The Importance of Fansubbers

February 7, 2009


Recently, there have been many instances of companies suing, issuing letters of desist to fansubbers and downloaders. These companies do not care about the fans at all. I shall convey my opinions as to why fansubbers are important to the foreign Anime industry.

During the course of this article, you’ll notice that there are some screencaps of funny fansub moments. Be advised, there is bit of crude humor.

I know this article is slightly lengthy, but this is what I strongly feel about fansubbers.

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Review: VF-25S 1/72 Model from Macross Frontier by Bandai

January 19, 2009


I must thank May’n for making an appearance at AFA08. If it wasn’t for her, I doubt I would have watched Macross Frontier. This is indeed an awesome show that any Macross and non-Macross fan alike must watch. So, like all other series I’ve seen and enjoyed, purchasing of related merchandise is sure to follow. This time, it’s Bandai’s VF-25S 1/72 Model.

This post will be detailed, as I love to be detailed, and will contain a ton of pictures. I go through my method of building, the figure’s transformation, features and accessories and lots of other fun things you need to see.

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When School Reopens, Plan Your Vacation!

January 8, 2009
Da dum~ The last two notes of Hare Hare Yukai just ring in my ears when I see this pose.

Da dum~ The last two notes of Hare Hare Yukai just ring in my ears when I see this pose.

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Well, just as Shana has to eat Melonpan, School has to start. However, like any dark cloud, there is always a sliver lining. This year will be my final year of Junior College or perhaps High School as commonly known elsewhere in the world.

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Actar’s Mid-December Loot and Happenings

December 14, 2008
La, la, la...

La, la, la...

Ah, December is here… That’s both a good and bad thing… Why? Well, it’s good because Christmas nears and bad because school is going to reopen soon. Considering that next year would be my second year in Junior College and my ‘A’ Level year, I am not looking forward to it in the slightest… As usual, Anime and figures will be there to counter my depression, saving me from collapsing under the stress…

But enough about that.

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Review: 1/35 Mechanic Collection: Vincent by Bandai

October 21, 2008
Rolo needs a better outfit.

Everything looks better in Gold.

After completing the Guren Nishiki Model, I decided to get another model kit to pass the time productively (according to me…). What better model to get than Rolo’s Personal Knightmare Frame, the Vincent.

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Biggest Loot of the Year??? Actar’s October Loot

October 18, 2008

How did it end up like this? I have no idea. This time, it is a pretty big loot if you count everything I bought in this month. What you see here is not the result of a single purchase.

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