Actar’s Acquisitions Update! – March, April, May and June 2014


A quadruple month update is finally here! Venture forth into the longer than usual update post as I share with you the stuff I got and my opinions on them! As I don’t really want to flood the front page with a barrage of pictures, do click on the button below to view the post in its entirety.

14 March 1

– AC Kamen Rider Kurokage and Lock Vehicle Tulip Hopper
– AC Kamen Rider Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms
– DX Kachidoki Lockseed
– DX Hinawa DaiDai DJ Jyuu
– DX Genesis Driver
– PreCard Set 04: Macadamia Hula Dance
– PreCard Set 05: Lolipop Hip Hop
– PreCard Set 06: Precure All Stars Special DX

Once gain, Bandai dominates! What can I say? They know how to make great shows that revolve around great toys.

14 March 2

– Cu-Poche Kaname Madoka by Kotobukiya
– Liccalize Kaname Madoka by Takara Tomy

For some reason, I’ve become more and more of a fan of Madoka and Mami over the course of the past year and here is my fandom being expressed in material form. My Cu-Poche Madoka will go great with the Cu-Poche Homura who will be released very soon.

For those who don’t know, Liccalize is essentially Takara Tomy’s crossover brand where characters from other franchises become Licca dolls, hence “Liccalized”. The Madoka one was simply too adorable to pass up. Unfortunately, Homura missed the mark. Cardcaptor Sakura ones are in the works and are coming out in a couple of months! Needless to say, I already have them pre-ordered.

14 April 1

– DX Kamen Rider Taisen Lockseed Set
– AC Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms
– DX Triple Dance Honey Baton
– PreCard Set 07: Cure Honey DX
– Misaka Mikoto Maniax Artbook

Misaka Mikoto Maniax is a special artbook that was released with an issue of Dengeki Daioh and made to look like a fashion magazine. It features a ton of cool artwork and tidbits on Misaka. For those who want to know more, check out the translations on the Raigun Wiki. Managed to find a copy after much searching.

14 April 2

– Macross Plus 1/60 YF-19 by Arcadia
– Precure Ending Movie Collection Blu-Ray -Minna de Dance!-
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto Rider Form
– Watamote Volume 06 with Kuroki Tomoko Nendoroid Petite
– Kill la Kill Official Setting Material
– Non Non Biyori Miyauchi Renge Strap
– Puella Magi Madoka Magica B2 Wall Scroll
– Steins;Gate Labomen Pin Badge Set 2nd Edition
– Steins;Gate Metal Upa Version 1.01

Oh boy… This was an expensive shipment, all because of that 1/60 scale YF-19. Being a fan of Macross Plus, I could not not get the redesigned perfectly transformable YF-19 by Arcadia (Yamato’s spiritual successor). Magnificent in every conceivable way, it’s a testament to modern toy engineering.

Haven’t been getting into much new anime, but Kill la Kill was fun. Definitely will be getting the figures.

With regard to wall scrolls, I haven’t really been getting that many nowadays as my wall is seriously out of space, but I do love wall scrolls that show off the entire cast of characters of a show that I like. Check out its design here.

14 May 1

– Moncolle Serena by Takara Tomy
– Pokemon Mega Ring by Takara Tomy
– S.H.Figuarts Sailor Venus
– Romando High Quality Collection Doll Series Cure White
– This is Animation Special Macross Plus
– Non Non Biyori Fanbook
– Lucky Star Art Collection
– Yuru Yuri Original Setting Material
– Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s Official Complete Book

This time, I went down to my local Kinokuniya for some window shopping and came back with the last 4 books on the list. Love fanbooks, especially ones that give you character models, episode guides and the like. The Non Non Biyori one had flip animations in the corners which was an amazing touch. Loved the Nanoha book as well as, true to its name, it is pretty much the definitive guidebook for the movie.

Being a Pokemon fan, especially one of the games, I had to get the replica of the Mega Ring and the Serena figure put out by Takara Tomy. It’s not often that we get good, poseable figures of the human characters.

14 May 2

– Proplica Moon Stick by Bandai
– Cardcaptor Sakura Fine Quality Figure Prize Figure
– Figma Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager
– Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion Blu-Ray Box
– Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion Official Guidebook

After hyping it up for so long, Bandai certainly didn’t disappoint with the first release in the Proplica line. The Moon Stick is a great prop replica piece that is chock full of electronics and is accurate to the show. Looking forward to what this line has to offer in the future!

As mentioned in a previous post, it seems that Cardcaptor Sakura (among many other classic franchises) is seeing a resurgence in merchandise as companies try to cash in on “anniversaries”. But who am I to argue when we finally get good figures of characters who truly deserve them? Here, our beloved Sakura receives a brilliant yet inexpensive prize figure with an equally stellar box.

