Pokemon X and Y is Here!


Yup, it’s finally October 12th and I’ve just picked up a brand spanking new 3DS XL to go with my copy of Pokemon Y. It’s been ages since I purchased my DS Lite and I think it’s high time for an upgrade. This is also the very first hand-held console I own that has a special design on it.

So far, I’m just over an hour into the game and man, have there been a ton of changes and improvements since the good old GBA days of FireRed and Emerald (skipped over the DS titles). Customizable avatars? Full 3D battles? This is simply phenomenal. Bizarrely enough, the one thing that I can’t get enough of is the ability to sit on chairs and beds. If I had to nitpick, I really do wish there was a way to control the camera. Sometimes, the game locks you into a very awkward perspective that makes it hard to view certain areas.

Honestly, having played the original Red and Blue versions when I was in primary school, I never would have imagined that games could get this advanced within my lifetime.

Also, am I the only one who always chooses the female avatar when playing games?

…What? Stop looking at me like that! (^.^;)

5 Responses to Pokemon X and Y is Here!

  1. drawingirl94 says:

    I’m recently getting into the Pokemon games. Would you recommend this to a newbie like me?

  2. Actar says:

    @ drawingirl94: Yup! I think it’s a great starting game as they do make sure to teach you all the basics. However, I highly recommend tracking down and playing some of the older games as well. (^.^)

  3. alexeon says:

    I picked the game up, too (I got X, though). I got the Legend of Zelda 3DS but I really like the new Pokemon ones. You’re not the only one who likes to play the female avatar, though this time I chose to go with the male version. I recently beat Leaf Green and Platinum playing as the female characters. I’m working on Emerald on the side and I am playing the female character on that, too.

    …no I don’t have issues. <_< (I think.)

    Say Actar, would you be interested in exchanging friends codes?

  4. Nova says:

    Don’t worry actar, I always pick female character for the first game I get of a generation from gen 3-6 (sapphire, platinum, Soulsilver, Black, X). Her name is always Jewel
    I really wish I could get Black2 White2 so I don’t miss out on the extra gen5 Pokemon but I can live without them for awhile. Also you would love Soulsiver/HeartGold if you play the Gameboy color games Silver/Gold/Crystal

  5. anonymus says:

    Pass your friend code haha

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