(Anime) Super Powers and What You Would Do With Them

After watching the latest episode of Madoka, I was reminded of a set of questions that I was confronted with by RadiantDreamer awhile back.

Look deep inside you. If nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do, would you do it? What would you do? Would you be more inclined to cause crimes if you were unstoppable? Are social moral chains holding you back from doing whatever you want? Are you not going out to commit crimes because you know you’ll get caught? Or because you actually are a good person at heart?

The question is actually a follow up one to “Anime super powers you wished you had” So, here’s my answer which responds to both questions.

First off, when dealing with the question, how would one go about defining pain? Would pain mean physical pain (death/injury) or would emotional pain (loss of property, dignity, etc…) count as well?

Most of the time, our actions are restricted by our fear of having to live with the consequences, be it knowing that someone could get hurt, getting thrown in jail, causing a destabilization to society, etc… Knowing this, I would like to structure my response based on the options that I have.

My ideal choice of powers:

– Time Manipulation (Only stopping time required, but going backwards in time is appreciated)
– Invisibility
– Teleportation (Need not be a limited to places I physically visited before)
– Mind Control
– Mind Reading
– Morphing (Able to change appearance of self into anyone or anything, be it animal, object or element)
– Reality Manipulation (Ability to create matter and change the physical forms of objects)

These would allow me to control/alter/manipulate things that go on behind the scenes without notice. Would I use these powers selfishly for my own enjoyment and pleasure at the expense of others? Definitely.

Why? Because having these powers would mean that it would be exceedingly easy for me to avoid any consequences that directly or indirectly result from my actions. Robbing others, exploiting others, embarrassing others, for purposes of obtaining material wealth, to get revenge or even act out my own most perverted fantasies. To avoid any consequences, I could jump back in time, teleport away, erase memories, change identity, so on and so forth.

Not only that, notice that the ‘pain’ that I would cause others is only on a smaller scale which is practically trivial compared to the physical pain that is caused by wanton destruction and murder. For me, I don’t want my current lifestyle to change in the slightest as I am exceedingly contented with the way things are and I wouldn’t want to rock the boat too much.

BUT!!! If I had chosen a more destructive and violent super power like Super Strength and Fire Manipulation, which, when used selfishly, more often than not would cause harm to others in a very flamboyant way like mass destruction, blatant murder, rampaging through cities, etc… I would not use these powers for anything evil. Again, it boils down to consequences. I do not want to have someone’s death on my conscience. Not to mention, the grievous consequences that this would entail include aggressive resistance, mass panic and chaos which is also too much for me to handle.

So in conclusion, given the chance, would I cause pain to others? Definitely. But only I’m sure that there will not be any consequences and that the pain caused is relatively minor and contained.

Now, why didn’t I mention anything about using my powers for good? See X-Men.


So, how about you guys? What Anime super powers would you like to have and what would you do with them?

9 Responses to (Anime) Super Powers and What You Would Do With Them

  1. Alexeon says:

    I would like one or more of the following:

    -Time Travel (with coordinate compensation so that I dont end up in space… come to think of it, I could probably use it as teleportation, too.)
    -Electric powers (Misaka!)

    OR if sufficient study of magic would allow any of those, magic it is. I dont mind working hard if someday I can be a master mage who can teleport, time travel, and shoot lightning. It has to be magic that can be understood and defined like a science, so Nanoha magic or Slayers magic but not Harry Potter magic or magic where feelings are involved…

    If I had any of these powers, I think my laziness would prevent me from using them for anything destructive. Id probably use time travel or teleportation to set myself up economically but beyond that, not really. I would try to reverse-engineer them to see if I could replicate the effects through science (FTL drive!)

  2. villainhana says:

    The 2 universes I would like to take powers from in the 1st place are:

    -Seikon No Qwaser
    -To Aru (specifically the Science side)

    In other words, I would want to be a Qwaser or and ESPer specifically. I wouldn’t be adverse to the idea of being an Intelligent Device-wielding Mahou “Shounen” a la Nanoha, but being a Qwaser or and ESPer comes first.

    With that established, The powers I would want the most is not overly destructive nor overly subtle ones, but ones with extreme versatility. The ability to control one thing that by proxy would allow me to do many other things.

    In other words:

    -If I was a To Aru ESPer, I would want to be a level 5 Aquakinetic.
    -If I was a Qwaser, I would want to control the element of Carbon.

    To have control over water with a level 5’s scale of power would be insane. We all know how destructive water can be, recent events in Japan demonstrate that frightfully well. But think of the other posibilities. I could use Hydraulic power for high-speed transport and for super high jumps, I can destroy most commonly used metals by accelerating the oxidation (rusting) process, change it’s phase, etc. And if I’m in danger, I could use water’s amazing ability to compress to crush or even cut through my opponents. I would list more, but I always got horrible grades in Chemistry and Physics (funny that I chose 2 science based powers, no?) To anyone who is better at Chemistry and Physics than I am, you can fill in the blanks that would relate to absolute control and creation of water and all things related to it on the scale of power a Level 5 ESPer would grant.

