February Acquisitions The Second

– Alter’s 1/8 Scale Ruiko Saten
– Alter’s 1/7 Scale Fate Testarossa ~Phantom Minds~
– Freeing’s 1/12 Scale Takamachi Nanoha Air Striker


1. What a surprise! It’s really been awhile since I bought a completed PVC figure (due to the lack of space, cash and figures that I really wanted) but this time, it’s a triple treat!

2. The Fate box is freaking enormous.

3. The Fate box is freaking enormous.

4. On the box of the Saten figure, it’s interesting to note that she’s called a Level 0 Aerohand. Hm… Would really love to see her maxed out at Level 5. (^.^;)

5. I bought Freeing’s Airstriker mainly for the effects parts. The actual Nanoha Airstriker PVC figure isn’t really great in terms of sculpt, but I do like the fact that you can display the figure in 3 different ways. Also, this set fits together with the upcoming Fate Testarossa Air Striker figure to make one heck of a diorama that I plan to make the centerpiece of my pending Nanoha display.

6. The Fate box is freaking enormous. Also, I have to say that this is one of the completed PVCs that I’ve been waiting ages for. It’s bacially Alter’s second go at a Loli Fate. They previously knocked one out of the park with the A’s Fate and I’m glad to say they outdid themselves. While the previous Fate PVC came with Bardiche in only Zamber form, we have Axe, Glaive AND Scythe form with the Phantom Minds one. Unboxing video and photos coming soon, so hang tight. Oh, did I mention how big the box was?

One Response to February Acquisitions The Second

  1. zack says:

    cant wait to see you unbox Fate, actar. I received her a little before you. she is stunning!

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