Translated Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku Page 93


When the last episode of Miyakawa-ke aired, I was disappointed that they decided to animate chapter 10 instead of skipping ahead to the later chapters. This is because they missed out on a very poignant scene between the two sisters that revealed quite a bit of Hinata’s back story.

I truly think that fans are missing out so, once again, I took the liberty of translating and typesetting the two strips in question. This took quite awhile, so I hope you guys enjoy it. (^.^)

I guess this would count as a spoiler if they ever decide to make any more Miyakawa-ke anime. But since chances are slim, I say, read away!

The context: Hikage was looking through her old primary school essays and realized that she was influenced by her sister when she was younger. Finding her sister’s primary school essays, she wonders who could have influenced her.

Page (93)

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