    As for the Carbon controling power, I chose it because Carbon is everywhere in some way, shape or form. In things both Organic and Manmade. Anything that contained Cabon, I could control it. Wood, Plastic, Fabric, Paper, Steel and other Carbonized/Tempered Metals, the Air we breathe (Carbon Dioxide), Plants and Animals, even other people if I felt particularly malicious. I could Modify my own body like Greed in the 1st FMA Anime, I could make almost anything from my surroundings. I could make metal weapons so brittle that they shatter upon impact, and shield myself from almost any damage using just the proper amount of Carbon. I could repair almost all damage to my possesions if it ever happened. And if I was feeling particularly evil, I could control the Carbon in a human body to control one’s movements, or to kill you in a particularly gruesome and malicious manner (rip you apart from the inside out, take all the Carbon out of your body to liquify you, etc…)

    But to the downsides. I think having control of Carbon is more versatile, but as a Qwaser I would require a regular supply of Soma (read: Breast Milk). Assuming that it works like the logic of Seikon on Qwaser (that a woman doesn’t have to be pregnant in order to produce breast milk), I would still need a woman who trusts me, or have a sufficiently large wallet to pay some poor girl off. All this assuming that there is no Athos organization to give me a Maria.

    Being a To Aru ESPer would be more convenient as I wouldn’t need an external power source (expecially one so difficult to get), but I wouldn’t have the sheer versatility of Carbon, and the power scale that level 5s work at would probably cause too much attention.

    At the end of the day I wouldn’t favor either one over the other.

    But as for how I would use them, well I am not malicious enough to become a murderer or a maniac, but I am not heroic enough to become a “hero of justice”. If I was to gain these powers, I’d most likely use them for my own amusement. I’d probably stop wrongdoings but I wouldn’t go searching for them. I’d only stop them if I saw them happening in front of me. I’d might even use my power for selfish means once or twice, but only if it doesn’t require killing someone, and I’d probably feel guilty about it afterward. And if I was to be an Athos Qwaser, I would do only what is absolutely required of me, nothing more. Unfortunately, I can not bring myself to be so big-hearted that I can be selfless for the sake of people I don’t know. The only people, regardless of which power it is, that I can do completely selfless acts for is my friends and immediate family. That is how I feel.

  3. zack says:

    Only things i would like would be,

    free flight in the air and ability to transform in to any animal.

  4. Nyoron says:

    Oh God…..I would love Guardian Characters like in Shugo Chara so I could Character Transform so I can fly and purify X-Eggs on a (somewhat) daily basis.

    I would also kill for the Force, then rebuild the Death Star and bring the Emperor back to life and rule by his side…..I’m so weird….

  5. neosonic says:

    cool topic.

    Anime super power that I like to have is the buso renkin. I would like a stored supernatural weapon within me wherever I go.
    For my chosen weapon, I want to have a flip giant sword similar to gundam exia’s sword (gundam 00).

    I want to have a super power like the characters in sengoku basara.. they can destroy the building barehanded and they won’t die even the whole building is collapsed on them.. it’s cool.

    I am not interested in time manipulation or invisibility. I just want strength and the wisdom to use it. I will use my power for self defense and to fight for the weak.

  6. ylper says:

    the powers that i like to have would be immortality (can never be killed, not by wound or virus/diseases, and able to change my age), teleportation (anywhere i want), and invisibility. Having these powers means that i am always free and do whatever i want. i especially like immortality since i am curious to see what our future technology would be.

  7. TheKinght0fZero says:

    If you do get anime powers…put up the 1st person camera and do a review!

  8. SoulWaves says:

    I personally would want the manipulation of gravity and sound waves, i would have a sword in which would look Crona’s demon sword and be able to attack in such a way.
    My sword would vibrate which would make fighting me harder cause id be able to slice through anything
    Id be able to use a technique were my sword would absorb my souls sound waves and then amplify them in a huge getsuga tensho type deal like Ichigo Kurosaki.
    if i were to punch something it could feel like a meteor was crashing down on them or i could make myself so light i could walk on air and move at higher speeds.
    Also id have the ability to move at speeds high as mock 10 combining my light weight from controlling gravity and then exerting my souls sound waves on the bottom of my feet like a rocket only may faster then the normal speed of sound
    Also i can create air vacuums in space where people wouldn’t be able to breathe
    Or i can hit somebody with my soul wave directly and damage all thier organs or if im a good several more times powerful then someone they’d explode from the inside out.

    Id be a chill guy who would preach no fighting cause its a waste of time you should cherish your time in your normal life, but i would fight for what i would think my justice would be which i dont have a full clue on but probably would if i had these powers in life.

    As if i would be a “good” or “bad” guy, id stay outta everyone’s business and hone my powers every day and when the time comes to use them and test them out but i will go all out like Kenpachi Zarakai, id use my powers for things i felt necessary to use them, if i was getting beaten up by some ordinary humans who just thought they were cool i wouldn’t dare use my powers but if an ordinary human tried to take away something that couldn’t be taken back like someones life as in they pulled out a gun or knife or somethin id use my powers to torture them until i am convinced they wont touch a weapon again because i hate fighting i think they are pointless….. but sadly it is sometimes the only way

  9. mexicana.com news

    (Anime) Super Powers and What You Would Do With Them | Actar’s Reviews – The Blog

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