14 May 3

– Dynamic Change Getter Robo by Freeing
– Dynamic Change Getter Robo G by Freeing
– Dangan Ronpa Collection Figure Box

The Dynamic Change Getter Robo was undeniably an excellent figure that made the perfectly transformable Getter Robo figure an affordable, albeit chibified, reality. I thought it was a phenomenal figure and many must have thought so too as its first run completely sold out within minutes. That is why I could not resist picking up a second one together with the newly released Dynamic Change Getter Robo G figure. Bigger, better and more complex, the second entry in the Dynamic Change Getter Robo series of figures does a marvelous job in capturing the look of the robot in all 3 modes. I’m praying for a Shin Getter Robo and a New Getter Robo figure as well.

14 June 1

– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Baron
– DX Kiwami Lockseed
– Pre-coordinates Doll Heartcatch PreCure! Set 1
– Pre-coordinates Doll Heartcatch PreCure! Set 2
– S.H.Figuarts Auto Vajin
– S.H.Figuarts Auto Vajin and Kamen Rider Faiz Set

FINALLY!!! After 4 years of waiting, the Auto Vajin S.H.Figuarts figure is within my grasp! One of the few figures that I knew I had to get more than one of, it was fortunate that it came in two sets, one by itself and one together with an upgraded Faiz S.H.Figuarts figure (yes, they gave him an Axel Watch at last). Fully transformable and bad ass in both modes, it is undeniably a top contender for my favorite figure of 2014.

Also, Bandai has really been stepping up the quality of their S.H.Figuarts figures as the Gaim ones are the best yet in terms of accuracy, detail intricacy and playablity.

14 June 2

– To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Coconut Cider

Now this is an interesting one. Straight from Academy City, we have a real replica of one of their signature “Strange Juices”, Coconut Cider! Only available from the vending machines in Tachikawa City (the basis for Academy City), it wasn’t an easy task getting a hold of them.

14 June 3

– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Zangetsu
– S.H.Figuarts Sakura Hurricane
– Non Non Biyori Miyauchi Renge Rubber Strap
– Cu-Poche Misaka Mikoto
– Figma Levi
– Kamen Rider Battride War II PS3 Game

– Soul Gem Accessory Kaname Madoka
– Soul Gem Accessory Tomoe Mami
– Soul Gem Accessory Miki Sayaka
– Soul Gem Accessory Sakura Kyoko
– Soul Gem Accessory Akemi Homura

With my most recent haul from AmiAmi, we have more Kamen Rider stuff – the highlight being the S.H.Figuarts figure of my favorite Rider from Gaim, Zangetsu. We also have Figma Levi who rounds up the Shingeki no Kyojin Figma series. While I do like the show, I’m not sure I like it enough to get the exclusive Armin…

Something that I didn’t expect them to make were the Soul Gem Accessories, replicas of the girls’ Soul Gems when they are in their Magical Girl forms. Really cool and really well made stuff that will compliment my Madoka replica display beautifully.

…and last but not least, a new PC!

New PC

As my previous PC was excruciatingly old, running on XP (yes, I know) and made before I knew anything about PC customization, it was high time to get an upgrade! This time, I pretty much built it myself from the ground up. If you’re curious, here are some of the specs:

– Corsair 760t Case
– i7 4790 z97 Gaming Motherboard
– 16 GB of RAM
– Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Graphics Card
– 2 internal SSDs
– 2 internal HDDs
– 12 USB Ports

The monitor I’m using is an Asus MX279H 27 inch monitor that looks simply gorgeous, both image and aesthetics-wise. Speakers are Aego M and the OS is Windows 7 Professional. So far, it’s perfect in every way and I couldn’t be happier.

That’s all from me for the time being. Several articles and blog posts left to compile and I hope to finish them soon. Had an epiphany recently and realized that my increased knowledge in Japanese, particular preference in subbing style, exceedingly short temper, refusal to give up on subs (yet) and exasperation with fansub politics have been the main causes of me not being able to get into new anime series… Might put out a post explaining my conundrum in greater detail, but suffice to say that I’m getting psychiatric treatment (talking to friends) in an attempt to restore my zeal for watching new anime.

3 Responses to Actar’s Acquisitions Update! – March, April, May and June 2014

  1. sugmahdig says:

    I miss you so much…

  2. Actar says:

    @ sugmahdig: I really miss you guys too! (^.^)

  3. Bort says:

    Amazing gets Actar! I’m jelous of the Sakura prize figure. I’ve been trying to get that for so long because I adore CCS but I keep getting sidetracked by Digimon. I just bought Digiwarrior Gargomon and Rapidmon figures. (Terriermon is my favorite line.) Thank you so much for the head up on that Sakura doll too! I didn’t know about that. I need to preorder, hope there’s still time.

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