Actar’s Reviews 194 – ActSta Takamachi Nanoha

Still not satisfied with Figma Nanoha? Well, why not check out GSC’s latest addition to their Nanoha figure line, ActSta Nanoha.

ActSta (Action Statue) is, as the name states, what would happen if a 1/8 scale completed PVC figure were given joints and the ability to be posed. So essentially, with this figure, you get the details, size and quality of a Completed PVC figure, coupled with the Articulation and accessories of a figma figure. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me, but we can’t be entirely certain of that until we take a look at the figure proper.

One Response to Actar’s Reviews 194 – ActSta Takamachi Nanoha

  1. Nyoron says:

    I MUST HAVE THIS FIGURE. I need to buy at least ONE Actsta before I die, and this is it. Unfortunately, with a meager pay and my lack of commitment, it’ll take a long time for me to buy one of these beauties….BUT WHATEVER. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FIGURE AND I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But I’m broke…DAMN!!!)

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