Actar’s Reviews 196 – Spirit Digivolving Susanoomon

The ultimate fusion of KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, the Legendary Warrior Susanoomon!

8 Responses to Actar’s Reviews 196 – Spirit Digivolving Susanoomon

  1. neosonic says:

    argh.. I love to have it.. I am ready to pay up to $200 for this.. but… I don’t think I can afford it.. since they are way more expensive than that..
    so yea.. I give up.. :(

  2. Fanandualum says:

    Actar I need your help! I think you are the right man to help me with my problem. I’ve never bought figures but one in particular has caught my interest. The only place I know of that sold it was play-asia but they’re sold out and wont ship it to U.S.A. Seeing as you practically own every figure under the sun, I was hoping you might be able to help me purchase this ONE figure. Please and thank you very much. Here’s the figure in question.

  3. khoi says:

    i want buy susanoomon. how much

  4. khoi says:

    iwant buy susanooomon how much

  5. kieren says:

    where dod you buy it

  6. christiaan says:

    where can i buy it? ‘CUZ I WANT IT SO BAAAAAD!

  7. christiaan broug says:

    do you accept paypal? and how much do you ask for it?

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