I Need to Start Blogging Again


Oooh dear… It’s been awhile, huh? I said that I was going to put more long-form posts here, but in the end, I have been too busy/lazy (the paradox!) and have been using Facebook for everything… (>.<)

I don’t know about you guys, but while this blog has been extremely imperative in helping me meet many wonderful people and exchanging ideas, it really hasn’t been offering the instant gratification and viewership that Facebook has. Not to mention, the UI is far more clunky and there are so many extra considerations including categories and tags that you just don’t have to deal with on Facebook… Of course, there are far more formatting options available and that’s something that cannot be ignored. (^.^;)

Still, I do want to start putting up stuff here again because I do want the freedom to format my posts and to insert pictures in them. Not to mention, I also want to give them some sort of permanence and ease of reference that Facebook really doesn’t allow for.  So, speaking of Facebook, first up on my agenda is to migrate some of my posts over from Facebook.

Hopefully, I’ll be turning some of these into commentary videos as well… (^.^;)

4 Responses to I Need to Start Blogging Again

  1. To be honest, I just decided to follow this site because of your YouTube (which is totally awesome BTW!). I believe it was the Madoka Magica Soul Gem Replicas that brought me there. Ah, the memories. Anyway, nice to see you again on this end of the spectrum!

  2. alexeon says:

    I like your blogs posts, they’re easier to keep up with than Facebook since I don’t go on there that much (I’m pretty busy myself with my last year of school.) I look forward to more of your posts on here. I especially like videos. :D

  3. Actar says:

    @ Takuto’s Anime Cafe: Thanks so much for your continued support! (^o^) I really do want to continue making reviews, but man has it gotten busy. Not to mention, YouTube is simply over-saturated with figure reviews now, it’s hard to find constant motivation. (^.^;)

    @ alexeon: Haha, I hear you man! Time really does fly and so much has changed… I’ll definitely try to post more here, but again, I’ve gotta overcome that inertia! (>.<) I'd really love to see you on facebook though! The level of interactivity there is unparalleled! (^o^)

  4. alexeon says:

    @Actar, yeah, Facebook is where its at for talking with people. I’ll try to stop by more often on there.

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