Oh, October Acquisitions…

Real life sucks, but it’s okay because there’s Anime… and a little bit of loot to relieve the stress. (No, no healthcare products, sadly…)

We have:

– Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works LE Blu-Ray Box (Comes with AmiAmi Jig-Saw puzzle and poster)
– Key 10th Anniversary Special Edition Plush Toys of:
+ Furukawa Nagisa
+ Tsukimiya Ayu
+ Kamio Misuzu
– SD Infinity VF-25F (Alto Custom)

Not Pictured:

– SHFiguarts Faiz
– BRS Nendoroid

Some side notes:

Flim clippings are included with the F/SN Blu-Ray set, but interestingly enough, it’s of only two different frames. I find this really odd as from all the flim clippings that I’ve seen included with BDs and given out during giveaways are all about 5 to 6 frames of continuous animation. Were they trying to be stingy? (^.^;)

The two frames I got were of Shinji (top) and Shiro (bottom), neither of which I’m too thrilled about. Thankfully, earlier this year when the movie was screened in theaters in Japan, I managed to bid for and win two lovely flim clippings of my 2 favorite characters, Archer and Rin, which you might have already seen in one of my previous posts:

…and yes, I have since acquired a HD TV and a Blu-Ray player and DAMN. It would be an understatement to say that those action scenes took my breadth away…

Lastly, I highly recommend any Macross F fan to pick up this brilliant Super Deformed VF-25F from Bandai’s SD Infinity line. It is not only superbly poseable, but also features perfect transformation (albeit simplified) between all three modes and it pulls all of them off flawlessly.

3 Responses to Oh, October Acquisitions…

  1. Alexeon says:

    UBW made me cry manly tears of joy. It was so beautiful. That Archer figma cant get here fast enough.

  2. Rygart says:

    How much was that SD VF?

  3. garturo62 says:

    So, you actually got the BRS nendoroid, thought them nendoroids weren’t your cup of tea.

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