Actar’s Acquisitions – February 2014

February 14, 2014

Feb 1

It’s the grand and glorious revival of the acquisitions posts! I haven’t done one of these in ages and I really do want to get these back up and running. If anything, it will be an easy way to keep my blog afloat in these troubled waters of other commitments. Despite me not posting them, I have been taking pictures and diligently taking records of all the stuff I’ve been purchasing for the past year and a half (more or less) and I do hope to put them all into one ginormous loot post sometime in the very near future.

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The Plagiarism of Summer Wars?

February 3, 2011

Both Summer Wars (2009) and the Second Digimon Movie: Bokura no War Game (2000) were both directed by Mamoru Hosoda… and on closer inspection, these two movies might have more in common than just being directed by the same person.

Following the jump will be detailed comparison between the two movies inclusive of plot details, screenshot comparisons and more. Those who have not watched either movie yet (or at least haven’t watched Summer Wars), please do so because they are both phenomenal movies.

(SUPER PICTURE HEAVY. Don’t get me started on how long the entire post took to complete…)

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Actar’s Reviews 126: Warp Digivolving Agumon/WarGreymon

September 2, 2009

In this review, we take a trip back to the past and revisit one of the Digimon figures that started Actar’s Reviews off, Warp Digivolving Agumon.

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Dreams DO Come True! (…and My Final Sept. Figure Haul)

September 25, 2008
The box itself radiates awesomeness.

The box itself radiates awesomeness.

As part of my September figure haul, I FINALLY, yes, FINALLY managed to get an original DNA Digivolving Figure from Bandai Japan. This figure is part of my entire September loot, pictured and discussed below.

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