Review: 1/8 Suzumiya Haruhi by Alter + Updates


Now that my Midterm exam is over, it’s time to relax (for a little while), watch some Anime and get down to opening some of the figures that I haven’t had time for. Today it’s Alter’s take on the girl that’s shrouded in controversy, thanks to Kadokawa, Suzumiya Haruhi.


Unlike most figure reviews, I like showing off the box. Lots of work goes into designing these boxes and the designers are usually under appreciated. So, let’s take a moment to admire the box! (^.^)


The back of the box is similar to most. However, the design is very simple and yet pleasing. It’s also somewhat reminiscent of the OST Singles CD cover.


See? :)


Anyways, here’s how Haruhi looks when she has been removed from her prison of plastic and cardboard. She is aslo slightly smaller than most 1/8 scale figures due to her pose.



Sadly, Haruhi doesn’t come with any other accessories other than her base which has a molded ‘H’ on it.


So the base pegs in to he foot via two pegs. I highly doubt the figure will lean as the leg seems to be made of sturdy ABS. The figure is pretty light in itself, so no worries!



Now, we come to my favourite portion of the review. The detailed shots. At this point, I usually try my best to take pictures that really capture the essence of the figure and make it as stylistic as possible.


This time, Haruhi is in a running pose, saluting to someone. Perhaps Kyon. Speculating aside, the pose is exceedingly dynamic and very fresh. It is a far cry from the usual poses of Haruhi we see where she is pointing.


Details and painting are all top notch. Unsurprising, since this is an Alter figure. No flaws can be detected by me. Top scores in this aspect.


Even her school bag is wonderfully detailed. I do believe that this is the same bag that will be included with the Figmas that will be released in April.


Look closely and you’ll be able to see that the Dan-Cho armband is detailed as well.



In conclusion, this figure is just another awesome addition to the Haruhi Figure series. All in all, it’s much, much better than most of the other Haruhi Figures I’ve seen. She certainly deserves to be added to your collection.

Ah, yes. One more thing.


You knew it was coming… (^.^) Lie the figure down and for some reason, she looks exceedingly natural in this pose as well. It’s as if the figure was sculpted with this in mind. Coincidence?


Before ending off, let me just quickly slip in some stuff I want to let you guys know about.

So that's what they stand for...

So that's what they stand for...

Currently, the Winter season is coming to an end and the shows I’ve been watching, like Maria+Holic, Rideback, Clannad, To Aru Majutsu no Index are all coming to an end or have ended.

There are some more shows that I’m interested in from this season like Sora no Kakeru Shoujo and White Album. Not to mention, I have tons of stuff to catch up on and series I’m interested in. Tora Dora, Hyakkoa and Jigoku Shoujo Season 3 are series I’ve started but haven’t gotten around to finishing yet. So many other series I want to watch. Series like Kaze no Stigma and Eureka Seven have all been recommended and I will try to start them soon.

When Mikoto and Kuroko cross paths, the EPIC will begin.... If you know what I mean.

When Mikoto and Kuroko cross paths, the EPIC will begin.... If you know what I mean.

… and if you don’t see, Sankaku Complex (NSFW). Or one of the final scenes of the Anime. Yup, as can be seen above, the Biri Biri spin off has been announced and dated. I can’t be any happier. Mikoto is indeed a fantastic tsundere and she’s a level 5 psychic to boot, not to mention that she is my absolute favourite character from the series.

ALL HAIL BIRI BIRI er... I mean Britannia!

ALL HAIL BIRI BIRI er... I mean Britannia!

So, in spirit of the Anime’s announcement, I will be reivewing the Mikoto figure from Kotobukiya together with the Kuroko figure that is also released by Kotobukiya when she arrives at my door from HLJ.

14 Responses to Review: 1/8 Suzumiya Haruhi by Alter + Updates

  1. lolipedofin says:

    Want that Mikoto figure as well… T.T

    But whoa.. that Haruhi by Alter sure looks nice… got a question tho.. How do you upload tons of images at wordpress without feeling suicidal??

    For me, uploading picts at wordpress has always been my worst enemy… if you upload from your hard-drive, it’s going to take forever uploading them one by one… but if you just put a url link, it is somehow unable to auto adjust itself to the post, either some part of it are cropped, or else ridiculously stretched… but is it at least faster by putting url.. No! we also need to tend to the tedious aspect of uploading from hdd.. posting the link one by one, and wait til wordpress shows it on the pad….

    Has any advice on how to post picts at wordpress without going through what i said above.. thanks dude.

  2. Actar says:

    @ lolipedofin: Sent you an e-mail! (^.^)

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Aw man, I should have gotten this Haruhi release when I had a chance. I was afraid that Haruhi would end up leaning so I passed on getting her.

  4. Q says:

    An unusual but dynamic pose, ALTER has indeed made a good job on it just like many others. But just two pegs for one foot and that’s it?? I never knew that was it to keep the figure standing o_O

  5. konadora says:

    Wow, very detailed. And pretty box too!

    Two pegs are enough, they’re more sturdy than you think :P

  6. Shinky says:

    Haruhi had been quite long. Yet it’s still so popular~! ^.^

  7. Not too enarmoured with the pose, but the details on Haruhi are awesome and really love the box too – adds so much to the overall product when the packaging shows more thought, in my opinion.

  8. oneandonlyjem says:

    I like the pose and trust ALTER completely. They are one of the figure companies that I am more likely to buy indiscriminately from. I ,too, am a fan of great packaging.

  9. sweeneytodd1992 says:

    hey actar is me sweeneytodd1992 from youtube i went on and got a blog so yea

  10. Shin says:

    I’ve been advised to ram a metal rod up stabilize the figure, that is. I should have listened, my Shuraki #3 broke both its pegs wwww

  11. Love Alter Haruhi! Been wanting this figure for quite some time now. Awesome review Actar. :)

  12. Chrissy says:

    ha! I knew that was coming XXD Haruhi’s big copared to the figmas 0_0

  13. woooh~! SEKUSHIー desu ne!

  14. Otaku_Girl says:

    i luv haruhi! mainly cuz she looks almost just like me ^_^

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