My First Daughter Has ARRIVED (^o^)


She has finally arrived. After years of restraining myself from getting one, my resolve was finally broken when Azone revealed that Loli Fate, one of my all time favorite Magical Girl characters (alongside Sakura) was going to be released as a 1/3 scale doll. (^o^)

One of the reasons that actually kept me from getting one of these large scale dolls for so long is probably their cost. I had to sadly pass up on many a Volks dollfie like Rin and Yui. But seriously, when Loli Fate came along, I couldn’t resist. Let me just caution would be adopters that their price is no laughing matter. As a matter of fact, to afford her, I had to sacrifice a good number of months of pay from my part-time job. But she’s definitely worth it.


1 x Manual
1 x Blond (Gold) Wig

1 x Leotard
1 x Cape
1 x Arm Strap
2 x Stockings
2 x Boots
2 x Ribbons
4 x Exchangable Hands (6 in total)

1 x Bardiche

The main body utilizes a 1/3 scale 48 cm Obitsu body. Doll aficianandos might immediately recognize that she’s pretty short for a 1/3 scale doll. However, that’s to be expected, considering that she’s supposed to be only 9 years old.

Another thing that some might have noticed, is that unlike Volk’s dollfies, she does not have actual removable eyes, but painted on eyes. Some might consider this a pretty serious strike against the doll, but personally, I actually prefer painted eyes as they look more accurate and I’m really not interested in customizing them.

Speaking of Bardiche, I was simply blown away at the size and level of detail that was put into it. Not to mention, the entire shaft was one thick metal rod that weighed a ton.

I have also made a quick video of the unboxing, do take a look if you’re interested~


I haven’t really had time to pose her properly, nor the space to display her once posed. Above is a quick snapshot of Fate after putting on most of her accessories (sans her Cape and Bardiche). She looks absolutely adorable.

I do hope to get some custom clothes made for her, but I’m pretty low on funds now, so that would probably take awhile. (^.^;)

6 Responses to My First Daughter Has ARRIVED (^o^)

  1. KaneTheMessias says:

    It is indeed big. I also wanted to buy a Daughter some time ago, but the price kept me from getting her. It’s just too expensive for me. Must be for sure at least 6 months of safing money. She cost a hell of money. Must be a tough choice you did.

  2. phossil says:

    She is a big… Figma.. haha, Lol.
    Hey, I can see your excitement :P

  3. Saruna says:

    She’s definately cute! I’ve never watched Nanoha before, but seeing her, I might check it out.

    Just curious…how big is she compared to your Azone dolls? Like Yui?

  4. Actar says:

    @ Saruna: She’s twice as big, being at 1/3 scale while Yui is 1/6. (^.^)

  5. MewStar says:

    I’m planning on getting Azone doll.^^They coast sooo much though.Is there any website that u can get them cheeper?

  6. Minaru says:

    Wow congrats with your first doll!

    I have 2 kids of my own a little shorter than yours.

    I think custom clothes can either be found on ebay or something or on etsy which is probably cheaper since it’s handmade

    Have fun!

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