The True Target Audience of Anime

March 2, 2011

I chanced upon this picture and could not not share it. It’s the official Sales and Marketing report for the Anime ‘Futari wa Precure’. Check out the circled table which is labled ‘Main Target’ (audience).

Boys: 16~18, 19~22, 23~30, 31~35
Girls: 4~6, 7~9, 10~12

Next time someone gets on your back for watching/liking Anime meant for little girls, you can now tell them it’s officially for grown men as well. (^.^;)

*For the record, I love Precure, with my favorite being Heartcatch. The original was good, but had some elements that really annoyed me, especially the ‘buy our merchandise’ vibe and stupid villains which thankfully has slowly been diminishing with each new series. Have to admit though, that theme is catchy as hell and I <3 Nagisa. That is all.

Stuff for Sale

January 25, 2010

To prepare for an imminent attack on my wallet, I’m currently selling off a number of things at pretty reasonable prices.


I also have a vintage Sasaki Makie Negima! figure from Negima that’s going for only 35 USD + 15 USD shipping


If you are interested in any of these items, don’t hesitate to contact me @ (^o^)