Early March Acquisitions

– Kamen Rider Kabuto DX Kabuto Zecter
– Kamen Rider Kabuto DX Hyper Zecter
– Kamen Rider OOO DX TaJa Spinner
– Azone’s 1/6 Scale Asahina Mikuru Doll (School Uniform Ver)
– Mylene Jeinus Toy Book

– Figma Shameimaru Aya
– Kamen Rider OOO Medal Set 2
– Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Doll (Carded Version)
– Spirit Digivolving MagnaGarurumon
– Composite Ver. Ka Haruhi Robo
– D-Arts Omegamon
– Sci-Fi Revoltech Predator


1. Quite a number of Kamen Rider stuff this time round. Quick shout out to Johnathan form Custom Workz for hooking me up with that exceedingly rare Kabuto Zecter.

2. Yay! Finally completed my Azone Haruhi Doll collection. I know that there are Ryouko and Tsuruya ones, but I’m only interested in the main trio. (^.^)

3. The Sakura doll also completes my Sakura bendy doll collection (together with Tomoyo and Li), the carded versions anyways.

4. Oh yeah, managed to snag the MagnaGarurumon figure from Yahoo Auctions! Japan at an UNBELIEVABLE price. Seriously, there’s another guy selling the same figure on there now for 70,000 yen. Suffice to say I got it for only a fraction of the price. Thanks to sellers oblivious of the value of their product and camping 24/7 for months. The figure is out of the package in the picture as I seriously couldn’t wait to form Susanoomon!!! Review coming up very, very, shortly.

5. Quick opinions on the Omegamon figure: It’s a great, great, great improvement over the WarGreymon figure. While I didn’t review the WarGreymon figure, there were some serious issues that I had with it like the paint job and joint quality. This Omegamon figure however, is simply a sight to behold and a joy to play with and pose. Details are spot on and articulation is superb. It even comes with a stand and an extra cape. Might possibly review it soon, but just saying that it is a fantastic figure. I was hesitant, but I’m really glad I decided to pick him up.

6. Lastly, long time followers will know of my distaste of Revoltech. But I bet you didn’t know that I’m a die-hard Predator fan as well. (^.^) I’ve collected quite a number of McFarlane Predator figures over the years but they kept missing the mark. I’ve always wanted a good, poseable Predator figure whose Mask/Helmet wasn’t a freaking exchangable head. With the Revoltech release of a Predator figure, I couldn’t say no. Quick opinions – Pros: It’s a great Predator figure that I’ve always dreamt of. Kudos to Revoltech for upping the standard of their paint details and build quality in terms of the materials used. It’s miles above the previous Revoltech figure that I have. Cons: It’s a Revoltech figure with joints that are an ass to pose. (I’ll elaborate and substantiate my claim in an upcoming video)

4 Responses to Early March Acquisitions

  1. villainhana says:


    What is that “Haruhi Robo”? I’m guessing it’s an original piece?

  2. Actar says:

    @ villainhana: Ooh, that one is actually based on this artwork: http://img4.gelbooru.com//images/591/3ce896dd304f165e571ad6bf1e37fd771f8a0568.jpg

    I didn’t really get it for the mech suit, but for the poseable Bunny Suit Haruhi figure that it comes with. Not to mention, it wasn’t too expensive, being priced similar to a figma figure.

  3. villainhana says:


    Mecha Musume Haruhi in a bunny girl outfit…

    That’s like a dream come true!

  4. joser says:

    i’ll buy the magnagarurumon!!!

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