…I didn’t buy much, but I did score on this brilliant Lucky Star wall scroll. After the jump would be my brief convention report…

in well-organized, easy to read and concise point form:

Merchandise – The selection was slightly disappointing for me as I didn’t find much (read: anything) that I wanted in terms of figures. It seems that many stores were just trying to get rid of their old stock. Not only that, each and every store were selling the same nendoroids and figmas.

Cosplayers – Brilliant as always, managed to spot some awesome ones.

Haruhi Movie Screening – Phenomenal. I won’t spoil anything, considering the fact that the BD/DVD isn’t even out yet. Suffice to say that the best thing about the movie was its focus on my favorite character Yuki. (^.^) More on the actual screening itself:


Hats off to whomever did the subtitles. Was pleasantly surprised to see honorifics being retained and the translation wasn’t half bad. Only bad thing about it was that Western name order was used. (Haruhi Suzumiya when Suzumiya Haruhi was spoken)


1. They were using the same three screens that were used for concerts and such to screen the movie. Let me tell you, having two screens in your peripheral vision doesn’t really make for a good viewing experience.

2. The aspect ratio that was used was close to 4:3. It was painfully obvious that the sides were cut from something like 16:9/1.85:1/2.39:1… I am not a fan of altering the original in anyway (hence my distaste for censorship, loose translations, etc…) so I was slightly irked by that.

3. The kicker? During the climactic scene at the end of the movie… THERE WAS AN AUDIO VIDEO DESYNC. Meaning to say that the audio played about a split second before the corresponding action was displayed on screen. I suspect that this was caused by the 30 second intermission that they decided to have for no conceivable reason. Thankfully, it was barely 15 minutes till the end, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Still, something like this really shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.

Figure Displays – Nothing we haven’t seen before online. Really, what could one expect? For them to debut never-before-seen merchandise? Never gonna happen mate…

Guests – Last but not least, AFA once again had a great selection of guests, but once again, the way they handled them was simply horrendous. I honestly despise lucky draws of any kind as there is no freaking way to be able to influence you chances. Not to mention, in lucky draws, it is possible for someone who would not appreciate the prize to get selected. Furthermore, only those seated had a chance at obtaining a signed poster from Kana~chan. Logically speaking, her biggest fans (read: hard-core people like myself) would be pressed up against the barricades.

Overall, I did enjoy myself, despite all the nagging issues that I had with the convention. As I said before, AFA is our one and only proper Anime convention and a place to celebrate something that we all love. After all, beggars can’t be choosers right? (~.’)

2 Responses to At AFAX

  1. Matt says:

    Oh, looks amazing!Gratz for the Lucky Star Wall-Scroll, seems to be of high quality.

    As with the second last picture, could this be one of the voice actors from “Milky Holmes” ?

    We also have some events here in germany, like the “Connichi” with this years guests like Halko Momoi, Yuu Higuri, OLIVIA and Rumi Shishido. I don’t know which guests were at AFAX, but i’m sure you also had a lot of fun.

    Concerning the Haruhi-Film: it is sad that you had a delay in the last scenes, i hope it didn’t screw up the atmosphere of this masterpiece. I had the luck to watch it in japan at around 22 o’clock, what even heated the atmosphere.

    Since last month my return to japan for a “longer period” has been decided and perhaps i’ll start a blog here at wordpress as well – to continue my blog on (don’t know how “hard” the master course can get yet ^^)

    Seeing forward to all your upcoming reviews, watching each and every video. Please continue the good work!

  2. KaneTheMessias says:

    Nice Lucky Star poster!
    WTF Audio Desync? This really shouldn’t have happend.
    Hope you still enjoyed the movie.
    Ah, how long do I still need to wait?
    This waiting for movie DVD’s really sucks!

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