Actar’s Acquisitions – July, August, September and October 2014


Loot posts have now officially become the obligatory “I’m not dead yet!” posts! The days become busier and busier as I approach the second semester of my final year in University. But enough about that, let’s get on to the merchandise!

Everything after the jump!

First up, the item list for the title image:

– S.H.Figuarts Sailor Jupiter
– Figma Momoe Nagisa
– Soul Gem Accessory Momoe Nagisa
– Takara Tomy’s Drift
– Gekota Finger Puppet Replica Set by Groove Garage
– Red Katatachi Basami Paper Knife from Kill la Kill
– Purple Katatachi Basami Paper Knife from Kill la Kill

With this set of figures, I’ve completed the S.H.Figuarts line of inner Sailor Senshi. Not sure if I’ll get the rest, though I do have Neptune and Uranus pre-ordered. I am also glad that they decided to reissue the Paper Knife Scissor Blades… Those were going for crazy prices on the secondary market. They do work as amazing die-cast replicas (as they can change size in the show).


– AC12 Kamen Rider Duke
– ACPB02 Kamen Rider Bravo
– AC13 Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms
– DX Gold and Silver Lockseed Set
– DX Budou Ryuhou


– Real Action Heroes Takamachi Nanoha
– 1/7 Scale Yagami Hayate by Alter
– Figma Archer
– Cu-poche Akemi Homura
– DX Durian and Donguri Lockseed Set
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryugen
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Hibiki
– Hako Vision Hatsune Miku Trading Figure Set
– Precious Memories Starter Deck Cardcaptor Sakura

At last! We have a figure of Loli Hayate! I can’t believe they never made one of her when the original A’s series came out. Speaking of “at last”s, they’ve finally put out the figma Archer figure they showed off all those years ago.


A little digression, but I personally despise the new figma box designs. It’s just so utilitarian and devoid of individuality and personality that the old figma boxes used to have… Just urgh… When I finally get round to a video review of the newer figmas, you can bet I’ll be complaining about that.


– Figma Matoi Ryuko
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin
– Variable Fighter Master File VF-22
– Enoshima Junko’s Tie by Cospa

I do love subtle nods to anime characters in formal apparel. Only those in the know will actually appreciate the reference. Can’t wait to wear that Enoshima Junko tie at an event.


– DX Kurumi and Matsubokkuri Lockseed Set
– DX Sid Lockseed
– ACPB03 Kamen Rider Sigurd and Marika
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms
– Takara Tomy Liccalize Kinomoto Sakura 2 Doll Set
– Takara Tomy Liccalize Daidouji Tomoyo Doll
– Complete Selection Modification Kabuto Zecter

In this pile of acquisitions, there are 2 things that I’d like to comment on.

Firstly, is the revival of Cardcaptor Sakura. Just like Digimon, Precure and Sailormoon, Cardcaptor Sakrua is having an anniversary and companies are cashing in! Takara Tomy has produced a set of beautiful dolls that are a great update to the original Bandai dolls. Simply perfect in every way.

Next, is the Complete Selection Modification Kabuto Zecter. This is the first CSM belt that I’ve put down the money for because they actually made improvements to the original toy beyond a new paintjob (ahem, W Driver). New sounds, die-cast horn and a working Clockup pad. How could anyone say no to that? Also, it looks like Bandai is staying on the right track as the CSM Decade Driver is set to be the best release yet with a ton of new sounds and more.


– Real Action Heroes Fate Testarossa
– 1/8 Scale Kyoko Kirigiri by Phat Company
– Proplica Cutie Moon Rod
– Set of 4 Dolls from Ichigo Mashimaro (Itou Chika, Matsuoka Miu, Sakuragi Matsuri, Ana Coppola)

Ah… I’ve saved the best for last. Overshadowing the RAH Fate and Proplica Cutie Moon Rod is the set of 4 dolls from the Ichigo Mashimaro series.

Along side Lukcy Star and a couple of others, Ichigo Mashimaro is undeniably one of the best Slice of LIfe series that I have ever watched. It not only has charm, lovely characters and great humor, it’s a series that can really be recommended to anyone. In fact, I’ve recommended this series to a wide variety of people, male, female, non-anime watchers and veteran anime watchers. I have yet to receive a negative review. It is honestly that phenomenal of a series (and I don’t use that adjective often).

That being said, the merchandise for this series is so few and far between that it is like hunting for an oasis in a desert. Aside from some random figures here and there, the unequivocal grail of this series is the set of 4 dolls that were produced by Animage. The catch? They were exceedingly limited and only available for a short time on GA Graphic’s website. So limited that they hardly ever pop-up anywhere, not even on ebay or Yahoo! Auctions Japan. I even keep my eyes out for this set every time I go to Japan and I have never found them.


They use a 23cm Obitsu doll body and are simply adorable. The strawberry on top of the cake is that the outfits they chose to depict them in are simply the best ones from the show. These dolls were sold in pairs (Chika X Miu and Matsuri X Coppola) and in a set of 4 that came with a very gorgeous box. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the one with the special box… Sill, I feel ecstatic to have them in my collection, bringing an end to years of searching.

So, that’s all from me this time round. See you guys soon!

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