Why Yui is my Favorite K-On! Character


Ah, Yui… she is undeniably popular and is always amongst the top in many K-On! character popularity rankings. However, she is usually bested by other fan favorites like Mio and Azusa. Putting aside the fact that Mio and Azusa are super-popular and have legions of fans, I suspect that Yui often falls short of the top spot because she has a reputation of being klutzy, airheaded and annoying to a fault. While this is arguably true to a certain extent, quoting the tagline of a famous toy property, I believe that there’s more to her than meets the eye.

In this post, I shall share with you why I personally find Yui to be the best girl in the K-On! anime series. As with all my opinion posts, you are perfectly free to agree or disagree with me. I won’t hold it against you. For more than a couple of months.

Alrighty. Reason number one: Yui is cute and moe as all hell. This is an irrefutable fact. Yes, her clumsiness and ditzyness might be extreme and a turn off at times, but I don’t think it detracts from her overall charm.

Of course, those are all just superficial traits and mannerisms. Looking past that, however, one will be able to see the numerous redeeming qualities that Yui possesses. The following, more serious reasons, made me fall for her character.

First off, Yui is someone who earnestly cares a lot for the people around her. Despite her airheadness, many times throughout the series, she is able to get a good grasp of the situation and takes her friends’ problems seriously. In addition, at the end of various activities, she makes the most meaningful observations.

Basically, there is a method to her simplicity. It is precisely because she doesn’t complicate issues that she is able to get to the crux of things.

Yui - Ritsu

Case in point, when Ritsu had a emotional breakdown with her getting tired of drumming, Yui kept thinking of different ways to help her out and came to a superbly succinct and meaningful conclusion.

Yui - Azusa 2

She did the same for Azusa when she was somewhat confused about her identity in the band.

In fact, this leads me directly into another point that I have regarding her concern and care for others – it is that is she always writes her songs and plays her music for the sake of others.

Yui - Granny

For instance, Yui goes out of her way to perform at the local talent show to reciprocate her Granny’s kindness.

Yui - U and I 2

Yui - U and I

The same goes for Ui. However, this time, she writes a brilliantly touching song to express her gratitude for Ui.

Yui - Azusa 3

Yui - Tenshi

Throughout most of the K-On! Movie, Yui was the one who was consistently thinking about Azusa’s song – even when she was supposed to be enjoying herself and seeing the sights of London.

Yui - Baby

..and she sings just a little bit extra of Gohan wa Okazu for the baby in London.

Yui - Finding her Way

Yui - Windmill

Moving on, I would contend that Yui is the one character who grows and changes the most across the span of the series. What do I mean? She gets friends, joins a club, leans a skill, discovers her talent and what she wants to do in life, becomes a phenomenal guitarist and becomes an ace at performing and MCing. That’s not an easy thing to do. Believe me. Sometimes, her airheadedness can come in handy.

Yui - 100

Next, while she is definitely the personification of laziness, but she is undeniably smart and can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Honestly, she reminds me of myself (yes, I realize I just called myself smart here). Not to mention, you can’t say that she is not hardworking because she practices a lot!

Yui - Confident

Last but not least, it’s her personality. If you ask me, Yui has that special spark that allows her to brighten up the room just by being in it. Again, that’s not an easy thing to accomplish and something that I personally really value. Seriously, how can you listen to Ichiban Ippai and not have your spirits lifted by the end? There is just an earnestness and sincerity to her that we just don’t see that often.

So, there you have it. Just some of the often overlooked aspects of Yui that make her unequivocally very appealing to me as a character. Of course, she does have her own flaws and faults, but who doesn’t? Now that the entire K-On! saga is behind us, it would be great to hear from you, fellow K-On! fans, about who your favorite character is and why.

Yui - Sky High!

11 Responses to Why Yui is my Favorite K-On! Character

  1. Squiggsquasher says:

    Aha! You are still alive. Phew!

    I’ve never watched K-On!. What’s it about?

  2. Actar says:

    @ Squiggsquasher: Yup. Alive. Busy and tired, but alive. (^.^) I sure need to do more blogging and reviewing, but man am I still suffering from serious burn-out.

    K-On! is a simple Slice-of-Life comedy show about Hirasawa Yui and a group of girls starting a Light Music Club in their school.

  3. Squiggsquasher says:

    Thanks! I may check it out, it sounds like a good show.

    Also, quick question regarding the Shinji figure you’re putting up for sale: is it the same size as the Evangelion Figmas? After all, there is no point in me getting the Asuka figma if she doesn’t have an appropriately scaled Shinji to torment…Poor Shinji…

    If so I may be interested in buying it.


  4. drawingirl94 says:

    Yui is not just my favorite character from K-ON, but my favorite anime female character, period. First off, I have always found her attractive. I don’t really know why, but I’ve always had a thing for girls with short brown hair. Second, I think she’s the most entertaining character in the show. I laugh every time she does something silly, and her random childish silliness is quite moe to me. And third, is the same reason you like her, she’s increadibly kind and hardworking. I remember always being moved when she does something kind, like when Azusa was crying about the girls graduating, she was the first to run over to her and comfort her. I love her ability to work hard and being able to accomplish anything once she sets her mind to it. I feel I can relate to her a lot, because both of us are increadibly slow, and we sometimes get frustrated because we feel our slow attitude lets other people down. Like when she was crying during the finale of the first season because she was upset she kept messing up, even when it came to something important. Yui is a character who always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever I see her. I think she is one of the kindest and most innocent characters ever created. That innocence and warm fuzzy feeling I get inside is what makes Yui (and K-ON as a whole) so awesome. To me, Yui is more than just a stereotypical ditzy “moeblob”. I don’t view her as a fetishized idealization of girls. I view her as an idealization of kindness. The ultimate form of compassion, friendliness, and caring. There are indeed other anime characters that convey idealizations of kindness, and maybe they are much better characters to others compared to Yui, but I don’t think there will be many other characters who will have stolen my heart like Yui. Even with all her flaws, she is the kindness that is damn near impossible to find with most people. I LOVE YOU YUI, AND I ALWAYS WILL! <3

    Sorry if that was really long, but I can go on and on about Yui. ^^'

  5. Check out the lastest from the makers of K-on


  6. zmil says:

    Actar, wheres all the new Figma review,, i been waiting 4ever for that.

  7. zmil says:

    hope, the new review will out soon

  8. Tonker says:

    At the end of Madoka she turns into the embodiment of hope and I think that when she did she met up with Yui in the transdimentional space because she is the embodiment of kindness. Konata also exists there. As does Haruhi. Some day, I will join them.

  9. Manga UK says:

    Love this post! Yui is so adorable.

  10. Good fertility

    Why Yui is my Favorite K-On! Character | Actar’s Reviews – The Blog

  11. TornadoAdvisory says:

    Still an excellent, well-written post even after all these years.

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