AFA 11 Figure Previews

While I will not be able to attend on the first day, I have managed to snap a few pictures of the figures that are going to be on display as they were being set up. Do enjoy!

All in all, the Cool Japan forum was really informative and educational. Unfortunately, I did not know of the pre-show before the event and missed the opportunity to see Anki, Kalafina and the other stars. However, I did manage to snag an autograph from Mikimoto Haruhiko-sensei and Angela! Will be sharing some pics with you guys later on.

See you guys on the 13th!

4 Responses to AFA 11 Figure Previews

  1. VillainHana says:

    Nice stuff if I do say so myself.

    The Fate/Stay Night stuff in particular does interest me, the solid PVC scale figures especially. I myself am happy that Max Factory decided to re-run the original Saber, as I got into collecting figures only at the end of last year, so I missed the time Saber originally was released, and she is so damn popular that she gets snatched up quicker than I can manage to find her. I for one am happy to finally get one of the things that got me to buy figures (and specifically figmas) in the first place. I also got pre-ordered Saber Zero figma for good measure.

    I do however remember you saying on a channel comment Actar, that you feel that Saber has been getting too much Figma time, and to be honest, I do agree. There are 6 different Figma renditions of Saber if I’m not mistaken, Saber Armor ver., Saber Lily, Saber Extra, Saber Alter ver., Saber Casual Clothes ver., and now Saber Zero. That’s a lot quite frankly, I don’t think that any single character with a Figma rendition has that many versions (I think the closest to that number is Haruhi). What throws this into really stark contrast is that while Saber has now 5 renditions with a 6th on the way, Rin, who has a popularity amongst the fans almost as great as Saber, still has only one single Figma rendition. I know that she has much less in the way of different versions in the story than Saber, but still, not even a School Uniform version maybe?

    To be honest, if I had gotten the original version of Saber beforehand, I would probably feel a bit more annoyed that more versions of Saber are running, but I view this as an opportunity to get a Figma that I want, but is also highly popular and because of that, gets snapped up very easily. And as for Saber in her F/Z attire, I love the Bifauxnen/Girl in a Suit type of look, as sometimes seen on Setsuna in Negima (though as someone who wears blazers often, I am biased). Though even though I am getting both Saber Zero and the re-run of the original Saber, I can understand where you are coming from.

  2. Actar says:

    @ VillainousHanacha: The thing that I myself am slightly irked by is not really the fact that Saber has a ton of figma renditions, but the fact that the other characters don’t seem to get (as) much love.

    Aside from the possible Rin School Uniform Ver., many fans would kill for a figma Archer (prototypes seen, but never heard from again), Gilgamesh, Lancer, Sakura, Caster, Assassin, etc… Saber needs someone to fight with! (^.^)

  3. Hello. I have six figmas

  4. Dimorphic says:

    I wouldn’t mind a Dark Sakura figma. It would go incredibly well with the Saber Alter figma, which is making it’s way to my mailbox right now.

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