Actar’s Reviews 189 – Durarara!! Trading Voice Mascot Figures Showcase and Translation

Some pretty awesome Durarara!! trading figures that each contain two signature phrases from the various characters of the show.

Seriously, why aren’t there more Sonohara Anri figures? Anri is awesome. Why? Well, I can’t really say without spoiling it for those who haven’t watched Durarara!!. Her awesomeness isn’t revealed till Episode 16…

Non-spoiler, non-ero pics of Anri-chan!

Oh, for those who don’t know, Durarara!! was written by the same guy who wrote Baccano!.

One Response to Actar’s Reviews 189 – Durarara!! Trading Voice Mascot Figures Showcase and Translation

  1. villainhana says:

    Durarara is awesome. Nuff’ said.

    No actually, I will say more. Although my favorite DRRR girl is Celty, I will not deny that Anri is an awesome character, and is very cute as well. I also do love the reveal of her backstory during the Saika Children arc. It was a great twist.

    Though DRRR has an excellent cast of characters in general, like Izaya (one of my favorite villains, who really is /b/ incarnate), Shizuo, Shinra, Walker, Kida, Simon, Kyohei, and Erika. I LOVE DRRR’s cast. There are some I think are weaker, but I find none of them annoying or dislike any of them. I love it because it pefectly combines loveable characters with a great story.

    And although the consensus on forums and on MAL seems to be that Baccano is the better of the 2, I disagree. I may love Baccano, but I definitely prefer DRRR. While I will admit DRRR takes longer to “start up” than Baccano (3 episodes as opposed to Baccano’s or nothing depending in how you look at it), DRRR has better pacing than the hectic Baccano, while still giving importaint events in almost every episode. Baccano also tries to cover 4 light novels worth of material in 13 episodes, which makes it somewhat rushed, and you feel like you’re missing something. DRRR on the other hand is 3 light novels worth of material in 24 episodes, making it feel much more relaxed and free. You could say that Baccano being hectic in it’s pacing is kind of the point, with it being a Mafia story taking place right after the Roaring Twenties in Great Depression era New York, but I still think it was unessesary to tell 3 different stories at one time, leading to some problems of Mood Whiplash. I still think the best setup would have been 25 episodes, the Epilogue still as the first episode and 8 separate episode arcs for each of the 3 timelines. Don’t get me wrong, the stories are still excellent, but the way of putting them all together at the same time is needlessly confusing, and is very viewer unfriendly.

    Not to mention that with Durarara, I didn’t find a single character annoying, or dislikable. I loved the characters in Baccano as well, but there were some who I was not fond of, like Jacuzzi Splot. Also I can’t get for the life of me why Issac and Miria are so damn popular. To me, they are funny in small doses, but because you see them so often, I grow annoyed of their antics. I find Erika and Walker of DRRR to be a better version, because I never get tired of their comedic antics and they have a psychopathic bent that Issac and Miria don’t have, making them more entertaining to me. Also Walker and Erika weren’t as silly as Issac and Miria, which I prefered. Also I personally found Eve Genoard to be rather bland and forgetable, and I found the 1932 story by extention to be weaker as well, because of it’s focus on Eve. I will admit that after the Saika’s Children arc in DRRR, it got SLIGHTLY weaker, but I didn’t feel it was to the same extent as Baccano with the 1932 story.

    Once again, don’t get me wrong. I love both of these Anime, it’s just that I loved DRRR more.

    (and by the way Actar, I’m the same person as VillainousHanacha on Sankaku).

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