AFA12 Signature Acquisitions


Yup, ‘signature’ as in ‘autograph’, not ‘outstanding’.

I’m unequivocally late in posting these, but as the adage goes, “It’s better late than never!”. So, here are some of the signatures that I was fortunate enough to acquire at last year’s Anime Festival Asia 2012.


To start us off, we have Flow, who have produced phenomenal songs which include Colors and World End (Code Geass/Code Geass R2) and Days (Eureka Seven).


Next, we have Lisa, whom I’m sure many of you guys will be familiar with. She has lent her voice talents to shows like Angel Beats! (Yui’s singing voice) and Fate/Zero (Oath Sign – opening theme).


Producing one of my favorite opening theme songs of all time, ‘only my railgun’, and continuing to impress with ‘sister’s noise’, here we have the signatures of fripSide, consisting of Yoshino Nanjo and Yaginuma Satoshi.

Kuribayashi Minami

No stranger to anime theme music, Kuribayashi Minami has sung songs for a plethora of anime including Katanagatari, Infinite Stratos, Mai-Hime, Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, Muv-Luv and Hataraku Maou-sama!.

Kamiyama Kenji

Moving on to those in production, we start off with Kamiyama Kenji, who has worked on outstanding series such as Blood: The Last Vampire, Ghost in the Shell and Eden of the East.

Shinichi Watanabe

Shinichi Watanabe 2

Last but not least, we have Watanabe Shinichiro. He might be more famous for his work on Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. But for me, he will always be the man who directed Macross Plus, my absolute favorite entry in the Macross franchise and one of my favorite mecha anime of all time.

So that’s pretty much it. However, I’m going to cheat a little and sneak in the autographs I got from last year’s (well, the year before last’s, to be more precise) AFA and more.


First of which is angela, with members atsuko and KATSU. Can’t even begin to say how much of a fan I am of their songs, Spiral (Asura Cryin’), Beautiful fighter (Shikabane Hime) and Aoi Haru (Seitokai Yakuindomo).

Haruhiko Mikimoto 2

Finally, we have Mikimoto Haruhiko – best known as the character designer for Macross 7 and the original Macross. Being a huge Macross fan myself, I could not resist getting him to sign my Macross artbooks and Mylene animation cell when he came over to my University to give a talk.


…and that’s pretty much it for the time being. Had a chance to actually meet the members of Sphere and even managed to shake hands with Toyosaki Aki, the voice actress of my beloved Yui from K-On!. Unfortunately, taking pictures or getting autographs were strictly forbidden, so, you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Some of you might ask, “If you’re such a fan of signatures, why not bid for them on auction?”

Yes, it’s an undeniable fact that I love autographs. However, to me, part of the charm of autographs comes from meeting the artistes face to face and receiving them personally. This experience is just as important as the writing on the paper and the autograph becomes more than just a scribble. It becomes a reminder and a proof of that meeting.

Before I sign off, one of the things that I would like to say is that every single one of these artistes were extremely friendly, down-to-earth and easy to approach. I cannot emphasize how amazing they were. With that, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving me, and many a fan, an unforgettable experience.

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  1. drawingirl94 says:

    You shook hands with Aki Toyosaki?? You are the luckiest person on the planet, I swear.

  2. Logicalpopz says:


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