CDP: Misaka Mikoto Onee~sama

Well, stock image from Hobby Search due to me forgetting to take a picture of Mikoto before swapping bodies. (^.^;)

Nowadays, Azone’s 1/6 scale dolls utilize the Pure Neemo doll bodies. They look nice, but are horrendously lacking in the articulation department. Let’s just count the points of articulation that Pure Neemos offer.

1 – Neck, 2 – Shoulders, 2 – Upper Arms, 2 – Elbows, 2 – Wrists, 1 – Waist, 2 – Legs, 2 – Thigh, 2 – Knees, 2 – Feet

Altogether, that’s only 18 points of articulation. Not to mention, they are all cut joints that look good, but only offer a single direction of movement. While they could get away with this with non-action girls like the cast of K-On!, having Mikoto restrained to such a limited range of poseablility is a no-no.

Thus, once again, we turn to Obitsu for all our doll-articulation related needs! For this project, we’ll be using the Obitsu 25cm Soft Bust Type Natural Colored Female Body. I was debating between the 27cm and the 25cm ones, but it seemed that the 27cm was far too busty for Mikoto. (^.^;) …and her thighs looked way too thick. Do you think I should have gone with the 27cm instead?

…and here we have Mikoto with a brand new body! Changing bodies is as easy as swapping her clothes and head. Without further ado, let’s check out her articulation.

A vast, vast improvement, don’t you think? Though I will have to admit that aesthetics wise, the joints stand out far more, but I suppose it’s give and take. (^.^)

3 Responses to CDP: Misaka Mikoto Onee~sama

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  2. rain says:

    nice blog you got there

  3. John says:

    in 2018 your options in OBITSU doll bodies are a bit broader.

    might you consider the new OBITSU 24cm.? available in the same range of bust sizes and skin tones as their older, legacy products;

    and then there is the upcoming 26cm. slated for a 2018 release,
    yet remains unreleased as of 9/29/2018;

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