It’s Been Awhile…

since I’ve updated this blog and I do apologize to the people who are kind enough to constantly come and read what I have write. Of course, I won’t make excuses, though “the new school semester has started and it’s exceedingly hectic” is a pretty good one. Not to mention, I really do need to work on my time management… With the Fall Season approaching, I do also need to finish up the shows that I’m currently following and those that I’ve not been following so faithfully.

If you want to know which shows I’m following, they are: Nichijou, Steins;Gate, Usagi Drop, YuruYuri and Kaiji. Shows that I’ve fallen behind on but want to finish are Hanasaku Iroha, Tiger & Bunny, Kamisama Dolls, Kamisama no Memo-chou, Dantalian no Shoka, Mayo Chiki!, IdolM@ster and No. 6. All this while juggling homework, projects and tests. Quite a severe undertaking if I do say so myself. I’m also watching Bokurano, which I’ve been enjoying thoroughly. Great mecha Anime that is more of a human drama than anything else. Really Madoka-esque as well, what with children dying for the higher order of things. Come to think of it, both of them even has a cutesy pink and white animal mascot thing that has ulterior motives as well… Hm…

With regard to new purchases, as you shall see (or already have seen) in the next post, I haven’t had any loot posts in awhile as I just have not been buying anything. Instead of getting the usual releases of the latest figures, I have decided to complete my Kamen Rider 555 Rider Gear collection. And now that it is complete, I can finally get back to spending any extra cash on the usual figmas and whatnot.

Finally, I’m working on getting a proper Actar’s Reviews site off the ground, so do look forward to that as well.

6 Responses to It’s Been Awhile…

  1. Alexeon says:

    Im sure we all understand. Ive been pretty busy myself and need to catch up on my anime too. One anime Ive been making sure to make time for every week, though, has been Steins;Gate. I cant wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  2. VillainHana says:

    Anyone in College can understand your plight.

    Keeping up on Anime is usually something I’m pretty good at however. I have fallen behind on a few things however. Ao no Exorcist is one, and I eventually decided (after falling more than 4 episodes behind) that since I was already perfectly up to date on the Manga (and still am), I figured to just drop the Anime and stay with the Manga, as I find following Manga a lot easier. With Kaito Tenshi Twin Angels, I fell behind due to the wonky uploading of a site I often use for streaming, and I’ve kinda let it languish in the back of my head (not to mention the entertainment value of “it’s so bad it’s good” or “laughing at it, instead of with it” can only last so long). And I also let Sacred Seven fall by the wayside as well, with no real justifiable reason besides my own laziness and apathy.

    But I have managed to keep up with Steins;Gate, Hanasaku Iroha, Nichijou, Blood-C, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, Kamisama no Memo-Cho, Rou Kyu Bu!, iDOLM@STER, Yuru Yuri and Baka/Test Ni.

    My favorites of the Summer season are Memo-Cho, iDOLM@STER, Yuru Yuri and Croisee. Baka/Test Ni would be up there as well but due to some arc fatigue (which luckily ended before it got too out of hand) it gets edged out somewhat.

    My favorites of the year so far however are Steins;Gate and AnoHana. Fucking awesome shows in my opinion for various reasons.

    Unfortunately however, in exchange for keeping up with shows currently airing, I have not at all been able to marathon already done shows I wanted to see. I’m still on ep.3 of Ga Rei Zero, the same point I was at over a month and a half ago even though I liked the 1st 3 episodes I saw, and I haven’t even been able to watch the OVAs that have come out in these past few weeks and months, like the end of “Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail” or the Amagami SS specials. The only real marathoning I was able to do over the coarse of my 3 month long vacation was Mai HiME, Otome and Otome-Zwei.

    I need to keep vigilance better.

  3. lisa says:

    fuck yeah kaiji.

    also bokurano anime kinda sucks compared to the manga, so go read it.

  4. Hope your blog ish running well

    P.S. Do you have Miku Append figma? if yes, then can u do a review about her?

  5. Campos Rodrigo says:

    Hey Actar I´m thinking of buying one of theese: Figma Kenshin Uesugi or the Play Arts Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2, which figure do I get? Also, do you have any tips for cleanning figmas? Mines get always dusty and I am afraid of damage them if I clean them with the wrong stuff, what do you recommend?

  6. Joao Paulo says:

    o nome desse anime, pls!?

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