End of January Acquisitions

Anime merchandise acquisition update once again as the beginning of February looms near.

– Spirit Evolving EmperorGreymon
– Yamato’s Valkyrie Display Stand
– Max Factory’s 1/8 Scale Asahina Mikuru MIKURU BEAMMMMMMMMMMMM Ver.

– Macross Plus Movie Edition Artbook
– Bamboo Blade Artbook

Let’s see… Regarding EmperorGreymon/KaiserGreymon currently, due to a sudden bout of serious nostalgia, I’m on a quest to complete my (Japanese) Digimon figure collection. Still have quite a number to go, and I’m financially DRAINED.

I finally bought that Mikuru figure by Max Factory that has been on my To Get list since 2008.

Got that stand to display my YF-19 alongside my YF-21:

Lastly, bought a couple of artbooks as well. For Anime that I love, I try to get the artbooks as well for the character designs/bios and episode guides. In particular, I think that the Macross Plus artbook is simply brilliant. For a huge fan of the OVAs and Movie like me, the artwork of all the mecha, characters and sets is simply phenomenal to look at.

Other things that are happening:

– Next month will be CHINESE NEW YEAR. Not sure how many of you guys know of this holiday, but it’s a major holiday in these parts, celebrated by most Chinese. Can’t wait for the food, family and Ang Pao (Red packets with money given to children by family)!

– Work in University is starting to pick up… After next week, group projects, individual projects and the like will take off in full force. I think my brain will explode with all the time managing that I will have to do. 1. Study 2. Projects 3. Watch Anime 4. Earn Money for Figures 5. Review Figures 6. Write Articles for Blog. Urgh… I really hate sacrificing something for another, be it studies for hobby or vice versa…

5 Responses to End of January Acquisitions

  1. NyaHoshi says:

    I don’t see you on figure.fm anymore. Did you get banned or just stop going? I’d be shocked to find that Danny banned (Though I saw you were ignored in the bugs section) such an important almost celebrity-like member from figure.fm.

    Not that I go there anymore anyway since I was banned because someone on 4chan was using my name in /b/ and apparently Danny found out, (saw?) and thought it was the real me.

    Yep. That’s how it works.

  2. Actar says:

    @ NyaHoshi: Yup, you’ve hit the nail on the head. For some inexplicable reason, I found myself unable to log on to figure.fm one day. Thinking it was a problem with my end, I didn’t think much of it.

    However, as attempts to log in from various other devices like my school’s PCs, my iPhone and my PSP, I began to suspect something.

    Soon, after registering another account, I was able to log in and ascertain the details from a myriad of other ex-figure.fm members who evidently suffered unfair banning as well. (That account was banned soon after as well.)

    I mean, the least that they could have done was to inform me that I was banned and the reason behind it.

    In my opinion, it would have been fairer to have implemented a warning system instead of the current totalitarian one, getting the boot for any little transgression (which I may or may not have committed, I don’t know!).

    It really feels terrible to be treated like this after being such an active participant and loyal member of the community… But, if the community doesn’t want me, I see no reason to hang around.

    As I said previously, it would seem that, besides you and me, many other members were banned unfairly as well. I’m actually surprised that you at least know the reason for you being banned. (^.^;)

    Interesting to note that a short while after I posted numerous comments in the bugs section, the entire section was removed and replaced by a feedback form thingy.

  3. NyaHoshi says:

    Hmm, I see. Danny has certainly changed quite a bit and not for the better. Alot of veteran members have been banned for things they’ve said on other sites or even the tiniest hint of “bullying” on figure.fm. I was told by a friend who got an e-mail from him (Because he ignores banned members e-mails) that he watches your behavior on sites that don’t even belong to him. Even twitter. Though Danny saw Wolfhenrich and polty bashing supernature on twitter their positions are far too important for them to be banned.

    I’ve even been told by veteran members that have not been banned that they are displeased with who Danny has become. When I tweeted I was banned from figure.fm I was spammed with pm’s from angry members who were also in my position, from people I would think would be the last to say angry, even hateful things about Danny. I was completely shocked because I always felt kinda like an outcast on figure.fm.

    Oh well, I guess he wants nothing but random spammers and big spenders. It’s all about commercialism to him, most likely even more when the DD’s started. Danny wasn’t the cool person he used to be before he worked for GSC. I personally see him as an egotistic “bully” myself now.

    Getting an account activated is nearly impossible now and he bans IP’s.

    I believe he took the feedback thread down because Chris said only “quality worth” posts get members verified and my sisters friendly introduction was apparently not worthy. When she asked him why her post wasn’t verified but a random post about a single K-ON screen shot was ok, he sorta slurred his reply then the page vanished as that particular reply got more attention by other members. Danny’s lurking mods are goofy as well..

    In short, I’m quite pissed with this new Danny and so are a ton of other members, even the ones not banned, those who wear the “mask” in fear of being so, still there.

    Really sorry to hear you were banned, I can’t possibly imagine what you could have done to deserve that. You were like an inspiration to many.

    And sorry for the rant =S

  4. Actar says:

    No problems! Feel free to rant as much as you like. (^.^) It’s great to see that I’m not the only one who feels so strongly about this.

    Oh, by the way, you can get around his IP banning by using a proxy to sign up for a new account. That’s what I did, but I hardly ever use it.

  5. I just got here randomly because I searched the web to find out why I was banned from fig fm as well
    and I have to say that you guys had that treatment quite early …
    I remember when i started on fig fm it was kind of active but the longer I spent my time there the more inactive members became and I just thought they all left and such but now I realize why it has been that way… members get banned, top post, active members get banned and dragged down. Which also means commenters have less to comment on and eventually dissapear as well.
    I tried to put activity back with posting quite a lot, views were getting higher with every post but comments were still no where to be found
    And I never knew why, until one day that I apperently said something wrong. And pretty sure that it was the fact that I exposed how much of a rip-off his smart doll was, was what got me banned.
    Trying to contact him doesn’t help either, he just ignores everyone. At least in the start he tried to reply to some comments once in a while.
    I fell in love with all of it trough culture japan, And because he was so different at the start but just like everyone if it doesn’t bring up money it’s not worthy to stick around.

    I am suprised though thinking back I once made a post about the inactivaty and it caused quite a big uproar trough the entire site. I got hundreds of replies on it from members that I didn’t even knew but apperently were well known posters from back in the day. They all said that they stopped posting because members were getting less active and some started their own blog and such. They probably didn’t realize that those members might’ve all gotten banned.

    It’s sad though because fig fm was were most of it started for me, learned to know people and what not. But it has become just a dump hole for SALE posts and mirai posts that’s all what’s left :/

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