one I have look loli-er? I thought it did.. but I can’t tell… not seen Nanoha all the way through.

  7. meimi132 says:

    Yo, you wanted more info bout the Fate mousepad. These are the two available, from the place I got it. Only I didn’t order online, bought in store hehe.

    I tried googling Fate mousepad and variations, but nothing came up.

    And I can’t believe you voted against Fuuko… how very could you?? Who’s this Misaki chick??

  8. Actar says:

    @ meimi132: Ooh! Thanks so much for the info! For the price, they are indeed tempting.

    Firstly, I LOVE FUUKO!!! Let me get that out of the way. The Saimoe really, really made things difficult for me… It kept pitting my favourite characters against each other.

    Misaki is a tsundere, electricity controlling psychic from the series To Aru Majutsu no Index. She’s awesome!!! A true tsundere who is really cute and moe at the same time…

    I voted on all of them and some were killer… Fate vs. Sakura? Haruhi vs. Nagisa?

  9. Nehemiah says:

    Hi I just sent you an e-mail about buying these figures hopefully you get it. oh and Have they been boughten yet? I really hope they haven’t I really want then I just hope I can afford then or at least Kallen’s Glasgow I want it so BAD!!!!!!!!

  10. Nehemiah says:

    I forgot to mention you should do a review (only if you get) the Shinkirou it looks so cool but I bet its going to cost about the same as the Gawain.

  11. Nehemiah says:

    Great I was going to pay like $130 for both but it $120 just for the sutherland! I just really want the Glasgow thats the one I am trying really hard to find but I can only find this one and I bet it’s like over $100 by now so I won’t get it *sob* *sob*

  12. lolipedofin says:

    @Meimi&Actar: Hmm.. weird… I can’t find anything about Fate’s oppai mousepad.. Are you guys sure that’s an official item?? Or is it event’s special and that’s why it’s not listed in most online shop?? Still an oppai mousepad for 14 pounds? that’s dirt cheap!

    Btw Actar, I’m also thinking of letting go some of my stuffs and selling it in an auction format… can you help me on doing it, as I’m totally oblivious regarding that matter…

    Help as in explaining on how to do it.. there’s also some questions I want to ask you…

    please leave me an e-mail where i can contact you, or even better through msn… anyway, if you’re willing to help, please leave your contact at:


  13. meimi132 says:

    Info on the custom ‘makuras. This is a link to the geass one which I *may* get.

    Scroll down to see the info regarding the custom dakimakuras. I was so happy to see. All positive feedback too. May not be a high number, but its %100 and thats more important for me lol. They say if you want pics n stuff they’ll send you pictures of what you want too, they seem very friendly, reflects in their feedback too.

  14. peterpaulcatalan says:

    where can i buy that code geass action figure

  15. Philippines visa…

    […]CLOSED: Exclusive Code Geass In Action!! Offshoot Figures « Actar’s Reviews – The Blog[…]…

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