A Look at the K-On! PSP Game

Been playing for about an hour plus and so far have unlocked 15 songs, but I feel that’s not even half. (^.^;)

I bet you’re wondering how the game is. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Screens from AmiAmi~

– The game is fully voiced.

– Practically every song is included, Character songs, Songs only spoken about in the TV Series and of course, OPs and EDs. Sadly, I do believe that the songs are shortened for the game, but are longer than TV Size.

– Cinematics are superb. We not only have regular set pieces like School/Clubroom, but we also get places like the Mall, Disco Stage, Canyon (ala Fuwa Fuwa Time), etc… Not only that, only a couple of the videos are them just standing around. Many have them posing, swirling, dancing just like a really Music Video. Only problem is that you can’t really pay much attention to them as you really need to focus on the notes. (^.^;)

– For each and every song, you can choose any of the five band members, giving you a completely different rhythm pattern for you to play. 1 song = 5 different challenges.

– Each character has their own unique play style. Mio’s play style actually uses your left hand (D-pad), which I thought was pretty clever. Yui (down/right/O/X), etc… You can really feel their personality come across and really adds new twists to songs.

– Gameplay is already challenging at the early levels, but fast and furious later on that really serves to keep you on your toes. Er, thumb tips? Note: There are 2 modes for each song, Normal and Hard. Hard mode for each song is unlocked after completing that particular song once.

– The instrument track of the character that you are playing will be separate from the song, meaning that missed notes will actually sound legitimate.

– 5 ways to tell how well you are doing. Amazing – Good – Normal – Bad – Terrible. Moving to each ‘state’ will be preceded by an animation of your selected character either jumping in joy or weeping in despair. Amazing and Good will have a colored frame around the screen (ala Cagayake Girls). Bad and Terrible will have horizontal blue lines descending from the top of the screen.

– The characters will actually mess up in the performance video if you miss notes. (^.^;)

– Food powerups like the Mochi (Autoplay) and the Ichigo Milk (allows you to hit any button no matter the note) really help get you through the crazy difficult portions. I nearly died trying to pass Guitar ni Kubittake… There are foods like the Strawberry Cheesecake that makes the notes more complicated and ones like tarts that change the animation. Select a food before each level and hit L or R to activate for a short period of time.

– 5 PLAYER CO-OP!!! Didn’t fiddle around too much with this feature, but you can link up with 4 other people and perform like a true band, each player taking the role of a different character. Not sure if online-play is supported.

– You can change and customize nearly every character individually. A whole host of Hairstyles, Clothes and Accessories are at your disposal from Tied Hair to Track Suits to Home Clothes to Nekomimi. You can even have them perform in their creepy Animal costumes, head gear and all. (^.^;)

– There is a Music Video Mode called ‘Sing’ where you can make your own Music Video customizing everything from camera angles (character’s left/right, focus on instrument) to spoken lines to actions (V signs/Waves) Windows Movie Maker style. It’s kinda complicated and haven’t really figured it out entirely yet.

– Gallery ‘Album’ consisting of screenshots, audio clips and voice clips is available.

– There is a ‘Voice Clock’ mode that features 8 characters! (Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Mugi, Azusa, Sawako, Nodoka, Ui) Basically, it’s a clock that at the push of a button, has the current time read out by the selected character!. Freaking sweet. (^.^) You can set an Alarm and your Birth Date as well for special voice clips! Not to mention, the voices are done really well (no stuttering and very natural sounding).

Overall, from what I’ve seen so far, really superb game that offers a myriad of options and extras for the fans. Highly recommended for K-On! fans and fans of Rhythm games alike! Do take a look if you haven’t already done so.

11 Responses to A Look at the K-On! PSP Game

  1. chocopup says:

    How do you ply when its all in japanese? or are there options for the language?

  2. Actar says:

    @ chocopup: You really don’t need to know any Japanese to enjoy the game at all, but yeah, I can read and understand some Japanese.

  3. Rygart says:

    This game gets so challenging. My fingers bleed. ;_;

  4. KaneTheMessias says:

    Oh yeah! Good I read your blog. I almost forgot this game (^_^;) I love these music games. I have almost only music games for PSP. Sounds to be again a great music game. Nice graphics, different play styles, costumes… This sounds nice. Love the idea, that you must use the D-Pad, if you choose Mio^^ It’s a bit like Hatsune Miku project DIVA, wich is awesome. Can’t wait to play this game.

  5. Lah Brutie says:

    Wow, that looks great, I guess I’ll try to buy it!
    I just hope that I will be able to properly enjoy it while only being able to read hiraganas, katakanas and some simple kanjis…

  6. Matt says:

    The game actually is from the same guys that created Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 1, 2 and therefore published by SEGA (love these games).

    A first playthrough shows, that the game includes 19(20) songs, a lot of accessories und short-movies in chibi style.

    As it includes only the songs of the first season, the pre-order phase for the next, second title (Houkago Tea time 2nd) has already started at some game chains in japan. I am looking forward to it !

  7. Valence says:

    I wonder if they’ll release a sequel? What with the new K-On movie announced, the ending of K-On!! and the manga drawing to the close, it sure seems likely.

    And apparently, it’s announced already, huh? I hope this game would be as fun (and not too laggy) like Project Diva.

  8. Kleen says:


    Found this over at GameFAQs
    pitch in some info if anyone wants to help…

    I only wish they’d made the contrast between the notes and the BG a bit better… Sometimes it’s very hard to see where the cleff is especially with the fast bpm songs…

  9. Miki says:

    I’m so planning on getting this! I love how each character has a different style of playing!

  10. punynari says:

    Thanks for the review. I was a bit curious about this one, but was unsure about what it brought to the table.

    Will see if my local Animate has it in stock. They had Project DIVA 2 when it came out, so I’m hoping they’ll have K-ON! as well.

  11. Duoq Boost says:

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