CDP: Creating My Dream Sakura Doll

Being a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of the series Cardcaptor Sakura and the titular heroine, Kinomoto Sakura, I have been simply distraught over the fact that up to this date, no ‘good’ figure of Sakura has been released. From what I’ve gathered after prowling through auction sites and CCS Fan Sites, the only completed PVC figures of Sakura were all lower quality prize figures or trading figures. As for dolls/action figures, Bandai has released an entire plethora of ‘Bendy Dolls’ in their old ‘Free Pose Selection” range.

The main bodies of these dolls are made of a bendy plastic/rubber type material. While they do look good in some poses while appearing seamless, they look awkward in others and are a chore to pose.

What is one to do in this situation?

Why turn to Obitsu of course! I recently placed my very fist order at Parabox and was astounded by the simplicity, efficiency and cost of their service. After placing my order, it was shipped the very next day. In this order, I received a myriad of base bodies that range from the shortest 21cm to 1/6 scale.

For this custom doll project (CDP), we’ll be utilizing the Obitsu 21cm Whitey S Bust Female Doll Body (with Magnets). As can be seen from the above picture, the 21cm doll bodies are perfect size for these dolls. Regarding the skin color it seems that neither match up with Sakura’s yellowy skin-tone. Between White and Flesh tones, I went with the White.

The process couldn’t be simpler. All I had to do was to remove her clothes, pop off her head, dress up one of the 21cm Obitsu bodies, pop her head back on and viola! Finally! My dream Sakura figure!

Presenting, Sakura with a whole new body and range of poseability!

Short of a custom Sakura Dollfie or figma (which is both way too costly and time consuming), I honestly believe that this is your best option of making a custom Sakura figure of your very own. She is indeed my dream Sakura figure. (^o^)

So there we have it! I’ll probably be giving my Tomoyo and Shaoran dolls the same treatment as I did buy a couple more 21cm Obitsu doll bodies. But before I open them up, I’ll first try to secure doubles of them as I still want to keep a set MISB. (^.^)

2 Responses to CDP: Creating My Dream Sakura Doll

  1. garturo62 says:

    really well done, doesn’t look custom at all the head fits the body perfectly.

  2. MewStar says:

    Great review Actar.:)One question, was it expensive buying all the stuff to make the doll? I’m just wondering :)

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