Heartcatch Precure Theme Week

Throughout this entire week, we’ll be taking a look at a different role play toy from the series HeartCatch Precure! I know that the series has been over for awhile, but I think that Heartcatch deserves it as it is definitely one of the best series that the franchise has to offer and one of my personal favorite, alongside the original and Yes! Precure 5.

For the uninitiated, Precure or Pretty Cure is a franchise of Magical Girl Anime not unlike Sailormoon, Nanoha, Cardcaptor Sakura and many others. Heartcatch was last year’s Precure series with the current one being Suite Precure.

For those who are turned away because of the ‘girly’ appearance of the series, don’t be. Heartcatch does a phenomenal job with its character development and interactions, action sequences, comedy and plot.

The artstyle is quite a departure from the other precure series as it’s more simplistic and cartoony but again, don’t let that turn you away. In fact, if the character designs seem familiar, Yoshihiko Umakoshi also did the character designs for Casshern Sins and also worked on a ton of other Anime. While I did find them somewhat Strange in the beginning. I am now completely in love with them. I think that the simplistic artstyle makes for more expressive characters and more fluid and brilliantly choreographed fight sequences.

Not to mention, it has been subbed by none other than TV-Nihon, who is renown for subbing the various Kamen Rider and Sentai series. Even if you don’t like the more traditional magical girl anime, I highly suggest you give this series a try.

Now, the reason I’m reviewing these so late is because I was kind of on the fence about these. I love the show to death, but was kind of hesitant on buying into the toys. But then, I saw an auction for the entire set of toys and caved in. And boy am I glad I did, because as role play/replica toys, these a brilliant job of what they are supposed to do and are actually really fun as you shall soon see.

And as to why I’m doing the reviews, there are already a number of videos out there showing off most of the features, but don’t really explain them in detail nor are they in English.

Some notes about the upcoming videos. They are meant to be watched in order, meaning to say that some things that I’ve explained in the earlier videos will not be repeated in the later ones. Also, with regards to translaitons, I shall be subtitling whatever the toys say in English instead of doing a live translation. I think this is far more efficient and helps to save time. And of course, there will be spoilers, especially regarding the identities of the latter two Precures.

Videos after the jump~


ARR – Heartcatch Precure Kokoro Perfume Review and Translation

ARR – Heartcatch Precure Shiny Perfume Review and Translation

ARR – Heartcatch Precure Kokoro Pot Review

ARR – Heartcatch Precure Flower Tact Review and Translation

ARR – Heartcatch Precure Shiny Tambourine Review and Translation

ARR – Heartcatch Precure Heartcatch Mirage Review and Translation

AFR – Cure Blossom S.H.Figuarts Figure Review

Heartcatch Week Contest!

Heartcatch Week Contest Winner!

8 Responses to Heartcatch Precure Theme Week

  1. I’m sure it was difficult putting out a new video every day for a week straight, but I want to say that I thought this theme week was a fantastic idea. I enjoyed getting to see all the different toys from this franchise in succession, as opposed to piece by piece over time. Though it did help that the theme was as awesome a show as Heartcatch. I remember thinking “well, that was designed to be made into a toy” every time they brought out a new item in the show, so it was cool to see how they handled each one. Kudos to them for the Kokoro Perfume; that thing was much higher quality than most role-play toys I’ve seen.

    Also, where did you find that orchestral arrangement of the opening you used in the intro? I can’t find anything like that anywhere.

  2. Actar says:

    Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been busy with some real life stuff over the past week.

    Anyways, I am really glad that you enjoyed the videos and enjoyed the series Heartcatch Precure!. Being a series from the ‘Precure’ franchise that has a reputation for being for little girls, I was really afraid that this gem of a series would go unnoticed. It is definitely surprising to see how far Heartcatch deviated (in a good way) from the Precure standard that has been set by the preceding series.

    Indeed, the main reason that compelled me to get the toys is the sheer amount of details and features that have been jam packed into them. Previously, the older Precure henshin items always had an LCD game incorporated into them. But this time, the Kokoro Perfume had voice clips and music from the actual show.

    Lastly, the Instrumental Arrangement for the Heartcatch Theme is available on the Second Heartcatch Precure! OST, Sound Burst. I’ve uploaded it for you here:


  3. Excellent! Thanks a million, and keep up the great reviewing!

  4. rzetlin says:

    You’re lucky getting so much Precure stuff.


  6. The angel fish pic is an actual pic I took and not a made up pic.

  7. perfume oils extracts…

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  8. Jacob Whooley says:

    hello, i have the shiny perfume and i was wondering if you could tell me what each choice in the fortune telling game says, i would greatly appreciate it thank you

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