Start of Summer Vacation Acquisitions!!!

– Digivolving Growlmon/WarGrowlmon Japanese Version
– Tamashii Web Exclusive S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Joker
– Wave’s Beach Queens Misaka Mikoto
– Tamashii Web Exclusive S.H.Figuarts Cure Rouge and Mint + Special Stand Set

Complete Set of Heartcatch! Precure Role-play Toys including:
– Kokoro Perfume + Carry Case
– Shiny Perfume
– Kokoro Pot
– Flower Tact
– Shiny Tambourine
– Heartcatch Mirage

– Cure Doll Cure Black
– Cure Doll Cure White
– Cure Doll Cure Melody
– Cure Doll Cure Rhythm

– Cure Doll Cure Blossom
– Cure Doll Cure Marine
– Cure Doll Cure Sunshine
– Cure Doll Cure Moonlight
– S.H.Figuarts Cure Blossom
– S.H.Figuarts Cure Marine
– S.H.Figuarts Cure Dream
– S.H.Figuarts Cure Lemonade
– Cure Module

– Kamen Rider W DX Double Dirver
– Kamen Rider W Fang Memory (First Release Ver + Special Joker Memory)

– Azone’s 1/6 Scale Fate Testarossa Doll
– Kamen Rider 555 Deforide Kamen Rider Faiz
– S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker
– AmiAmi Nymph
– Figure-Oh Magazine Exclusive DX T2 Joker Memory
– Kamen Rider W DX Prisim Bicker
– Kamen Rider W Trigger Magnum
– Kamen Rider W Skull Magnum

– Ichigo Mashimaro Anime Guide Book

OMG! Time sure flies. Within a blink of an eye, it has already been almost a month since I’ve posted something on this blog! Anyways, the reason that I’ve been away for so long is because of my finals, which just ended this past week (as stated on my Youtube Channel). Now that it is three months of freedom, it’s time to crank up the dial to 11 and get some posts, reviews and Anime watching done!!! First off, let’s start off with the stuff that I’ve acquired over these past two months. Basically, these things are the stuff that I’ve refrained from opening till summer break and now’s the time to indulge!!!


– This time round, Toei and Bandai has gotten most of my disposable income over these past few months as I’ve been hooked on Kamen Rider W and Heartcatch! Precure.

– Those with photographic memories might have remembered that I’ve already gotten some Kamen Rider W toys awhile back. However, as cash was short at that time, I sold them off a few months after. Regretting that decision since, I’m planning to complete the entire set of Kamen Rider W toys (exclusing Accel’s stuff as I don’t really care that much for the Bike motif). Thankfully, I’ve managed to afford all of them as I’ve decided to let go of all of my Kamen Rider OOO toys. Don’t worry, I’ll not be regretting the decision as the OOO toys really don’t appeal to me anymore and I’m tired of the ‘medal chase’ so to speak. Only the Xtreme Memory and the Metal Shaft left to go!

– Now, on to the second franchise, Precure! Or more precisely, Heartcatch Precure!. I’ve never bought any role-play toys from the Precure franchise before, but that’s mainly because the various series didn’t hook me as much and the toys themselves didn’t really do a good job as role-play toys. Those familiar with the older Precure toys know that most of them have some sort of Tamagochi/LCD Game thing incorporated into them. What I look for in role-play toys/replicas is show accuracy and voices and sounds from the show (i.e. Kamen Rider toys). With Heartcatch!, they finally got it. Save for the Kokoro Pot, all the toys actually do what you’d expect from a role-play toy. Two other reasons I bought the Heartcatch! toys is: 1. I simply adore the show (best Precure series ever) and 2. Someone was selling all of them as a lot for a reasonable price and I couldn’t resist. (But more on this at a later date.)

– It seems that my SHF collection is starting to grow as well, both in Kamen Rider and Precure. With Kamen Rider W, I got CycloneJoker and Joker and with Precure, I got a couple from Heartcatch! and four from Yes! Precure 5 Go! Go! (which is my second favorite Precure series). Still have to get Cure Aqua.

– As I don’t collect figures that sport outfits not featured in the show itself, I usually don’t buy any of the Beach Queens figures by Wave. Mikoto however, is an exception. The bikini that she is wearing was actually featured prominently in the show and was used to highlight the ‘cute-loving/childish’ aspect of her character, so I knew I had to have this figure.

– Azone is really maximizing that Nanoha license. After their initial release of their 1/3 line of dolls, here they come with the 1/6 scaled dolls. Naturally, being a devoted Fate fan, I could not not not not not not not get this doll. Had to skip out on Nanoha due to fund shortage, but might spring for her in the future, seeing that she’s not as monstrously expensive as her 1/3 scale counterpart. Nice to see that Azone has actually updated the Pure Neemo body to include even more articulation and this pretty much addresses all my previous gripes regarding their doll bodies. Looks like I needn’t Obitsu-rize them.

– On Digimon, I’m aiming to get most of the figures from the Japanese Tamers Line, starting with Growlmon/WarGrowlmon, which I have already reviewed. Another should be here soon. (^.^)

– Finally, Ichigo Mashimaro is an awesome show.

BONUS: Here are some pics that I took of the various figures and stuff:

Kamen Rider Joker and T2 Joker Memory in Modded Lost Driver:

Beach Queens Mikoto:

5 Responses to Start of Summer Vacation Acquisitions!!!

  1. VillainHana says:

    GOD DAMN!!! That is a lot of stuff!

    Unfortunately, my power level when it comes to figure collecting is still very low, that mainly because I only started collecting figures very recently (this January, actually).

    I only own 4 figures as of now, all of which are Figmas (Rin Tosaka, Saber Casual, Yoshika Miyafuji, and Misaka Mikoto). I have The Senjogahara Figma being shipped to me as I’m typing this, and I plan on getting the Araragi, Kuroneko, and Lynette Bishop Figmas in the future (and possibly Makise Kurisu’s Figma, depending on how much I like Steins;Gate when it ends, and considering how I like it now it’s a pretty good chance of me getting it).

    By the way, that Mikoto Beach Queen has enough cuteness to be the death of me ^_^

  2. PrimeSonic says:

    Holy crap! That’s a lot of stuff.
    Please do a video on Azone movie Fate please!

  3. zack says:

    I bought 1/6 scale fate AND nanoha! Really great.

    as for Mikoto I would rather have Shirai Kuroko, I just like her much better.

  4. zack says:

    Forgot to mention the 1/6 scale Nanoha is in my opinion of better quality than the Fate, she just feels much better and her clothes are great.

  5. Mew-Lidia9 says:

    Wow!That’s a lot of stuff.
    Can’t wait for their reviews, especially the Precure S.H.Figuarts,I wonder, are you also going to get Cure Sunshine and Moonlight?

    BTW I am a huge fan of your reviews and always[mostly] took to them for advice.

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