Asahina Mikuru’s Side Scrolling Action Game Level 1 Playthrough

Based on the ‘The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru’ film shot and produced by the SOS Dan, in this game, you take control of Mikuru as she fights her way thorugh the insane world that Haruhi has created.

So, here’s me playing through level one of this pretty fun, but challenging doujin game,朝比奈ミクルの横スクロールアクション or Asahina Mikuru’s Side Scrolling Action Game.

Made and released in 2006, it’s pretty faithful to the original movie. You first start off fighting Tsuruya as the first level boss, working up your way through Taniguchi, Kunikida, Yuki and finally Haruhi.

This video is also me testing out some desktop recording software.


Z – Fire Desert Eagles
X – Use Contact Lense Special Power
C – Jump (Tap again for double jump)
V – Pause

Contact Lenses:

Yellow: Rifle Dart
White: Miracle Mikuru Eye R
Blue: Mikuru Beam
Green: Micro Black Hole

You lose a life once you touch a single enemy. Contact lenses act as shields and get destroyed in place of losing a life if you have one equipped.

Download: Here~

2 Responses to Asahina Mikuru’s Side Scrolling Action Game Level 1 Playthrough

  1. neosonic says:

    lol.. I love it.. I didn’t know how to use the lenses until I see your playthrough.. mikuru beam ftw.. but, honestly.. miracle mikuru eye is quiet useless.. and I still have no clue how to use black hole.. :(

    Have you finished this game? seriously.. I got stuck in stage 2.. then I quit the game.. and open it again, I choose continue.. it goes back to level 1 .. :( why…

  2. milad says:

    That’s amazing blog, for hours just read and enjoy.
    I want to buy one figure and that’s my first time, can you suggest me? thanks!

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