Actar’s Reviews 193 – Figma Misaka Mikoto

As the saying goes, you can never have enough Mikoto. This time, we’re taking a look at what happens when everyone’s favorite Level 5 Electric Princess gets turned into a figure from everyone’s favorite action figure line…

albeit a PSP Game exclusive one.

6 Responses to Actar’s Reviews 193 – Figma Misaka Mikoto

  1. villainhana says:

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m a little dissapointed Mikoto is a game exlusive. And now that I know that her Iron Sand whip sword isn’t included, I’m a bit dissapointed about that as well.

    However, Railgun is one of my favorite anime bar none. If I was to make a top 20, Railgun would definitely be below 10, and would probably be just outside the top 5. Just as well, Mikoto would take a prominant place if I ever made a top 10 anime heroines, so it goes without saying I love both Mikoto and Railgun. So my insatiable thirst for Mikoto demands I get her Figma, even though I don’t own a PSP. (I’m WAY too much of a Pokemon fan to not have the Nintendo handhelds, and I’m not enough of a gamer to justify buying 2 handhelds).

  2. Alexeon says:

    I think there is much truth to that saying, Actar. I want this figure. Ill try to pick it up eventually, even if I have to pay crazy prices like I did with Konata Haruhi Cosplay ver.

  3. Lord Il says:

    Another great review, Actar. Thanks!!
    Extremely unfortunate that it’s a PSP exclusive. Otherwise I would’ve had this on pre-order ages ago. T_T

    Upon doing some research, I found out that a figma Shirai Kuroko will be available as well. Again, it might be another PSP exclusive. X_x

    I’ve also seen pics of one of the Misaka sisters as a figma. I’m not certain of how it will be marketed yet.

    I have a bad feeling that counterfeit figmas of these characters will be rampant because of their exclusivity and the popularity of Index/Railgun. I would advise everyone to be very careful.

  4. Q says:

    Some game exclusive figmas such as Saber Lily and upcoming WRS are understandable to be exclusive as they are game original only, but having Mikoto falling for this category seems a bit odd.

    In fact, all Index/Railgun characters known to be released as figma so far will be exclusive of some kind.

  5. BiriBiri says:

    Great review, Actar!
    I’m pretty sad that all Figmas of the To Aru series are exclusives and game bundles…I’m underaged to be ordering figures online, so my parents have to order for me figurines that I want that aren’t within my reach Dx Eh well, my birthday’s coming up in a month, so I can probably CONVINCE them ;) kukuku….

  6. sony says:


    […]Actar’s Reviews 193 – Figma Misaka Mikoto « Actar’s Reviews – The Blog[…]…

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